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CARAVANNING CAMPING NEW ZEALAND ————-Incorporated ———— 79 Princess Road, Tauranga [email protected] www.caravanningcampingnzinc.com www.facebook.com/CaravanningCamping February 2019 Volume 5 Number 3 Return Address: A Dale, 79 Princess Road, Bellevue, Tauranga 3110

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    ————-Incorporated ————

    79 Princess Road, Tauranga

    [email protected]



    February 2019 Volume 5 Number 3

    Return Address:

    A Dale, 79 Princess Road, Bellevue, Tauranga 3110


  • FACT FILE CCNZ Inc. Meeting 23rd February 2019

    Camper Care have once again paid for our Insurance – a big thankyou to them. National Rally being held at Mount Maunganui College - There was a lot of discussion on this 25th National Rally and 50 Year celebration. Ideas that came up included;- Dump Station at the National Rally is on site and it will be open each day between 8.30 and 9.30. Jocelyn will organise a Roster of volunteers to manage it during this time. Fresh water on tap at the venue. We may call on volunteers to help with morning/afternoon tears as Waikato Club (which is a small Club) have said they would look after this. Pancake Breakfast – Gisborne Club said that they would take care of this. Aviation Museum - We have been in touch and have been offered a good Discount. Raffle – Hawkes Bay - will take care of this. What about the locked box Also. – Good idea. Lucky Van – ask each Club to bring one, offered to look after this – South Auckland Club. Allan to go to the Tauranga City Council Meeting to Represent CCNZ when they have their Meeting on Freedom Camping. Is there a Member out there who would be interested in taking over the Magazine – it is done 4 times a year following each Council Meeting. Venue and date for the 24th Annual General Meeting and Council Meetings for the coming year. This will be at The Taupo Equestrian Centre and will be the weekends of;-

    May 24, 25, 26;- August 9, 10, 11 Council Meetings November 15, 16, 17 AGM.


    To contact Star Camper Care:-

    Office Mail Contact Building 6 PO Box 97 954 Call 0800 965 965 15 Accent Drive Manukau City Fax 09 650 6001 East Tamaki Manukau 2241 [email protected]

    People to talk to are;- Thesa and Jazz.

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    President’s Report The next major event is our 25th National Rally. We are progressing and some helpers have come forward. There has been a lot of sorting and arranging for all the bits but it has progressed very well and we are looking forward to a great weekend. As you can see it is a busy time for me, the latest was talking at a meeting of the Tauranga City Council about their new Freedom Camping bilaw that is in the process now. I may take our motorhome in for them to check what it is all about. I am looking to get someone to produce our newsletter for us as I am a little busy to get it done.

    Cheers, Allan **************************************************

    A sad Notice; It was very sad to hear of the passing of Murray Stowell, who has been a great friend and who has worked so hard for us all. He was President for 1996 to 1998. He has also been a regional delegate. He will be sadly missed and we send our heartfelt condolences to Mary and her family.

    *********************************************************************** 25th National Rally; Easter 2019

    Friday 19th April to Monday 22nd April 2019

    Celebrate 50 years ACC then CCNZInc

    Check page 16

    A copy of the registration form is also attached and we will accept late entries. Please send a note as soon as you decide to come.


    EASTER WEEKEND 18th – 22nd APRIL 2019 PROGRAMME 18 April Thursday 5.00pm Arrivals Continuous Cuppa (BYC) 7.30pm Mix and Mingle 19 April Friday Arrivals continue. 2.00pm Opening Ceremony with Banner Parade Followed by photo shoot and Cuppa (BYC) 4.30pm Happy Hour 7.30pm Evening get together and Games 20 April Saturday 10.00am Street Morning Tea and possibly going touring 1.00pm Simple Games 4.30pm Happy Hour 5.30pm Dinner at local RSA 21 April Sunday 8.00am Pancake Breakfast 10.00am Easter thanks giving service, celebrating 50 years of CCNZI. Dog Agility Afternoon Games 4.30pm Happy Hour 8.00pm Music entertainment in hall 22 April Monday 10.00 Closing Ceremony with Banner Parade Followed by Cuppa (BYC) Departure for those needing to. 6.00pm Over-stayers Dinner, (BYC = bring your cup) Note; Street get together depends on weather, may be all into the hall This program is tentative as things turn up it may be changed. We are hoping to visit the Aviation Museum as a group and also the Jazz Festival is on in Tauranga. The dog agility is now on Sunday as the people demonstrating it have to work on Saturday. This is to fit in with them.


