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  • 1. ExplanationDSLR Camera How To Use DSLR Camera Type Lens Of SLR Camera

2. Most digital single-lens reflex cameras (digital SLR or DSLR) are digital cameras that use a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera. 3. Match camera lenses to yourlonger focal length to allow you tocamera. Camera bodies come withfocus in on a subject that is at aa lens mount that tells you what distance from you. Telephotos startSLR lenses work with your camera.at 85 mm and continue up. TheFor example, Canon EF lens focal length of a camera 600mm ormounts accept EF lenses. If yoularger makes such a large lens thatwant to try a different lens, youits difficult to hold steady, so itsmust buy the appropriate lensbest to use a tripod.mount adapter. 5Find the best in both worlds with 2Learn about aperture, which isa zoom lens. A zoom lens lets youthe opening in your lens where adjust your focal length. Althoughlight passes through. Many cameras some zooms include wide-anglecome with a variable aperture that shots in a 24-70 lens, most workallows you to adjust the depth offor zooming in on distant shots,field. Other lenses remain at thelike with a 70-200mm lens.same aperture. 6Sacrifice image quality with a 3Choose wide-angle lenses forzoom lens or purchase a prime orshooting landscapes and interior fixed focal length SLR lens for theshots that benefit from a greatbest quality images.depth of field. Wide-angles use afocal length of 35mm or less. Astandard lens is 50mm. 4Select telephoto lenses with a 4. TYPELENS OF D-SLR includes 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mmand 35mm lenses. For an almostL-Series Lenses fishbowl look, Canon offers the Canons L-series lenses are high-end, 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens. Ultra-wideprofessional lenses. The "L"zoom lenses provide a range of focaldesignation refers to luxury. Anlengths, such as 8-15mm, 10-22mm,example of an L-series lens is EF 16- 16-35mm and 17-40mm.35mm f/2.8L. Canons super Telephoto Lensestelephoto lenses from the L-series Telephoto lenses with a fixed focaluse fluorite to reduce chromatic andlength include 135mm, 200mm andoptical aberrations to ensure300mm. The most versatile telephotoaccurate color and a sharp image.zoom lenses include 55-250mm, 70- Standard and Medium Telephoto 200mm, 70-300mm, 75-300mm, 100-Lenses300mm and 100-400mm. Certain long Canons standard and medium lenses such as the EF 100-400 lenstelephoto lenses with one focal come with a removable tripod collarlength include 50mm, 85mm and that increases stability on a tripod100mm. These prime lenses produce mount. Telephotos lenses from the L-extremely clear, crisp images.series feature a black and white lens Wide-Angle Lenses barrel that reduces heat gain andmakes for a more comfortable hold For a wider angle of view to captureon a sunny, hot day.group shots, panoramas orarchitectural images, the EF series 5. L- AWALSERIES 6. BY ::