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FATHER STAN KUCA FAREWELL MASS and RECEPTION This Sunday, June 14th at the 11:30am Mass
All are invited to a parish reception with appetizers and desserts immediately following the 11:30am liturgy in the Parish Life Center.
A cake and coffee reception is offered after the 5pm, 7:15, 8:30 & 10am Masses in the Church Hall.
CORCORAN’S CORNER Fr. Stan Kuca’s Farewell… This Sunday, June 14, our parish will bid a very fond farewell to Fr. Stan. While he will be with us through June 24, our parish celebration of his priestly ministry to our parish occurs on June 14. Fr. Stan will preach at all the Masses, and be the celebrant of a Mass of Thanksgiving at the 11:30 AM Mass. We will have coffee and cake after Masses in the Church Hall on Saturday (5 PM) and Sunday (7:15, 8:30, 10 AM). Following the 11:30 AM Mass, we will have light refreshments in the Parish Life Center. All are welcome as we thank Fr. Stan for his five years of ministry and bless him as he undertakes his new ministry as a pastor of St. Bernardine Parish in Forest Park, Illinois. Fr. Stan has served our parish admirably over the past five years. He not only was the Associate Pastor, but he also ably served as Administrator of the parish for six months when Fr. Rich Homa resigned and left the parish. He also helped me enormously to transition into my duties of Pastor when I arrived. He has been a generous coworker, and given wise advice. He has worked with the children in our Religious Education program; the Second Grade class in our Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Regional School; was a regular mainstay presence with Branches; facilitated and worked closely with our Social Action Ministry, has attended Men’s Club monthly meetings; and he has visited our Women’s Club and Seniors of Seton. He has faithfully attended wakes and weekly visited ill parishioners at both Palos and Christ Hospitals. He has been a delight to live with in the rectory — and cleaned the dishes after most meals. He has also served as my chauffeur when we have attended things together. I will miss both working and living with Stan. With Fr. Gubbins, the three of us have had a very happy house — which is something to never to take for granted. It is time though for Fr. Stan to move on. The normal term of assignment for an Associate Pastor in our Archdiocese is five years. Moreover, it is time for Fr. Stan to take on the responsibilities of being a Pastor, I am confident he will be a good one. He has been well- trained by our parishioners. In the past the parish has enjoyed wonderful Associate Pastors, and has helped to form them into their priestly ministry. With Fr. Stan, our parish had the blessing of forming him into his ministry as a Pastor. From my observation the parish also has served Fr. Stan exceedingly well in this way. This weekend, we give him our thanks, and our blessing. Away With Family… I have the privilege of leaving on Monday for eight days away with my four sisters and three of my four brothers-in-law on a family vacation. [The fourth brother- in-law is an only child whose parents (while very healthy are in their 90’s) and he was not comfortable being that far away for that period of time]. We had promised ourselves this trip in 2011, when I took a sabbatical, but at that time one of my sisters fell critically ill with Acute
Myloid Leukemia. After a very successful bone marrow stem cell transplant she has fully recovered. We are going to visit Rome as both a vacation and pilgrimage. We have a lot to give thanks for. I will remember all the parishioners when I celebrate Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica on Monday, June 22. The Annual Mission Appeal… Next weekend, June 20-21, we will hold our annual Summer Mission Appeal. We will welcome a Bishop from Belize who will share with us part of the rich story of the Catholic Church’s missionary outreach around the world, and through the generations. We continue to make such missionary work possible through our own financial support. Speaking of Weekly Offering Packets… Those families who now donate electronically will still be mailed the special offertory envelopes for monthly special collections. At times when the Archdiocese of Chicago asks for a switch of collections, some may not get their envelopes in time. You can always make up your own envelope and include your name and address, the name of the special cause, and the donation amount, and turn it in with the collection, or, turn in the donation later when you receive the offertory envelopes in the mail. However, it is most helpful if the parish can combine all donations and forward the total amount on to the organization. Thanks for your cooperation. Happy Flag Day… This Sunday, June 14, our nation celebrates Flag Day. The flag will be placed in our church sanctuary from Saturday, June 13 to Sunday, July 5 (a three- week period) when we both honor and pray for our nation. During this time we can reflect both on the sacrifices that so many have made in building the society that we enjoy, and on the values which we affirm as a country. Before Your Road Trip… On Saturday, June 27 after our 5:00 PM Mass, and on Sunday, June 28, after our 11:30 AM Mass, we will offer a Blessing of Cars, prior to people heading out on the Fourth of July and summer road trips. We will bless cars about 15 minutes after these Mass conclude [Saturday at 6:15 PM; Sunday at 12:45 PM]. This will allow time for people to leave, and the parking lot to clear. We would ask for those who want to have their car blessed, to move their vehicle and park it in front of the lower Church Hall parking area. This will be the location where the Blessing of Cars will take place. We wish everyone a very safe summer! Enjoy!
