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Magic 2 Cover art by Dean McCready

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Filled with mysterious clouds and selfless animal heroes, this new 8-book series is sure to captivate young readers. The series opens at reading level 1.2 and progresses to reading level 5.6.


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Tales of Mystery




Cover art by Dean McCready

Meet Magic, an amazing horse who can toss

a Frisbee, kick a soccer ball, and save the

Robbins family from a scary forest fire. Magic,

the second book in the Tales of Mystery Series,

will captivate even your most reluctant readers.

This book covers F.A.S.T. Reading System

concept 8, multi-syllable words, which can be

divided into closed syllables. It also reviews

F.A.S.T. Reading concepts 1-7, which were

introduced in Book One, Enchanted Rock.

ISBN 1-597-92022-3

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Chapter 3


next check patch soft grass lunch crumb

pants flick block knelt front champ nudge

edge cliff splash spring calm blast dust


Picnic yellow chicken salad Frisbee fantastic

dizzy lucky napkins thunder Listen behind


helping added jumped chuckled crunched

galloped kidding tossed twisted limped

whistled trotted swimming biggest quickly


baked a cake a good day above the river

caught the Frisbee played soccer Whoever scores

much calmer clap of thunder wind whipped up

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Tales of Mystery


Chapter 3

The Picnic

The next day, we went up to the ranch to check on

the horses. We met Kingfish and Mike. Mom grabbed

Mike’s hand and said, ‘Thank you for helping Tammy

the other day. I baked a cake for you and Kingfish. I

packed us a lunch, too.’

Mike said, ‘Yum. I like cake.’

Kingfish laughed at his friend. He said, ‘Mike likes

all cakes. He likes white cakes, yellow cakes, cupcakes

and pancakes.’ Then Kingfish added, ‘It is a good day

for a picnic. We can ride the horses to a patch of soft

grass next to the river. We can have the cake there.’

Ben jumped up and grabbed Mike’s hand. ‘Mike,

are there any wolves by this picnic spot?’

Mike chuckled and said, ‘No, Ben. But after lunch,

let’s check out the cliff above the river.’

Ben nodded. He felt brave next to Mike.

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It was a quick trip on horseback to the picnic spot.

We got off the horses and sat on some blankets. Mom

pulled out a chicken salad and some carrots from the

picnic basket.

Ben crunched on a carrot. He said, ‘Thanks, Mom.

You make the best picnic lunch. Can we play some

Frisbee now?’

Kidding, Mom said, ‘Ben, are you sick? What about

the cake?’ We chuckled.

Ben jumped up and brushed off a crumb from his

pants. He grabbed the Frisbee. Ben tossed the Frisbee to

Kingfish, and Kingfish tossed it to Mike.

Mike tossed the Frisbee as far up he could. Magic

ran and caught the Frisbee. We were shocked.

Suddenly, with a flick of his nose, Magic tossed the

Frisbee back to Ben.

Next, we played soccer. Mom picked Ben and

Kingfish to play with her. I picked Tammy and Mike. It

was fun, but the sun was hot. The score was six to six…

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Tales of Mystery