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    *********************************** 25th National Rally; Easter 2019

    Friday 19th April to Monday 22nd April 2019 Celebrate 50 years ACC then CCNZInc

    Mount Maunganui College

    Entrance From 565 Maunganui Road Looking to be a great weekend, just to help us please bring one grocery item to assist for the raffles. Just one item each and we will have a lot of draws. Our numbers are looking good so plenty of friends coming. Cheers Allan

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    FAR NORTH CARAVAN CLUB Rally held at Blocks. Kerikeri. 30th, Nov, 1st,2nd. Dec. 2018.

    We welcomed two new members to our club. The weather was good to us and only rained in the evening. On arrival, Harry put up the red shed for all of us to dine in. Thankyou Harry. Sure, makes things run smoothly. We had a barbecue dinner on Saturday evening with the meat ably cooked by Morris. (Thankyou Morris.) Thanks, must also go to Mark for delivering his Barbecue to the site a few days earlier then picking it up again a few days later. The Ladies put in a lot of effort and the spread was beautiful. The deserts were mouth-watering. Well done Ladies. Sunday morning, Mr. & Mrs Claus appeared out of the Red Shed. Our dog Quinn went crazy at seeing Santa. Oysters were supplied to those that like them, even though the tides were not very kind for picking. They were not as good quality as previous years as the mud seemed a lot thicker in the harbour. There were thousands of little ones stacked on top of one another having a good time. . The Dick Dog was presented to Graham. Having owned his motor home for 15 years he did not know that the light switch had 3 settings. The one to the left for park lights when the bus is parked on the side of the road. He could not make out why the lights kept going. Well-deserved Graham. That’s all for now. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best wishes to you all.

    Rally held at Twin Waters, Taipa 4th,5th,6th. January 2019. Perfect weather helped make a very enjoyable weekend at Taipa for those attending. On Saturday Yvonne, Harry And Russell drove to Kerikeri and attended the 60th wedding anniversary of Peter and Bev Westend. Congratulations Peter and Bev! The photos Yvonne showed us were lovely. Instead of going out for a meal on Saturday night, we all enjoyed takeaways from the local Taipa takeaways. Geoff and Harry got Geoff’s inflatable boat into the river during happy hour Sunday. Was the first time it was launched in the 18 months since Geoff and Margaret have owned it. They got the motor going and zoomed up and down the river, looking the part in their life jackets etc.

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    All but one van stayed over on Sunday evening, and enjoyed the beach and river atmosphere for most of Sunday Rally held at Dargaville NZMCA PARK. 1st,2nd,3rd, February 2019.

    What a turnout. The best we have had in over a Decade. 12 vans in all. The sun was shining for most of the weekend apart from one light shower that came out of nowhere. It was HOT, HOT, HOT. Dargaville NZMCA Park is near the township and a lot of members took advantage of this. They could walk to gather the goodies they forgot to pack. Others rode in comfort to the markets to buy things they didn’t realize they needed for $1, $2, & $3, each. Our Hosts for the weekend, Ron & Lorraine, arranged for us to have Dinner at the Northern Wairoa Hotel on Saturday evening. We all enjoyed superb meals of large proportions. The amazing thing was, most of the meals were delivered within 10minutes of each other. Morris McKinnon arrived at Happy Hour with lots of liquor, but only 3 of us tried out the beautiful selection. He also joined us for the Saturday evening meal after which he departed for home. A lovely weekend was had by all.

