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Facebook for iPhone users now have access to all the new features for in the official Facebook for iPad app. Now available in the App Store, the 4.0 update includes a major redesign of the navigation system that facilitates quick switching between features, and the ability to access third-party mobile apps. The new features can also be found on Facebook’s mobile sites m.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com, which can both be accessed from Android phones that have yet to receive native Facebook app update with the lastest changes.


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Facebook, which has more than 750 million users worldwide, divulges that this is almost one-third of all iPhone users. Facebook is free to download from the App Store and frequently makes the Top 25 list. If you already have the Facebook app and have not yet updated to 4.0, be prepared for some changes. 5. Main FeaturesHere are some of the new and updatedfeatures: Universal application and therefore canalso be used on the iPad. Larger and more beautiful photos: Yourphotos are high resolution and smooth-scrolling, like a real photo album Navigate anywhere fast: just tap, scroll, orfingers to move away from one screen tothe next 6. Main Features Play on the move and access all your applicationsand your favorite games on Facebook, wherever youare Do not miss: share photos, update your status orsending a message without leaving the Newssection Find out who is nearby: check the map of who isnearby to see what your friends are doing With the improved search andnavigation, facebook.com functions you use mostoften are at your fingertips. Facebook for iPhone isnow even richer and faster. 7. Main Features Applications and games: play and get access to your favoriteapplications on the go Navigation: send a message or check the notifications from any screenand scroll to navigate on Facebook without getting lost in the news Bookmarks: your groups, pages and applications are in the menu onthe left, with the most useful ones at the top Search: Find what you need on Facebook - people, applications, Pagesand more - without having to click or change display Security: Facebook added updates to make the application moresecure 8. Splas hYou will notice right away the there is a newsplash screen upon starting the app. You willhave to enter your login information if yourstarting the new version for the first time butshould only have to do this once, unless you logout.(To log out, go to Account at the very bottomof the home menu. Once you click account amenu you pop up with your account settings,privacy settings, help center and lastly, logout.) 9. News FeedThe news feed hasnt changed much.Main Menu (this is new)Friend RequestsMessagesNotificationsAll Stories brings up a scroll menu where you can choosefrom all stories, status updates, photos, links, pages,events, videos, acquaintances and groups or networks thatare specific to each user. 10. Home MenuThe hub of the Facebook app is the new menu, whichoffers the same information from the last version simply ina different orientation. Youve got your categories on theleft which expand from right when clicked. This interface ismuch more sleek and user friendly.To access even more Facebook features you can open up abookmarks sidebar and quickly view and select things likeyour friends list, groups, events, apps, and games.Although apps and games are selectable here, they cant berun from within the Facebook app and youll need todownload then run a separate app or game on your iOSdevice. 11. MessagesAccessing your messages has never been easier using thenew menu system. It has new options at the bottom, firstone being your messages, which will also display your newand unread messages. Other displays messages fromgroups or individuals you may have liked. Online givesyou a list of friends that are online and available to chat. 12. PhotosWhen browsing your own or someone elses photos youwill now see them in a grid-view so you can view thephoto you wish to view, which certainly makes it feelmore like the desktop version of Facebook. If you arelooking at your own photos you also have the option (+)to add photos into the current folder.When you tap on a photo you will notice a new layoutsystem on the photo, everything is more like thedesktop version where Like & Comment have theirown separate buttons. Unlike the previous version whereyou just had one button that took you to the commentsand you could Like & Comment from there. 13. Photos If you tap the button on the top right hand corner you will see these options. Some of them are only available for you own photos. These options are much simpler than the previous app version and its great that theyre all in one place. 14. Chat There are still some things about the Facebook app that need improvement. For instance, the chat option can be somewhat confusing. You can open a chat window and text people, but then these also show up in your message inbox, which can be a bit bothersome. Hopefully Facebook will work out kinks. Chatting on the iPad-optimized version is much more comfortable than on the iPhone, because chats appear in a sidebar on the left of the screen, allowing you to continue viewing the rest of Facebook at the same time. 15. Facebook 4.0 If youve got an iPhone and have never had the Facebook app, now is a great time to jump onboard! If you are just updating from a previous version, I think you will really like what Facebook has done. 4.0s interface is much more user friendly and straight forward. Let us know your thoughts on the app on our facebook page http://on.fb.me/SNSnsvt 16. Our ServicesBeing Passionate comes easy when yougenuinely enjoy what you do. We offer anarray of services at Supernova Media butheres what we do best: Web Design & Hosting Consulting Branding Virtual ToursWe know that your success is our success.Contact Us 17. About Nancy BainNancy is a business owner, educator, and business strategistwith more than 20 years experience. 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