Keep Smiling!
Page Three
Sat., June 13 (5pm) Josephine Tarantino; Michael Sullivan Sun., June 14 (7:15am) Parishioners; Walter Brownley (8:30am) Antoinette Stamp; Joseph Kapala; Clarence Horzewski (10am) Alvin and Robert Smith; Nancy Bric (11:30am) Purgatorial Society; Daniel Mungovan Mon., June 15 (9am) Bernard Casella; Marguerite McGuire Tues., June 15 (9am) Camille Rosiak; John and Kathy Kocher (25th Wedding Anniversary) Wed., June 17(9am) Annabelle Santucci; Theodore Perkowski Thurs., June 18 (9am) Karleen Vanek; Camille Rosiak Fri., June 19 (9am) Robert Hall; Marj Kelly
Congratulations to these parents on the baptism of their child on June 7, 2015: Jaxon Dean, child of Michael and Heather Scott Madison Ann, child of Matthew and Sheila Wagner Scarlett Rayna, child of Kyle and Melissa Halyko Alexis Olivia, child of Aaron and Kristen Paauwe Jackson Joseph, child of Ronald and Lisa Rauch Cooper Joseph, child of Matthew and Maribeth Libs
We remember the sick, infirm, and those recommended to our prayers, that they may experience the healing power of Christ: Wayne Larson Sarah Ramirez Audra Pappas Margaret Thomson John Biegel
And for our deceased: Daniel Bland Ann Mullaney James Carey “Heavenly Father, accept the prayers which we offer for them.”
Please pray for these couples preparing to receive the Sacrament of Marriage: Amanda Zeman and Jason Ruminski; 6-20-15 Ashley Wolff and Brandon Nash; 6-27-15 Christine Kenney and Carson Cleveland; 7-3-15 Tayler Weber and Nicholas Anostos; 7-4-15 Brittany Patterson and Kyle Scott; 7-18-15 Jessica Wright and Brian Syring; 7-18-15
Congratulations to John and Kathy Kocher who celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, June 15, 2015.
Next weekend we wel- come Bishop Glancy who will be with us to share a bit about the Roman Catholic Church in Belize, and ask for our support.
Most Rev. Christopher Glancy, CSV, Aux- iliary Bishop of the Diocese of Belize City and Belmopan is a member of the Viatorian Community with US headquarters in Arling- ton Heights, IL and is himself from Moline, IL. Bishop Glancy was associate pastor and pastor for 12 years in Corozal Town, Belize and was ordained bishop May 5, 2012. The Diocese of Belize City and Belmo- pan covers the entire country of Belize. It is located in Central America, and borders Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea. There are 13 parishes in Belize, with 130 mission churches in the villages. The Catho- lic Church also manages 114 elementary schools, 11 high schools and three junior colleges. As with most of the schools in the country, these are Church/State schools, with the government paying teachers’ sala- ries and the families and churches raising funds to support other educational needs. There are presently 32 priests serving in the diocese. Many villages only have Mass once a month and communion ser- vices that are led by lay ministers on the other Sundays. There are six congregations of women religious and five congregations of religious men serving in the diocese. Diocesan Commissions encourage the growth of ministry in the following areas: Liturgy, Youth Ministry, Family Ministry, Adult Faith Formation, Lay Ministry, Social Concerns, and Education. Challenges that we see in the nation of Belize include: gang violence, unemployment and under- employment, access to education beyond elementary school, many single parent homes, children living with their grandpar- ents, elderly who are abandoned, and human trafficking for prostitution.
Mission Appeal for Belize June 20/21
Journey with the Lord and let your heart hear God’s Words….
By Margie Guadagno St. Elizabeth Seton Pastoral Associate
When the disciples
always be part
of their journey.
