exile in siberia and dostoevsky

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Sarah Missett. Exile in Siberia and Dostoevsky. Siberia. 77% of Russia’s Territory 25% of population Most common climate: continental subarctic Rich in minerals. Exile in Siberia. 19 th Century: 1.2 million exiled Prisoners from Western Russia and Poland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Exile in Siberia and Dostoevsky

Exile in Siberia and DostoevskySarah Missett

Siberia77% of Russias Territory25% of populationMost common climate: continental subarcticRich in minerals

Exile in Siberia19th Century: 1.2 million exiled

Prisoners from Western Russia and Poland

Petty criminals to political opposition

Travel on foot- 3 years

High mortality rate

Exile in Siberia Cont. Hard labor: mined gold, silver, lead, salt, or worked on Trans-Siberian Railway

In summer, intolerable closeness; in winter, unendurable cold. All the floors were rotten. Filth on the floors an inch thick; one could slip and fall... We were packed like herrings in a barrel...-Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky & Exilemock execution1849Sentence commuted to 4 years hard labor in SiberiaSent to prison camp in Omskshut up in a coffinReleased to Siberian Regiment in 1854& served 5 years

Dostoevsky after ExileEmbraced Rustic RussiaMore religiousRejected: Western-European Philosophy, Nihilism, Socialism, Supported conservatism & Pochvyennichyestvo movement

Dostoevskys Work After ExileSuffering, despair, humility, submission House of the DeadNo Western StyleWorks: dark, complex, brooding/tortured charactersExistential Themes

Crime and PunishmentSiberia :pg.296, 391, 407, 416, 420 a criminal charge, involving an element of fantastic and homicidal brutality for which he might well have been sentenced to Siberia...(296)Andrey Semyonovitch (Lebeziatnikov)-Utopia is unrealisticClaustrophobia The heat in the streets was terrible: and the airlessness, the bustle, and the plaster, scaffolding, bricks, and dust all about him(2)Sonia-religious -story of Lazarussuffer and expiate your sin by it, thats what you must do(416)