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This presentation describes the effects and identifies the components of effective classroom environments. This presentation also discusses the approaches to designing the physical space, the contents, and grouping arrangement of a well-organized classroom.



2. FRAMEWORK FOR EFFECTIVE PRACTICE SUPPORTING SCHOOL READINESS FOR ALL CHILDRENFOCUS ON FOUNDATION 3. THE FOCUS CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENTS THAT PROMOTE CHILDRENS DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING 4. OBJECTIVES Describe the effects and identify components of effective environments. Discuss approaches to designing the physical space, the contents, and grouping arrangements in a well-organized classroom. 5. EFFECTIVE ENVIRONMENTS Design Physical Space Support Childrens EngagementRelevant Contents Intentional Groupings 6. DESIGN THE PHYSICAL SPACES 7. CHILDS PERSPECTIVE Welcoming?Adequate Space? 8. DESIGNING EARLY CHILDHOOD CLASSROOM The rooms in this video are used everyday with children. As you watch the video, reflect on both the strengths and limitations you see. 9. DESIGN THE CLASSROOM CONTENTS 10. GUIDE LEARNING Visual Displays Books & MusicActivities Toys Props Materials 11. HOW IS THE LEARNING BEING GUIDED? 12. DESIGN THE GROUPINGS 13. MAXIMIZE LEARNING Large groups: Build community, do routine activities, and introduce concepts. Small groups: opportunities for interactions and scaffolding. One-on-one: Individually focused instruction 14. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Rotating Students & Toys Tailor Instruction in Small Groups Cooperative Toys & Activities Simple & Quick 15. REVIEW 1. What did you learn today about early childhood environments? 2. Reflect on the actions you will take in the coming weeks to increase the effectiveness of your classroom environment. 16. For more Information, contact us at: [email protected] or 877-731-0764 This document was prepared under Grant #90HC0002 for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Head Start, by the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning.