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Talk given at the FamilySearch Developers Conference in September 2014


  • 1. THE FAMILYSEARCHREFERENCE CLIENTOpen-source implementation of the Family Tree UIWritten as a Single-Page Application in Javascriptusing the REST APIDALLAN QUASSLYNN MONSONDOVY PAUKSTYS

2. TOUR 3. SELECT PERSON 4. PERSON 5. PERSON (SCROLL DOWN) 6. EDIT NAME 7. CHINESE 8. ADD EVENT 9. ADD SOURCE 10. SOURCE BOX 11. WHY WAS ITDEVELOPED?1. Make it easy for partners to allow their customers to accessthe FamilySearch tree using an easily-extensible framework2. Provide a set of re-usable components for use by partners3. A real-world example of accessing the FamilySearch Treeusing the FamilySearch Javascript SDK 12. DISCLAIMERSNot official - not an official FamilySearch projectNot supported - code is provided as-isNot maintained - everything currently works... 13. WHAT CAN I DO WITH IT?1. Have you ever thought you could improve upon theFamilySearch UI?Fork this project and extend it2. Do you want to allow people to edit names and are intimidatedby the complexity?Use the name edit component from this project3. Would you like to understand better how to use theFamilySearch REST API?Review the source for this project 14. HOW CAN I GETSTARTED?Install pre-requisitesInstall node.js ( install -g bower install bowernpm install -g grunt-cli install gruntInstall PhantomJS ( 15. HOW CAN I GETSTARTED?Get an App KeyContact FamilySearch developer support if you don't alreadyhave oneAsk FamilySearch developer support to addas an http://localhost:9000/#!/auth OAuth redirect URL 16. HOW CAN I GETSTARTED?Run the codeclone install install build dependenciesbower install install client dependenciesgrunt watch launch a server and watch for changesVisithttp://localhost:9000Sign in using your sandbox username and password 17. ANGULARJS 18. ANGULARJS FRAMEWORKModelsViewsControllersDirectives (components)FiltersServicesdependency injectioneasy unit tests 19. index.htmlhead>body>

FamilySearch Reference Client