The Road To EmmausThe Road To EmmausThe Road To Emmaus The Road To Emmaus The Road To EmmausThe Road To EmmausThe Road To Emmaus
Reaping the Harvest
I USED TO BE A VERY CRITICAL AND JUDGMENTAL PERSON. It was an aspect of my personality that took a
long time to acknowledge, although I’m sure it was obvious to others long before I ever admitted it to myself. Many, many years ago I had an epiphany in my life that drew me to do some very deep soul searching and this was one thing (of many!) that I faced about myself. I decided to change this unpleasant aspect of my personality. It has not been easy. Of course, at first it was easy because I was filled with a “fire of desire” to become a holy and reverent person that always does the will of God. I was a ‘Miss Merry Sunshine,’ happy and helpful and never unkind to others or unwilling to lend a helping hand. All very good things, but alas, not done with an eye on the true needs of others but with an eye on my own advance into God’s good graces. It wasn’t about the other person, it was about me. After a period of a few weeks—though it felt much, much longer—I discovered two things. One, it was impossible to always be “up” and happy and useful. And two, the truth was, it wasn’t the real me. However, the old me wasn’t me anymore, either. At least, not a me I wanted to return to being. What I found was that I needed to go back to the drawing board and do a lot more praying and reflecting on what kind of a person I am... should be…wanted to be… can be. Each one of those images of myself is very different, but images I needed to combine to be a truthful image of ME.
I also knew I would not be able to do it without God. Through reading scripture and books written by other people on their own spiritual journeys, praying, hanging around people I admired and wanted to emulate, asking questions, praying some more, and sometimes just plain not doing anything but letting God take over, I am becoming…what? Well… just becoming.
today’s gospel, I am ever vigilant. I strive to be a good and kind person who lifts others up instead of making them veer off their path through my judgments or observations. I take the ‘seeds’ of my prayers and the example of others on the same path as I am, and let them germinate and grow in my heart. And I wait for the harvest. Now I’m not saying that I live my life on a tightrope, always wiggling one way or the other and always fearful of falling, because to be honest, I don’t. Through the years some of those things I consciously did that focused on those in need have actually become second nature to me. Occasionally issues arise that touch at my core value system and my old habit of rushing to judgment rears its ugly head. Now, however, I stop and make myself see things from all sides and put some Christian love and charity into my response. That’s a little harder to do… actually, that’s a LOT harder to do, but with God’s help, my harvest in the end will truly be bountiful.
IF YOU THINK GOD IS CALLING YOU TO BE A PRIEST, visit www.ChicagoPriest.com or contact Fr. Francis Bitterman at 312-534-8298 or [email protected] FOR INFORMATION ON RELIGIOUS LIFE contact Sr. Elyse Ramirez, OP at 312-534-5240 or [email protected], and for the Permanent Diaconate program contact Deacon Bob Puhala at 847-837-4562 or [email protected]
GRACIOUS AND LOVING GOD, help the men and women of our parishes to hear the call to serve. Our needs are great and our people thirst for Your Presence.
OPEN THE HEARTS OF MANY. Raise up faithful servants of the Gospel—dedicated, holy priests, sisters, brothers and deacons, who will spend themselves for Your people and their needs.
BLESS ALL OF OUR MARRIED COUPLES with a rich faith and children that desire to serve You.
BLESS THOSE WHO ARE SERVING NOW with courage and perseverance.
GRANT THAT MANY WILL BE INSPIRED by their exam- ple and faith. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Parish Vocation News
Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass
The Golden Wedding Anniver- sary Mass will be held on Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 2:45pm at Holy Name Cathedral, 735 N. State St., Chicago. Couples who are parishioners at St. Eliza- beth Seton Church and were married in 1965 that are interested in attending this celebration should contact the parish office at 708-403-0101 to register. For further information please call the Archdiocese of Chicago Marriage and Family Ministries Office at 312 -534-8351 or visit their website at: www.marriageandfamilyministries.org.
HEARTWARMERS HeartWarmers is a St. Elizabeth Seton Outreach Program where volunteers deliver homemade meals to people of our parish community when they are experiencing a medical, health, recovery or grief issue and making regular meal preparation is difficult. Should you know of a person/family needing this Assistance, call the parish office at 708-403-0101.
SETON ROSARY GROUP All women, men and children are invited to join us in contemplating the mysteries of Christ's life through the praying of the Holy Rosary. We meet each Tuesday and Thursday in the church, by our statue of the Virgin Mary, immediately following the 9am Mass. Please join us.
Newborns In Need The Seton Sowers Chapter of Newborns in Need will meet Monday, June 15th at 9:15am in the downstairs
Church Hall meeting room. If you knit, crochet, or sew, we can use your skills to make clothing and blankets for new- born babies who need to spend time in the hospital.
This is a wonderful charity that supplies clothing and blankets
to babies who are premature, sick or financially in need.
We can also use donations of yarn, fabric. baby toiletries and supplies. For more information, please call Carol Dimer at 708-479-6994.
