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  • Chair of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering

    Organized by Peter Rutschmann and Martin Schletterer

    Claudia Strobl, Lea Berg, Markus Reisenbüchler

    Excursion to Siberia


  • Excursion to SiberiaWhen:Date: around 06.-30.09.2019 (approx. 14 days, likely 8-23.09)

    Where:Siberia (Region Altai, Novosibirsk)

    What:1. Explore the (un-)touched nature of Siberia

    • Field campaigns: Drone flights, measurements - appliedscience

    • Visit big natural rivers and pure nature• View large hydro power plants and learn abouth their risks• Get into touch with locals and visit cultural & historical

    sites2. Preparatory seminar on Siberia/Russia

    • 2 x half day seminar with presentation of selected topics• 4 ECTS

  • Facts:Costs: max. 1000 € • Pay a first rate of 500 € at 20.2.2019 • Final payment until 30.7.2019Max. Participants: 20 (M.Sc. Students)

    How to join:Register until 14.02.2019! Download fromhttps://www.wb.bgu.tum.de/excursion thedocuments, fill it, and send it [email protected]!

    Excursion to Siberia

    https://www.wb.bgu.tum.de/excursionmailto:[email protected]

  • Excursion to Siberia

    Base camp in Belokurikha


    …and much more!

  • Technical Topics

    HPP Chemal

    Excursion to Siberia

  • Technical Topics

    HPP Sayano-Shushenskaya

    Excursion to Siberia



    Generator hall

  • Technical Topics

    Water management

    Science & Management Discussion with regional stakeholders

    Excursion to Siberia

    Russian Water Codevs. WFD (legal aspects)

    protection of water bodies

  • Technical Topics

    Water management

    water supply: sources, distribution and wastewater treatment

    Excursion to Siberiawater pollution


  • Technical Topics

    The 2014 flood event & related measures

    Excursion to Siberia




    Historical aspects: „Megafloodsalong the Katun and Chuya River“

    At the peak, 29,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Altai

    regions, one of a number of Siberian regions hit by heavy rains. The dramatic

    flooding struck 72 villages in 14 rural areas and the city of Biysk. Some 8,756

    houses and 9,087 farmlands were flooded. In the Altai Republic, the flood destroyed 230 kilometres of roads and 1.5 kilometres of the M52 Highway to

    Mongolia, as well as 15 bridges.https://siberiantimes.com/ecology/others/features/almost-21500-people-cannot-return-to-their-waterlogged-homes-


  • Katun (russ. Катунь) 688 km long – „left source of Ob“, fed by theGebler glacier

    Excursion to SiberiaLk. Teletskoye

    Biya River (russ. Би́я) 301 km long –„right source of Ob“, outlet from Lk.


    Technical Topics

  • Technical Topics

    Ecological aspects with related field work (hydromorphology, aquatic biota)

    Excursion to Siberia

    SFM survey of riverine landscapes zoobenthos as bioindicator

  • Technical Topics


    Trans-Siberian Railway

    Excursion to SiberiaThe Chuysky trakt: Siberia's silk road


  • Excursion to Siberia

    Cultural Topics: City of Bjisk - historical vs. modern times – ancient petroglyphs

  • Excursion to SiberiaTaste typical Siberian food and drinks ...Cultural Topics

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