    Rally at Arthur’s Property at Ohaeawai. 1st,2nd,3rd. March 2019. Although the wind was cool on Friday night, which drove us into the games room for Happy Hour, the weather overall was reasonably fine. After a good wind-down of merriment, Murray and Russell took on Graham and Geoff in a good game of pool. Saturday saw a brilliant day dawn, and after a large variety of morning tea under the big chestnut tree, some went for a drive to Kaikohe, while others stayed around camp. In the afternoon, Geoff took a car load of Rallier’s up the mound to the Spark Tower along Hariru road. After going along the wrong farm track they finally got to the top. The wind was very cool but the view was from Cape Brett in the East to the Sand hills at the opening to the Hokianga Harbour in the West. It was amazing how hilly and broken the terrain was when we looked out towards Kerikeri. Saturday night, a Barbecue meal was held in the games room. The women supplied a wonderful array of salads and desserts and the men cooked the meat. Graham delivered his Tuatua fritters and Russell an upside-down pudding. After a good feed, Geoff showed a film of an old Caravan Rally in England, with equally old cars towing them.


  • 8 South Auckland Caravan Club

    2018 Christmas Rally

    There was a huge turnout in glorious sunshine for the rally with 30 vans in attendance – including five visitors with vans. Added to that, Cliff & Judy Reynolds visited for the day – the final count for dinner being 60 people!

    The venue was the Thames Clay Target Club – a lovely well-presented facility. The Clay Target Club appears to be thriving with lots of activity on the Saturday as Club members carried out a working bee in advance of some important competitions over the summer. The location was right beside the Thames Aerodrome – a grass landing strip – for small planes and helicopters only which provided further interest without too much intrusive noise. With a market on in Thames on Saturday morning, the annual Christmas Parade in the early afternoon and cycle ways close by, there was plenty to see and do. Raewyn S had baked a large lovely moist Christmas cake (fortunately big enough!) for all to enjoy at morning tea on Saturday as the rally officially started. A feature of Morning Tea was the presentation, to Jim & Jacqui Mowlem, of their 200 Rallies badges. After morning tea, people went off to do their own thing, or took the opportunity to have a leisurely catch up. A big highlight of Happy Hour on Saturday afternoon was when Santa called in. The elves had been busy in the lead up to Santa’s arrival, and there were two large (heavy!) sacks of presents waiting for him to distribute. As usual, Santa was in very good form and did an excellent job – well done Santa! A two-course pot luck dinner got under way shortly after 6pm. The Club supplied a large 11kg ham which kept carver Ian McKinnon busy for

    quite some time – the Club also supplied Christmas mince pies as one of the items for dessert. Kay McKinnon had been in contact with everyone prior to the rally to organize what each member would bring. The result was a wonderful feast, with a huge variety of tasty dishes on offer. Based on comments afterwards, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and there was even enough food left over for lunch for the 30 people

  • 9

    who were still on site at midday on Sunday. We even managed to polish off the rest of the ham! A big thank you to everyone for their contributions

    – much better, in my opinion, than the commercially prepared meal we sat down to the previous year. With such a large number of people at the rally, it was great to see everyone mixing together so well and importantly, making the effort to get to know new people. As our Club grows in size, as it has done this year, it is so important that we preserve

    this aspect of the Club.

    SACC Safari, Xmas 2018-2019,

    TAUPO 27 Dec Thursday; All had arrived by dinner time with Morrie and Carol arriving a day earlier. Some went off to view the Aratiatia Rapids – some shopped. On arrival all were given a Safari Survival Kit consisting of a rubber band – reminding us to remain flexible, a paper clip – to hold things together, a bandaid – to heal hurt feelings, a teabag – to remind us we’re ‘Teariffic,’ a minty – to remind us that we’re worth a mint, a toothpick – to remind us to pick out the good in each other, a straw – to remind us to ‘suck it up,’ a marble – to replace the lost one. Time for an early night, ready for the trip to Napier. We enjoyed the equestrian centre – a quiet country setting. The weather was great – let’s hope it lasts.