Father Stan Kuca was born in Poland on November 14, 1964. He entered the Archdiocese of Wroclaw Seminary in 1984 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1991 and worked their for 12 years. Cardinal George asked the bishops in Poland to help the Archdiocese of Chicago seek out Polish priests to minister to the
Polish-speaking community of Chicago. Upon hearing of this need, Fr. Stan chose to come to Chicago and arrived in September 2003. His first assignment was at Holy Innocents Parish. In September 2006, he made the decision to stay in Chicago and began the process of Incardination. During this process of becoming a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, he served two assignments: (St. Andrew, Chicago and St. Francis Xavier, LaGrange). Fully incardinated in 2010, he accepted the assignment to minister at our parish beginning July 2010. He took one step more and became a citizen of the United States in 2014. Fr. Stan has ministered us well and has become a cherished member of our parish family. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we wish him much success as he becomes Pastor of St. Bernardine of Siena Church in Forest Park.
A Farewell That Seems Too Soon...
(Photo above): Father Stan participates in a bicycling event during a parish picnic. (Photo center right): Singing in the picnic band tent.
Parishioners welcome Fr. Stan for the first time in July 2010.
Dear Father Stan,
Thank you for being a special part of our lives. We feel very fortunate that you were able to marry us (photo right) at St. Elizabeth Seton, and also share in Mike's RCIA experience. You and Mike have a special bond, as all of his sacra- ments are from you. We wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life.
Love, Katie &Mike Farthing
T HE NIGHT OUT IN JULY 2011 AT THE WINDY CITY THUNDERBOLTS Ballpark in Crestwood to raise funds for the St. Elizabeth Seton Choir was a huge success! Game opening baseballs were thrown out by parishioner D.J. Schiffer (representing Starlight Foundation) who showed great technique (see photo right) and Fr. Stan Kuca
even blurred the camera shot with the lightning speed of his pitch (photos above).
Hey Batter! Batter!
We will always remember how Fr. Stan added a special and meaningful touch to our Christmas Eve Mass by playing guitar and singing a Polish Christmas Carol along with Linda McKeague. We will all miss him and his Polish tradition at the Mass.
Pat Paul
Dear Father Stan,
Thank you for sitting with us “back row” Catholics at the weekday morning Mass. Also, thank you for teaching me that if I never made a mistake, I’d be boring! Good luck at St. Bernardine’s. We’ll really miss you.
Kathy O’Sullivan
Fr. Stan represents St. Elizabeth Seton Parish at our sharing parish, St. Procopius, during their Annual Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass held in Pilsen each December.
Father Stan blesses the palms that will be burned and used for Ash Wednesday.
We will miss Father Stan's friendly greeting each Sunday, and his happy Christmas carols at the Live Nativity. Best wishes, and good luck at your new parish, we know you'll be a great pastor.
Tom, Kim, Chris, Mike, and Danny Gill
Coming from a Polish family, my dad particularly liked Father Stan and his sense of humor. When my dad was dying he wanted Father Stan to come to his bed- side to say prayers and also help us with coping and to bring some smiles to our faces, and for that, myself and my family will hold you in our hearts and be forever grateful.
Kim Rak (daughter of Joseph Kaminski)
Dear Father Stan,
I do not have the words to thank you for all you have shared with me, and taught me. You have been a living example of honesty, support, acceptance, fun and friendship!!! I will continue to grow, using the experiences you have shared with me. You can bring laughter and joy into the darkest of days. I thank you for that!!! You have been and will continue being a treasured friend. I thank God for bringing you into my life experience. I pray I have given you even a portion of the gifts you have given to me. I will continue praying for you and hope you will do the same for me. I will think of you each time “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”, comes to my mind and Soul. I wish you God’s Love, Peace and Joy all the days of your life.
I will miss you, DEAR FRIEND!!! Suzanne LaCosse
Dear Fr. Stan:
We never know what to ex- pect when a new priest comes to our parish. You didn’t have to work at winning our hearts — you were just you — a joyful, caring, reverent priest and friend. We loved you from the beginning and knew that you loved us too. We are so grate- ful that God sent you to us and we don’t want to see you leave so soon. Yet we know we cannot keep you all to ourselves. You have secured a special place in our hearts where we will keep you with us in our fond memories and prayers. May God continue to bless you and your priesthood and surround you with many special friends and helpers. Please come back to visit us often. Take care.
