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Download FCFA January 2001 Training Church Etiquette. Roles and Responsibility Etiquette Sanctuary Etiquette Spiritual Etiquette Agenda

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  • FCFA January 2001 Training Church Etiquette
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  • Roles and Responsibility Etiquette Sanctuary Etiquette Spiritual Etiquette Agenda
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  • etiquette Pronunciation: 'e-ti-k&t, -"ket : the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life Definition
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  • Roles And Responsibilities Agenda
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  • Gather all servants of the sanctuary for prayer prior to service. Facilitate the development and implementation of an approved regular order of service. Encourage financial support of the church coordinate the creation and utilization of a prayer request box. Ensure written order of service is available to the public and that the church creed is on the reverse side. Be sure to include church creed in order of service. Praise And Worship
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  • Ensure worship service starts on time unless program order and perception of unity would be best served by a short delay. Prior to starting service, announce that all servants of the sanctuary should take their places. Ensure ushers' know the place designated for children to rejoice and worship the Lord. Coordinate with choir(s) to: Ensure Scripture and Mission offering is taken up between two songs. Coordinate assignment of praise and worship team for devotional service. Praise And Worship
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  • Allow for two random songs led by anyone in the congregation. Use audio praise tapes as deemed appropriate for uplifting the service. Incorporate the overhead projector to show the words of songs being led by the praise team as deemed appropriate for improving worship service. Coordinate praise service for revivals, and when visiting other churches when required/requested. Provide quarterly reports on accomplishments, and future activities. Praise And Worship
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  • Ensure no less than two ushers (prefer 3 for now) are uniformed, ready to serve for Sunday Morning worship. Ensure all visitors fill out visitor's card and give to church announcer Ensure children behave in church, including: No eating, drinking or chewing gum in the sancturary. Sanctuary Support
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  • Ensure windows, blinds, and/or curtains are opened and closed as necessary. Ensure carpet and pews have been vacuumed before Sunday services, or as deemed necessary to maintain cleanliness. Initiate annual spring cleaning activity. Ensure ushers are responsible for attending to the pastor and pulpit needs Sanctuary Support
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  • Coordinate with Youth Ministries and Education and training to train our.,youth and others to support the Pastor and his wife. (i.e. carrying coats, robes brief cases, instruments, etc.) Encourage special appreciation and recognition - services as deemed appropriate Provide focal point for utilization and control of kitchen activities, (including Meals and refreshments. - Clean-up) Sanctuary Support
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  • Responsible for general care, upkeep and operation of the following equipment, including setting up and taking down -Sound System Equipment -Musical Equipment -Audio/Video Equipment Organize the necessary work force to accomplish Grounds Maintenance including: -Lawn care, Landscaping projects Property Management
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  • Sanctuary Etiquette Agenda
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  • Sanctuary 1 : a consecrated place: as a : the ancient Hebrew temple at Jerusalem or its holy of holies b (1) : the most sacred part of a religious building (as the part of a Christian church in which the altar is placed) (2) : the room in which general worship services are held (3) : a place (as a church or a temple) for worship 2 a (1) : a place of refuge and protection (2) : a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal b : the immunity from law attached to a sanctuary Synonyms holy place, sanctorium, sanctum, shelter, asylum, cover, covert, harbor, harborage, haven, port, refuge, retreat bamah; oasis, Refuge, asylum, harborage, shelter Definition
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  • Sanctuary Etiquette is important in Fostering an atmosphere of Praise, Worship, Healing, Repentance, Restoration and all aspects of our Christian Faith to direct the focus of believers and unbelievers of the omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of our Heavenly Father Purpose Of Sanctuary Etiquette
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  • Prayer and Meditation Prior To Coming To Church Pleasant Disposition Pleasant Sanctuary Greetings Holy Embraces To Everyone Mandatory To Greet Visitors with pleasantries Proper Dress(i.e. Modest apparel, modest jewelry, Modest outward appearance) Any Behavior Patterns That produces Godly Character What Is Sanctuary Etiquette?
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  • Understanding Written and Unwritten Protocol What Is Sanctuary Etiquette?
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  • Chewing Gum Drinking Distant, Unfriendly, or Standoffish Unnecessary Movement during Service(I.e. walking, running) Any Behavior Patterns Not Conducive To Sanctuary Etiquette What Is Not Sanctuary Etiquette?
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  • Spiritual Etiquette Agenda
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  • Spiritual Etiquette is important in enhancing Sanctuary Etiquette to understand what is truly Spiritual and avoid superficial spirituality born out of ritual and/or tradition of men Purpose Of Spiritual Etiquette
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  • Praise And Worship Prayer In The Church Testimonies Preaching/Exhorting Church Programs Agenda Of Spiritual Etiquette?
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  • DOS Pleasant Disposition Worship Leader should Prepare Songs Prior To Service Team should follow Worship Leader Worship Leader should encourage equal Time with Team(This Is NOT a one-person show) Encourage Participation From The Audience Praise and Worship
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  • DOS Develop Sensitivity of the mood of the service to determine types of songs to be sung Be Conscientious of Time Be Conscientious of Visitors to acknowledge their presence In The Future we will use Audio Visual Aids to enhance service(i.e. Overhead Slides, etc) Praise and Worship
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  • DONTS Avoid Songs That The Music Ministry Havent mastered Avoid Trying To Overshadow Team members and audience(i.e. louder microphone, etc) Avoid manipulating the time with excessiveness. Praise and Worship
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  • DOS Pray Within the framework of your character or personality Pray To Move God and not to impress yourself or others Prayer should fit the occasion or program Prayer In The Church
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  • DONTS Avoid Exposing Other Mens Matters in Public Prayer Prayer is not a time to expose other mens matters. This destroys trust and a form of invasion of privacy Avoid Prayers That Does NOT fit the occasion or Time Long Prayers are not a sign of spirituality Prayer In The Church
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  • DOS Testimonies Should be 1-5 Minutes, unless the Spirit Of God directs differently The focus should be more on your victory that you have in Christ and not your dilemma Testify To encourage, admonish, and exhort yourself and the Saints Of God Make a concerted effort to affirm the testimonies of others Testimonies
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  • DONTS Avoid Exposing Other Mens Matters Testimonials are not a time to expose other mens matters. This destroys trust and a form of invasion of privacy This exposes insecurities about yourself all smoke- screened in the form of a testimony Avoid Exposing Your Matters Before All Form Of Glorification of being the Victim Be sure that when you disclose matters before all, it is to have the Saints to pray with you in your dilemma. Testimonies
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  • DONTS Avoid Testimonials that Discourages and Belittles Testimonials is not a time to display your strengths and expose others weaknesses Your job is to exhort and encourage one another Avoid Testimonials To impress Your Spirituality Long and Loud Testimonies does not necessarily mean spirituality Testimonies
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  • DOS Study To Show Thyself Approved Stay within the framework of your natural and spiritual ability Pray for wisdom to preach sensitive topics Preach within the context of scripture Preaching/Exhorting
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  • DONTS Avoid putting style over substance The Lord will enhance your style when you keep the substance first Avoid putting personal subjective experiences over exposition of the Word Of God Preaching/Exhorting

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