    NAPIER 28-29 Dec Friday; The morning at Taupo dawned bright and clear – what a lovely spot the equestrian center is!! Eric and Raewyn headed off early to Napier to meet the caretaker at Napier Intermediate School. The trip was trouble free although a bit wet over the hill. The school is a lovely venue – well presented – and very handy to the town centre. Nineteen vans had arrived by Happy Hour. Graham Hollway picked up Happy Bear for repairing Russell and Alaina’s van waste pipe, broken somewhere between Taupo and Napier.

    Saturday; The Bray’s caught up with the Safari, with repairs completed, meanwhile some visited Black Barn market, others cycled various

  • 10 distances. There were people who were happy to sit and catch their breath after busy Xmas celebrations and packing to get away.

    The evening saw 36 diners at Napier RSA for a generous buffet, shared with half of Napier it seemed. Good meal and thanks to the Gauntletts for assistance in making dessert selections – apple crumble the hero dish of the day!

    Sunday; Several made a stop at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers Market at Hastings with much tempting pro-duce on sale, enroute to Porangahau

    PORANGAHAU 30-31 Dec Sunday; Caravans and motorhomes arrived from all directions, with different GPS systems selecting differing routes. Most people were able to make camp in the orchard area, with

    plenty of ripe fruit on the trees to sample. The weather was hot and very windy. A few hardy souls took a dip in the swimming pool, and everybody was out and about exploring the excellent grounds and facilities of Chapelwick House. Afternoon tea at 4pm was held in the orchard under the shade of the larger trees. No cell coverage in the area, those few that needed an internet fix or contact with the outside world

    had to go to Porangahau Beach. An entertaining exhibit game of KUBB was played in the orchard. The BBQs were out and in use for tonight’s dinner.

    Monday - The morning walkers car pooled to the Beach for a brisk walk. The wind picked up during the walk which made it a stiff headwind on the return journey. No morning tea today as about 25 people had booked to go to the Chapelwick House Devon-shire Tea at 11am. Scones jam and cream with a lovely cuppa tea! One of the owners gave us a great talk on the history and their experiences of Chapelwick House. The original settler family were the Hunters. Then we got to look around downstairs. Upstairs was off limits as they had a full house of guests. The hot weather started to take its toll in the after-noon, but swimming and croquet still featured. 4pm for afternoon tea again in

  • 11

    the shade of the orchard trees. Happy bear was all Graeme’s for fixing a road side bike flat tyre out at the beach. New Years Eve dinner was a Hangi provided by the owners of Chapelwick House. Consisted of lamb, chicken, sausages and selected salads and tasty breads, all produce except the chicken was from their own property. Dinner was able to be held in their courtyard as the wind had finally started to ebb. A few hangers

    on stayed and chatted with the owners till after 10pm. But a good size group headed for the New Years Eve festivities at the local Duke of Edinburgh hotel. The preferred footwear being red band gumboots. Music was Reggae by a group from Tauranga.

    Tuesday - News Years Day. Everyone was up bright eyed and bushy tailed for morning tea and the group photo shoot in our new club jackets. Plenty of New Year hugs. Early departure due to the long run to Riversdale today. There was a bit of discussion about the favoured route and the windy but scenic option won the day for the majority. We also lost a few campers who were returning home for various commitments.

    RIVERSDALE 1-4 Jan Tuesday; The drive from Porangahau took the better part of the day and pleasing to reach Riversdale, our last stop, for 3 nights and a reprieve for gearboxes. All weary, so communal meal and early night for all.

    Wednesday; Morning tea. A relaxing day, with most happy to have a carless day. We were fortunate to have access to the hall for our ABBA night, communal dining, many laughs and dancing to ABBA made for a happy evening. It was generally decided ‘what a difference a wig makes.’ Finished the evening off with a circle of dancers singing to Sweet Caroline – thanks to Neil Diamond. Thursday; Morning tea. Trippers off to Castlepoint on a very windy day. Friday; Most departed Riversdale for all points of the compass. A great Safari, enjoyed by all.