Love and prayers, Peg DeWilkins
Father Stan came to us with his beautiful smile, fun spirit and great musical talents that are overflowing with the love of the Lord. He was always there guiding us with his gentle and loving ways at every project of our Social Action Ministry. He led us in prayers at the Pro Life Chain every year and he volunteered at the Respond Now Christmas Store, quickly changing sad faces into smiling ones. All of us joined him in song as he played his beautiful guitar music and sang Christmas carols at our Living Nativ- ity. His patience and faith in all he has done and contin- ues to do is a great example for all of us. Thank you Fr. Stan, you have carved a
place in our hearts forever.
Liz Wisnasky (Liz Wiz)
Fr. Stan,
This is just a note to wish you all the best as you take on your new assignment. I want you to know that you will be remembered for all your work with our Religious Education students. As a former Second Grade RE Catechist I loved when you came to our room with your guitar and sang with the children. They had such a good time singing along with you.
God Bless You. Carol Donnelly
Ministry Appreciation Mass and Reception with current/former Pastoral Staff.
Two excellent representatives for our Annual St. Patrick’s Day (Fr. Corcoran) and St. Joseph’s Day (Fr. Stan) Party held every March in our Parish Life Center. Pastor and Associate share a smile — and a great friendship as well.
Father Stan Kuca has done an outstanding job of serving our parish. He continues to amaze me in his ability to master English as a Second Language. Father Kuca demonstrated that he will be well-prepared to become a new pastor after he showed his leadership to St. Elizabeth's people when we were without a pastor. I have participated at every Good Friday with the Walking of the Cross (photo above) in silence to the park. I hope this tradition will still continue next year. You will be missed. Congratulations as you embark on your new assignment.
Renee Gilliat
The Village of Orland Hills “Party in the Park” June 26/27/28 Admission is free!
Join us at Kelly Park, 16675 Haven Ave., Orland Hills. Live entertain- ment, car show, children’s activities, fireworks, food vendors, family tent and much more. The Celebration will feature the finest in local entertainment including: Heartache Tonight, Mike & Joe, American English, Hillbilly Rockstarz as well as many other local favorites. Admission is free! Visit: ohpartyinthepark.com.
Become an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart Do the spirit and lives of Saints Francis and Clare touch your heart in a special way? Are you seeking “something more” in your spiritual life that has a Franciscan ring to it? Consider becoming an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Walk closely with them and other Associates as they live the Gospel with joy and compassion in the spirit of Francis and Clare through prayer and works of neighborly love. Steep yourself in the Franciscan way of life. Applications will be accepted until July 30. Learn more at www.fssh.net or contact Sister Ella Binz, OSF at 815-469-4895, extension “0” to request an application.
Joyful Again! Widowed Ministry Attend a weekend to help reflect on and recognize new direction in your life while still treasuring memories of your loved one. Next pro- gram is July 25 and 26 at Holy Family, Inverness. For more informa- tion please contact 708-354-7211 or [email protected]
Alcoholics Anonymous If you have a problem with alcohol and feel a sincere desire to stop drinking, you are welcome to attend a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) in the St. Elizabeth Seton Church Hall on Thursdays from 7:30-8:45pm. Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. The only requirement is a sincere desire to stop drinking.
Families Anonymous If your life has gone astray due to living with someone who has a substance abuse problem, consider attending Families Anonymous on Mondays from 7-8:30pm at Palos Hospital, 123rd and 80th Ave., Palos Heights (Ambulatory Care Center, Rm. 1). Please call Warren at 708-429-2507 or Therese at 708-269-9853.
This lightweight wide-mouth 20 oz. Aluminum Sports bottle has a BPA free liner and is 8.25” high. It offers a large opening so ice cubes can be easily added to your beverage. The carabiner clip of- fers convenient portability. Displayed on each bottle is our processional cross design and logo. All proceeds benefit a not-for profit community garden which supplies produce for local food pantries.
ABOUT OUR SETON LOGO DESIGN The St. Elizabeth Processional Cross logo represents our community well. The center of the image contains Christ, the Sower. On a cross of wheat the figure of Christ stands, with a bag of grain slung over his shoulder and his arm out- stretched in the active gesture of scat- tering seed. Silver lines of rain fall diago- nally around him. In the Sower, we find a fellow laborer, sowing for our future, planting for a rich harvest, tending and caring for this world, and conscious of our place within it.
Makes a great Father’s Day Gift!
