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www.TileMuralStore.com Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Trisha Urban Build Kitchen Backsplash Tiles To Order your “Extreme” tiles visit our website at www.TileMuralStore.com or call Toni at 727-742-7719

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  • www.TileMuralStore.com

    Extreme Makeover: Home EditionTrisha Urban BuildKitchen Backsplash Tiles

    To Order your “Extreme” tiles visit our website at www.TileMuralStore.com or call Toni at 727-742-7719

  • 15-1795-1A Boo Blue

    15-1797-1A Boo Light Blue

    15-1796-1A Boo Green

    15-1798-1A Boo Pink

    15-1800-1Checkers Black


    15-1801-1Checkers Blue

    15-1803-1Checkers Orange

    15-1802-1Checkers Red

  • 15-1804-1Citrus Plate Burgundy

    15-1807-1Daisy May Red

    15-1810-1Delicious Gold

    15-1806-1Citrus Plate Red

    15-1809-1Delicious Blue

    15-1812-1Delicious Red

    15-1805-1Citrus Plate Gold

    15-1808-1Daisy May Yellow

    15-1811-1Delicious Green

  • 15-1817-1Floral Wheel

    15-1818-1Gardenia Burgundy

    15-1823-1Glass Green

    15-1821-1Garden Pop Yellow

    15-1822-1Glass Burgundy

    15-1842-1Needle Point

    15-1820-1Garden Pop Green

    15-1819-1Gardenia Cream

    15-1824-1Glass Yellow Green

  • 15-1869-1Grams Kitchen Blue

    15-1829-1Hot Plates Orange

    15-1826-1Hot Plates Lime

    15-1825-1Hot Plates Cobalt

    15-1831-1Hot Plates Purple

    15-1828-1Hot Plates Navy

    15-1870-1Grams Kitchen Green

    15-1830-1Hot Plates Pink

    15-1827-1Hot Plates Mint

  • 15-1832-1June Light Blue

    15-1834-1June Light Purple

    15-1833-1June Light Orange

    15-1835-1June Light Yellow

    15-1837-1Kaleidoscope Green

    15-1836-1Kaleidoscope Blue

    15-1838-1Kaleidoscope Pink

    15-1840-1Kaleidoscope White

    15-1839-1Kaleidoscope Red

  • 15-1841-1Kaleidoscope Yellow

    15-1845-1Peek Light Blue

    15-1844-1Peek Green


    15-1843-1Peek Blue

    15-1846-1Peek Pink

    15-1848-1Pinwheels Blue

    15-1850-1Pinwheels Kelly Green

    15-1849-1Pinwheels Burgundy

  • 15-1851-1Pinwheels Mint

    15-1855-1Pressed Flowers Peach

    15-1852-1Pinwheels Orange

    15-1853-1Pressed Flowers Blue

    15-1856-1Pressed Flowers Plum

    15-1854-1Pressed Flowers Orange

    15-1857-1Pressed Flowers Red

    15-1859-1Primped Peacock Mint

    15-1858-1Pressed Flowers Teal

  • 15-1881-1Primped Peacock Navy

    15-1880-1Primped Peacock Teal

    15-1879-1Primped Peacock Navy

    15-1864-1Sunshine Blue

    15-1865-1Sunshine Green

    15-1863-1Sunshine Burgundy

    15-1860-1Retro Daisy



  • 15-1867-1Tree of Life Burgundy

    15-1831-1Doodle Do Green Left

    15-1874-1Doodle Do Navy Right

    15-1868-1Tree of Life Yellow

    15-1873-1Doodle Do Navy Left

    15-1876-1Doodle Do Pink Right

    15-1866-1Tree of Life Green

    15-1871-1Doodle Do Green Right

    15-1875-1Doodle Do Pink Left

  • 15-1814-1Doodle Do Red Left

    15-1878-1Doodle Do Yellow Right

    15-1877-1Doodle Do Yellow Left

    15-1872-1Doodle Do Red Right