    Rally Report 15-16 December, Eskdale

    Thunder and Lightning on Friday evening prior to the

  • 12


    Email General information [email protected] Group Bookings [email protected] Phone within New Zealand Phone 0800 802 802 Fax 0800 101 525 Contact Secretary for code. Group Bookings 0800 878 898

    commencement of the Rally was pretty intense with those that were

    present taking shelter in the rec room. At one point on the Hills behind

    State Highway there was smoke billowing off the hillside. So it is fair to

    say that our weekend started off with a BANG.

    Saturday morning saw beautiful weather which continued

    throughout the weekend. A couple of Vans left and a couple arrived

    being visitors from Waipawa for the weekend with a view to joining the

    Club. We had originally arranged for a “weekend long” continuous game

    known as “Last Man Standing” however due to the lack of numbers this

    kind of fell over. For the game to be a success there needs to be quite

    good numbers. So watch this space going forward as the “Last Man

    Standing game” may just pop up again. A hasty rethink and we came up

    with Story Time with a twist.

    Saturday Night saw us enjoying

    a shared dinner to celebrate Philips

    birthday and after the shared dinner

    and a beautiful cake (Thanks to Kim,

    Yellow Submarine Dwelling Kim)

    then Story Time with a twist got

    underway. It is fair to say that it was

    a bit of a slow start (and believe me

    you had to be there to appreciate some of the humour). First round

    winners with the most interesting stories were Bill and Jocelyn. Their

  • paragraphs were so good and synced very very well.

    Second round paragraph had to go to Robyn, (again you had to be there)

    but the reading was second to none when confronted with “words” that

    some of us would never dream of using, Robyn did not flinch and read

    her lines verbatim. The remainder of the evening spent telling our own

    stories and enjoying each other’s company. At one point during the

    evening I think Maxine convinced Kim (Yellow Submarine Dwelling Kim)

    to make pancakes for Breakfast.

    Sunday morning saw us all meet at the Gazebo to enjoy Pancakes

    for breakfast, and very nice they were too. The Rally closed at the 10.15

    morning Tea with nothing but relaxation planned for the remainder of the

    day. Many thanks

    Rally Report 18 & 19 January 2019

    We arrived Friday lunchtime – 2 other vans already here. Jason ran

    us through the opening/starting order for everything, as this was our 1st

    time as Rally Coordinators, together

    with John Dagg, who arrived shortly

    after. During the afternoon quite a few

    more arrived including 3 from

    Palmerston North area, members of

    the Manawatu Caravan Club. A

    relaxing afternoon led into Happy Hour

    with everyone finding the shade very


    Saturday dawned sunny and hot. Neil and Adrian cleared and cut

    the weeds and prickles from the 2 paths leading down to river. Morning

    tea with John opening the Rally. Again our big trees provided much

    appreciated shade during the day. Our Palmerston North members

    continued on their way. Happy Hour was well patronized, again in the


    Sunday was windy and some cloud. Some cleaning was done early

    to avoid the heat. Morning Tea with Neil closing the Rally. A total of 11

    vans with 3 visitors vans. Raffles were drawn and won by Richard and

    Lyn & Russell and Judith, and the lucky site was won by Lyndon and

    Kim, with their chocolates being passed around the circle (more than

    once). Our Grandies braved the river for a swim. As well as making

    themselves at home in many vans.

    All in all a very friendly relaxing weekend with great weather.


  • 14

    Waikato Caravan Club

    Dragon Fly Wood - KAIMAIS 14th 16th December 2018 We had a very enjoyable weekend at Dragonfly Woods and always finding something else. After finding the frog hiding on top of the lily

    leaves we also discovered a very well lit up Christmas decorated house just across the road from our camp. It was fantastic. Dragon Fly Wood Camp is a quiet and lovely place to stay everybody really enjoyed their weekend. We walked round the gardens played Lawn darts & found the frog that we frightened away last time we stayed, talked to the Pigs who replied in their own snorts which was a little

    difficult to understand and generally we just relaxed in the shade. After tea when it got dark we went for a short walk down the road to view a beautiful house & garden illuminated with thousands of Xmas Lights.

