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A Quick Guide For Setup

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CREATING & SHORTENING URLSAnyone authorized to publish content can shorten URLs.

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URL SHORTENER.This quick guide will help you get the best from our URL Shortener — which is built directly into our Falcon platform in the Publish section. Now you can enjoy the ease and efficiency of:

• One-time setup.

• URL shortening, either auto-generated or customized.

• Tracking parameter setting.

• Full compatibility with your preferred analytics tool, e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst and Webtrends.

1. Go to Publish in the Falcon platform.

2. Create a post and add a URL.

3. The shortened link will automatically auto-generate a key. You can can customize it using the Advanced tab.

4. Custom domains (also called vanity URLs) are available on request.

5. Preview and publish.

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TRACKING URLs. GETTING STARTED You need to be an Administrator of a Team Leader to set up URL tracking.

1. Go to the user setting panel on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the round icon ‘Choose Organization’.

2. Find ‘channel settings’ on the left-hand side of the screen. Select ‘Campaign Tracking’.

3. Select the networks you want to enable campaign tracking on. You can filter networks in the drop-down list at the top.

4. Select the channel(s) you wish to enable campaign tracking on. Settings are applied per channel.

5. Select ‘Edit’ within one of the checked channels.

6. Select ‘Add URL Parameter’ to populate all fields: channel name, social network, tags and custom text.

SETTING PARAMETERSEach parameter field corresponds to a unique set of instructions:

1. Social network = the social network you’re publishing to, e.g. Twitter.

2. Channel Name = the channel you’re publishing to, e.g. @falconsocial .

3. Custom Text = the custom keywords you wish to add.

4. Tags = this parameter links with your tag library in Publish.

5. Once parameters are activated for each channel, you can simply publish a post within Falcon Social as normal. You won’t be able to see the URL complete with parameters as this happens in the background.

6. Once set up, campaign tracking will be switched on as default. You can turn off campaign tracking with the ‘Advanced’ tab in Publish for that specific post.

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MONITORING URL PERFORMANCE.Once you’ve set your tracking parameters and published your posts, use your analytics provider to monitor campaign performance. We use google analytics’ UTM parameters, but other parameters will also work with the URL Shortener — which is compatible with all the leading analytics providers, e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst and Webtrends.

TOP TIPS FOR TRACKINGBe consistentEnsure that all your data is grouped together in the way in which you want it to appear. Think about case sensitivity, spelling, and the terms and tags you use and be consistent across your organization. You might want to document parameter use conventions for your team to refer to.

Use all the parametersOk, no need to use all the parameters if they aren’t useful to you, but try to think through all the potential scenarios for your content. Want to be able to identify a post that was sent out in the morning versus one that was sent in the evening? Want to filter tweets with images versus text-only tweets? Think of labelling your URLs in a way that makes sense for you.

Avoid copying and pastingOnce a tracking code has been attached to a post, avoid skewing the results by copying and pasting the same URL again.

Test firstYou might want to be sure that your reporting conventions are maintained before you go live. If you can, use a sandbox environment and a dummy analytics profile to test your campaign tracking first — better safe than sorry!

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