St. Elizabeth Seton Social Action Environmental Ministry
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin School (your parish school) is looking for a full-time and a part-time
custodian who will assist with general cleaning within the school (Monday through Friday). The full-time position (with benefits) is for the evening shift (2-10:30pm). The part-time position is 20-25 hours per week. Candidates must be adaptable and flexible and able to respond to situations and problems as they arise. The ability to handle basic tools for light maintenance and repairs is necessary. Please email resume to [email protected] or to [email protected]
SAVE $50
4 Hawaiian Islands
11 Days 22 Meals Cruise Hawaii’s picturesque four islands aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Pride of America. See the
lush tropical forests, stunning wa- terfalls, steaming volcanoes and idyllic beaches of America’s Pa-
cific paradise — Hawaii.
(1845-1916) BORN IN IGOLOMIA NEAR KRAKÓW AS THE ELDEST OF FOUR CHILDREN IN A WEALTHY FAMILY, HE WAS CHRISTENED ADAM. During the 1864 revolt against Czar Alexander III, Adam’s wounds forced the amputation of his left leg. His great talent for painting led to studies in Warsaw, Munich and Paris. Adam returned to Kraków and became a Secular Franciscan. In 1888 he took the name Albert
when he founded the Brothers of the Third Order of St. Francis, Servants to the Poor. They worked primarily with the homeless, depending completely on alms while serving the needy, regardless of age, religion or politics. A community of Albertine Sisters was established later. Pope John Paul II beatified him in 1983 and canonized him six years later.
COMMENT Reflecting on his own priestly vocation, Pope John Paul II wrote in 1996 that Brother Albert had played a role in its formation "because I found in him a real spiritual support and example in leaving behind the world of art, literature and the theater, and in making the radical choice of a vocation to the priesthood" (Gift and Mystery: On the Fiftieth Annivesary of My Priestly Ordination, p. 33). As a young priest, Karol Wojtyla repaid his debt of gratitude by writing The Brother of Our God, a play about Brother Albert’s life.
QUOTE The first reading at the canonization included Isaiah 58:6 (“Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice, to undo the thongs of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?”). The pope referred to this passage and said: “This is the theology of messianic liberation, which contains what we are accustomed to calling today the ‘option for the poor’.... In this tireless, heroic service on behalf of the marginalized and the poor, he [Albert] ultimately found his path. He found Christ. He took upon himself Christ’s yoke and burden; he did not become merely ‘one of those who give alms,’ but became the brother to those he served...” (L'Osservatore Romano 1989, Vol. 49, No. 9).
Seniors of Seton
There will be no meetings in July and August but will resume September 1, 2015. You will receive a mailing before our next meeting asking for you to sign up for the 2015-16 year. Please return these envelopes promptly.
honored to have Fr. Stan Kuca join us for our
last meeting of the 2014-2015
year. And we were more
honored that he serenaded us with his music and guitar as
he sang his last songs to us.
We will miss him.
SOS UPCOMING TRIP For trip questions contact Anna at 708-532-6731.
Bus leaves at 9:30am from St Elizabeth parking lot.
Monday, Sept 14th BRANSON TRIP!
Four Nights-Five Days. All meals included (excluding one). Deluxe Motor Coach. Stay at Holiday Inn Express. Nine shows and tour of Branson included. $725 (double); $865 (single). $100 deposit (per person) at signing. Balance is due August 25, 2015. Flyer/form available in parish office.
When life tosses us about, we need only turn to Christ when seeking calm and safety.
The sea was often considered to be a reser- voir of evil in the Bible. The great sea monster Leviathan lived in the sea, and it was always trying to destroy the order of the universe and return it to chaos. This view is typical of a de- sert people like the Israelites. They were terri-
fied by the sea. The story of Jonah who is thrown overboard during a storm at sea would have been horrific to them. This also explains why there is no sea when God creates a new heaven and a new earth. In Paradise, evil will no longer have any power over us. The reading from the Book of Job gives us part of God’s climactic speech. God underscores for Job the immensity of divine power and the unknowability of the Lord’s ways. In particular, this passage focuses on God’s power over the chaotic forces of the sea, which anyone who has seen the devastation of a hurricane upon a coastal area knows well. As powerful as the sea is, God is more powerful and commands it to be still. The power of water and the even greater power of God are fea- tured in our Gospel reading from Mark as well, only this time it is Jesus who commands the waters to be still. This display of divine power on the part of Jesus awakens a sense of wonder in Jesus’ disciples, causing them to ask who this is “whom even the wind and sea obey.” The book of Job makes it clear that this power belongs to God alone, but disciples will begin to un- derstand. But even though the disciples do not understand, in the words and actions of Jesus the new creation of which Paul speaks is beginning to be revealed: old things are passing away and new things are coming. God’s power is present in the world in a new and surprising way. Mark tells the story of Jesus’ divine power not simply to impress upon us who Jesus is, but also to give us confidence that no matter what trouble besets us, no matter the storm we find our- selves in, those who are disciples of Jesus can have confidence in His power to rescue us.
