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EXTREME MAKEOVER: Associations Edition What It Really Takes To Rebrand Your Organization

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What It Really Takes to Rebrand Your Organization. A case study shared by Lee Lowery of the Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance, with tips on how to empower your association to take on the challenge of rebranding.


  • 1. EXTREME MAKEOVER: Associations Edition What It Really Takes To Rebrand Your Organization

2. CHANGE is tough. For associations, CHANGE is also NECESSARY to remain RELEVANT. 3. On Aug. 4, 2013, ACGI Software attended a session at #ASAE13, titled Creative Marketing for the Budget-Challenged Association Wed like to highlight the bits of knowledge shared by Lee Lowery, MPS, CAE, executive director of Accounting & Financial Womens Alliance. 4. REBRANDING: A Case Study Presented at ASAEs 2013 Annual Meeting Accounting & Financial Womens Alliance Staff Size 3 FTEs Total Members 3,500 Total Chapters 80+ across the US National Rebrand Launch Date January 31, 2013 Logo Rebranding Old vs. New 5. As with all extreme makeovers, there are CHALLENGES 6. Challenges AFWA faced 75 Year History Multiple States to Cover Long-term Members Clinging to Past Reliant on Volunteers Little/No Budget, Chapters Limited Budget, Organization Level Need for new IDENTITYWhat are some challenges your association might face prior to rebranding? Be ambitious with the goals you set! THINK: DO: 7. The APPROACH Chapter Rebrand Packets Included FAQ, new logos, press release templates, anything volunteers would need to adapt to the new image of AFWA. Rebrand Webinars Illustrated to chapter volunteers how to use the new website redesign resources. Rebrand Launch Parties Celebrated with chapters on incorporating change! What methods would you use to communicate rebranding to your association members? Ask your members what your brand means to them. THINK: DO: 8. The RESULTS 43% of chapters participated in rebrand webinar 69% of chapters requesting signage/swag for Launch Parties 15% of chapters requesting reimbursements for rebranding 30 rebranded websites, and rising! 9. What can you learn from AFWAs Extreme Makeover? Here are a few tips for your association to consider: Take the necessary time to simplify your strategy to increase membership ROI. Prepare your leadership. Rebranding requires reprioritization of resources. Let them know growth is not an immediate outcome. Its a process.. Be flexible. Not everyone is guaranteed to adapt to change so quickly. Show members the positives of rebranding and encourage their efforts. Be BOLD. Take chances. Embrace CHANGE. 10. And, to make your rebranding process a success, you need the right AMS. We recommend Association Anywhere (naturally). Here are a few reasons why: 1 2 3 4 Know Your Members: Track interactions like renewals, event participation, certifications, donations, and more. Engage and Communicate: With e-marketing, 40+ self- service Web apps and your choice of online community platforms, youll build stronger relationships. Create, Deliver, Manage new services, products, events, and training with Association Anywhere. Evaluate, Analyze, Grow your organization with user-friendly Association Anywhere reporting and business intelligence apps. 11. For more ways you can TRANSFORM your association with ACGI SOFTWARE CLICK HERE Special thanks to Lee Lowery for an excellent session, and ASAE for hosting a great Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA! #asae13 12. PHOTO CREDITS 1. RobJay1982 2. BenGoZen 5. AFWA 6. HDWallpaper 9. Mindflash 12. Clker