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  • 1. Fascinating Sea Otters Created by Mafalda May 2010

2. Habitat

  • The sea otter lives in temperate coastal waters. At less than1 kilometer from the shore.

3. Distribution Map 4. Food

  • The sea otter eats seaweed, clams, scallops, abalone, crabs, sea cucumbers, mussels and fish.
  • Sea otters also eat squid, octopus, marine worms, limpets and sea stars.

5. Food Habits

  • The sea otter eats 3 hours a day. Sea otters are nocturnal when looking for food. It eats 25% of its weight every day. Isnt it amazing that they eat so much?

6. Interesting Facts

  • The sea otter uses tools like rocks too open animals with a shell such as: scallops, clams, limpet, chiton and snails.

7. Why is it Endangered?

  • The sea otter is endangered for many reasons. One reason is because of over-hunting. Another reason is because of oil drilling.

8. What Has Been Done to Help?

  • They have done protected waters and C.I.T.E.S is a project helping endangered species.
  • Also they are showing people that hunting is SUPER WRONG.

9. Conclusion

  • My conclusion is that sea otters really are interesting. At first I thought they were a dumb animal, but I found out that theyre the smartest marine mammal known.

10. My Predictions For The Future

  • I predict that the geographic range of sea otters will grow and they will NOT be threatened anymore.

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