The Lord said to Job: Who shut within doors the sea? (Job 38:1, 8-11). In the earlier part of this book, Job asks God a number of questions concerning His motiva- tions for allowing Job to suffer. Now God ap- pears to Job and interrogates Job in return.
This particular passage deals with God who controls the power of sea and storm. This is a theme that will recur in the Gospel when Jesus calms the sea.
Whoever is in Christ is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:14-17).
the sea and they obey.
Help us have trust
in Your power to save us from all the dangers that beset us.
Christ died for us, and He therefore put to death this old way of doing things. He had invited us to die to ourselves and to our old selves and to our old selfish ways so that we might live with and in Him. This new creation does not mean that we hate this world, but
rather that we see its limitations and would like to see it transformed in the love of Christ. We will no longer use this world for our own selfish purposes, but rather will use it to build up Christ’s Kingdom.
GOSPEL Who is this whom even wind and sea obey? (Mark 4:35-41). Mark’s version of this calming of the sea is the most primitive of the versions found in the Gospels. This disciples, for example, fail to show respect to their teacher. The disciples wake Him up with what almost sounds like a rebuke. This is in contrast to the more
respectful way that they treat Him in Luke and Matthew. Jesus’ ability to calm the sea shows that He has power over nature. This is called a nature miracle, and it shows that He shares in the creative power of Yahweh. Yet, it also shows that Jesus has power over the forces that dwell in the sea. Remember, the Jews thought of the sea as a reservoir of evil. That is where the evil sea creatures lived. If Jesus could calm the sea, He had power over those creatures as well.
Readings for the Week June 15th-June 20th: Mon.: 2 Cor 6:1-10; Mt 5:38-42 Tues.: 2 Cor 8:1-9; Mt 5:43-48 Wed.: 2 Cor 9:6-11; Mt 6:1-6, 16-18 Thurs.: 2 Cor 11:1-11; Mt 6:7-15 Fri.: 2 Cor 11:18, 21-30; Mt 6:19-23 Sat: 2 Cor 12:1-10; Mt 6:24-34
Page Seventeen ELEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME April 28, 2013 September 29, 2013 April 28, 2013 June 14, 2015
Saturday, June 21st
The Social Action Ministry will be collecting usable, clean items for our sisters and brothers at St. Procopius, our sharing parish. We will also accept used school items.
Golden Opportunities Coupon books offer local restaurants offering discounts of 50% off or 2-for-1. In addition, great savings at movies, grocery stores, sporting events, and more! Many coupons valid once a month. And… it makes a great gift!
2015 Golden Opportunities Books
No more excuses!
It’s your turn to be a Religious Education Catechist!
Catechists are needed in all grades.
Call or email Sue Matthews, DRE
at 708-403-0137 or
All My Love!
sunglasses for the guests at the shelter.
These donation will afford the clients at Daybreak Shelter the opportunity to accept day labor work. They cannot work without theses supplies. Please drop off your donation if the parish office. We will accept donations through the month of June.
Neat Repeats Resale Volunteers Needed Make a difference for victims of domestic violence
Neat Repeats Resale is accepting applications for vol- unteers to work in their Orland Park (9028 W. 159th St.) and Worth (7026 W. 111th St.) resale stores to cashier, arrange displays, accept donations or assist customers. Volunteers enjoy a family atmosphere and a purposeful experience. Just one day a week can make a difference in our client’s lives as well as your own! If you enjoy meeting people and like knowing you make a difference, this is the place for you. This is a great opportunity for those with retail experience and a passion for helping others Come in for a tour and meet other volunteers, and learn why Neat Repeats is a great place to volunteer. For information call the store manager in Orland at 708-364-7605 or Worth at 708-361-6860. Neat Repeats Resale is owned and operated by the Crisis Center for South Suburbia, and all proceeds support programs for victims of domestic violence. The Crisis Center for South Suburbia’s mission is to provide emergency shelter and other essential services for individuals and families victimized by domestic violence and address the societal issues that contribute to domestic violence.
