extreme makeover: ot edition

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Extreme Makeover: OT Edition Pamela E. Toto, PhD, OTR/L, BCG, FAOTA Assembly of Student Delegates April 25, 2012

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Extreme Makeover: OT Edition. Pamela E. Toto, PhD, OTR/L, BCG, FAOTA Assembly of Student Delegates April 25, 2012. Acknowledgement. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Extreme Makeover: OT Edition

Extreme Makeover: OT EditionPamela E. Toto, PhD, OTR/L, BCG, FAOTAAssembly of Student DelegatesApril 25, 2012

1AcknowledgementParts of this presentation are an excerpt from my 2011 presentation at the 2011 AOTA Annual Conference (SC 216) and OT Practice article published April 23, 2012

2Occupational Therapy in the beginning.

Pam add information about what the state of the world in 19173Proto-type of the average OT practitionerNiceGoes with the flowDoesnt need to be in chargeGets along with everyoneHelps people get dressedHas lots of cool gadgetsKind Common SenseExercises peoples armsTeaches handwriting4External Threats to OT (as we know it today)

5Shrinking ReimbursementIncreased scrutiny for necessity of servicesArbitrary limits on coverageReimbursement sourceManagementIncreased competition for $$ from other healthcare services

6Shift to Focus on FunctionIncreased interest in activity and participationWorld Health Organization ICF Chronic health conditionsAdoption of ADL terminology and focus by multiple disciplinesVarying definitions ADLsOTR7Lack of Occupational Therapy Awareness

Occupational Therapy: The Misunderstood Monster8Challenge of Defining Occupational TherapyTakes too long to explainTerm occupation is confusingConfused with other rehabilitation servicesVaries greatly by population and setting

9Internal Threats to OT (things WE could do better.)

10Sin of Omission

Accepting status quoFollowing the herdThe devil made me do it (aka the boss)

11Short-selling the Value of Occupational TherapyAttributing skill to common senseLack of evidence in communication and documentationDeferring our clinical judgment to other disciplines

12Happy to be another face in the crowd...Representation by disciplines other than occupational therapyAvoiding the limelightMore comfortable interacting with clients than decision-makersMore comfortable advocating for others than yourselfWho are "they?


The Occupational Therapy Practitioner of Today

Client-centeredUnique and NecessaryGets client back to livingCreative Problem-solverCollaborativeAdvocateFacilitator/Group leaderEmpowering14Changing IMPOSSIBLE..to POSSIBLE!

Own our identity

16Names MatterCall yourself an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistantAvoid use of the terms OT or COTACorrect those who identify you as something elseExamples: Physical therapist, therapist, nurse, aidNametags and business cardsOther

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!17Define what you doThe elevator definitionBrief (20 sec)One to two sentencesWord choice depending on your audienceThe unabridged version2 minutesDont limit to one populationUse examplesWord choice depending on your audience

18Donts for defining what you doDont be too narrow in focusDont describe OT by relating how it is different from another profession (i.e. physical therapy)Dont use too much OT jargonWho else doffs their socks except occupational therapy practitioners?Dont be too wordy make your point!

19Expand the Army of Occupational Therapy AdovcatesClients as advocates for occupational therapyMust know who provided the serviceMust understand how the intervention has impacted their occupations and participationEncourage to promote and talk about the benefits of occupational therapyApply to family and friends


21Practice ConsistencyAs an occupational therapy practitionerThe areas you addressThe services you provideYour assessment and intervention approach

vs.22Have a Voice and Be Heard! Leadership comes in many packagesActive leadersActive doersChoose opportunities that match your personality and interestsWordsActionsPractice self-efficacy

OT23ToolkitMental ResourcesDefinitions of occupational therapyEvidence bytesReal life examplesA position on the role and scope of occupational therapyTangible ResourcesHandouts defining occupational therapyGoal sheets for clientsEvidence briefsAbstractsElectronic References Giveaways

24Questions?Thank You GOOD [email protected]