Pastoral Staff Rev. William T. Corcoran, Ph.D, Pastor Rev. Stanislaw Kuca, Associate Pastor Rev. William Gubbins, Resident Priest Rev. William T. O’Mara, Pastor Emeritus Margie Guadagno, Pastoral Associate Deacon: Frank (Betty) Gildea Deacon: Joseph (Nancy) Bishop Deacon: Dennis (Barb) Cristofaro
Liturgy Staff Claudia Nolan, Director of Liturgy
Music Staff Linda McKeague, Director of Music
Parish Office Staff Donna Stolinski, Business Manager Darlene Raila, Parish Publications Joan Nemec, Morning Receptionist Karen Mirecki, Afternoon Receptionist
Religious Education Staff Susan Matthews, Director of Religious Education Diana Barracca, Administration Assistant
Branches Youth Program Bruce Hall, Coordinator Rick Vlaming, Coordinator Rick Wojcik, Coordinator
Athletics Bob Myjak, Director
Maintenance Staff Raymond Yanowsky, Director of Maintenance Laurie De Mik-Renn, Staff Marie Makuch, Staff Joseph Shake, CJB Day Maintenance Supervisor Sal Hernandez, CJB Night Maintenance Supervisor
7:15, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30am
St. Elizabeth Seton Church 9300 W. 167th Street Orland Hills, IL 60487
Parish Office: 708-403-0101 WEBSITE: WWW.STESETON.COM Religious Education: 708-403-0137
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Catholic School 708-403-6525 Principal, Mary Iannucilli Administrative Assistant, Cindy Labriola Devlin
6/20 & 6/21 5:00PM 7:15AM 8:30AM 10:00AM 11:30AM
GREETERS R. Coe S. Hermann E. Hermann S. Klean W. Krol J. Schuman R. Sharp L. Stolinski
C. Chor L. McGhee S. McGhee D. Skrzypiec B. Tenuta A. Shemanske B. Shemanske
K. Fox M. Fox D. Gurka M. Gurka P. Gurka M. Gurka J. Klomes J. Klomes L. Klomes M. Klomes A. McCoy D. Minnick G. Staszewski P. Staszewski
R. Chehy P. Havlin B. Krueger S. Lorenz N. Lorenz J. Moran D. Weber
R. Andrews I. Cox K. Cox B. Findura M. Gniady K. Ivancich B. Ivancich S. Klean M. McMahon
LECTORS M. Taska M. Hamilton
K. McSwain K. Oliver W. Dendler
K. Panko L. Junkans
R. Velcich P. Hambrick
J. Connelly G. Yakes D. Pott AJ Kunde M. Miller G. Roy T. Hanlon A. Sharp J. Murphy M. O’Connor M. Paluch J. Paluch
J. Janiak C. Nolan D. Flynn A. Bramasco F. Mankowski A. Weishaar L. Skrzypiec D. Nykiel
J. Austin L. Austin S. Hall T.Cohoon S. Leone G. Leone S. Arcos J. Kelly K. Kelly T. Cohoon M. Dziallo M. Galka
J. Federico T. Federico J. Eisenberg J. Weger M. Quinn J. Mysker E. Barin S. LaCosse R. Grill D. Pacholski J. Krusenoski S. Michalek K. O’Sullivan
M. Schmidt O. Kozel K. Hall J. Holmquist T. Wolski J. Bilas T. Scorzo M. O’Connor M. Merino S. Villegas
Attention All Ministers!
Ministers schedules available at: www.steseton.com Then visit: Music and Liturgy
Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered on Saturday, between 4:15-4:45pm.
Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated twice monthly at 1pm. Reserve your time by calling the Pastoral Center early. We are limited to six children per Sunday. Baptismal Couples preparing for the birth of their child should contact the Pastoral Center to register for a one night seminar, focusing on a parent’s role in faith development. This session is mandatory prior to the Baptism. Anointing of the Sick is available in the Church every Monday after the 9am Mass. For those who are ill or fac- ing hospitalization, it is appropriate to receive the sacrament once every six months. Call 708-403-0101 for information. Ministry of Care is available to give Communion to the housebound, to visit and pray for hospitalized and/or to arrange for the Anointing of the Sick. Please call the Pastoral Center for assistance. In the Hospital? Because of HIPAA Privacy regulations hospitals can no longer contact the parish regarding your hospitalization. It is the responsibility of you or a family member to notify our parish. We desire to offer whatever spiri- tual support we can. Please call the Pastoral Center. Sacrament of Marriage Couples planning to marry are asked to make arrangements six months in advance.
Wedding Workshops are offered throughout the year. They provide engaged couples with guidelines and suggestions for the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage. The workshop covers topics ranging from readings and music to flowers and video taping.
Adult Choir sings at all 10am Sunday Masses, as well as at a number of special liturgies.
Moving? Please call the office at 708-403-0101.
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