    A J's HORA HORA - 18th—20th January 2019

    The Waikato River is such a pleasant place to have a rally during mid-summer. A J's provides such a restful spot to park our vans and relax after the activities of Christmas and New Year. Five vans arrived on Friday and there was time to chatter and catch up with friends during the afternoon and evening. On Saturday morning Anne & Henry Clothier joined our group with their van and Anne provided tasty scones and jam, still warm from the oven! Margaret C had baked a delicious sultana cake as well so how much better could morning tea be!! During the afternoon several members played Kubb, while others read or snoozed. Later in the evening we sat beside the river to enjoy our meal. Margaret organized a golf putting competition which provided a lot of fun and laughter.

    All participants collected a sweet prize for a variety of efforts. A challenge of Quoits was held and another game of Kubb brought the evening to a close. We woke up to rain softly falling on Sunday morning, this had cleared by morning tea time. A restful morning was spent beside the river. Lunch time rolled around after which it was time to slowly pack up and one by one

  • 15

    head for our various homes. Taupo Equestrian Centre February 22nd – 24th 2019

    What a fun weekend we had – Friday evening was spent in the Hall. We all had pea, pie, pud for tea at a small charge. After tea some played cards while others just had a catch up with those in attendance. Saturday morning was the CCNZInc meeting which was mainly finalising everything for the National Rally – quite a number have already booked for this Rally. Meeting finished and we all had lunch. After lunch some of us went for a walk to see what was going on at the indoor centre. There was a professional person training owners how to communicate with their horses, and the horse being able to communicate with what the owner was wanting. At afternoon tea Margaret gave out a quiz for us all to try – it was a little challenging but we did manage to get a winner. Tea was the usual sausages / onions put on by CCNZInc and another member added a bowl of tomatoes and a bowl of cucumbers. Thank you to Judy Miller (Gisborne Club) for that. Once tea was over and the cleaning up had been done Margaret read out the answers to the quiz – with the usual debating and laughter about the answers. Once again the evening was spent either playing cards or chatting, and laughing. Sunday morning arrived and everyone was busy packing up ready for home. We had an early morning tea, said our goodbyes till we all meet again at the National Rally.


    Friday 16th – Sunday 18th November. Totara Reserve

    Pohangina Valley, This is always a good venue, Bush walks, beside the river, good camping site, excellent amenities,

    etc. Some members arrived on the Thursday and enjoyed the extra time there. Friday night Brian got his brasserie fired up and members enjoyed sitting around warming their front side and socialising. Saturday was another nice fine day, morning tea was outside where

  • most continued to enjoy for the rest of the day. Some participated in a walk around to the other camp site and through the bush back. The game of Junker was brought out and set up for a competition of seeing how high the stack could be made before it collapsed. As the weather was so warm most spent the day outside for afternoon tea, happy hour and tea. Brian got the brasserie stoked up again for the evening. Sunday was another warm sunny day. Lucky van and raffles were drawn at morning tea. Members and Vans headed off when they felt like it. Another very relaxing weekend and thanks to Ian & Pauline for

    looking after the rally from Bruce and Lynn, as Bruce was in hospital. Friday 7th – Sunday 9th December. Xmas Rally Mount Biggs School, Friday night happy hour was a good catch-up outside, lovely evening after all the dodgy weather the previous week. Most went back to the hall after tea for more chat and some hilarity. Everyone seemed to be up bright and early on Saturday morning and Bill erected his gazebo with assistance from willing hands. This was most appreciated at morning tea time as the sun was out in full force. Pauline passed around a very yummy Xmas cake. Some of the ladies sorted and dressed the dinner tables during the morning and the hall looked very festive. During happy hour the salads and veg were prepared ready for dinner and the meal went off without a hitch, all dishes ready to serve at 6pm. Bill spent quite some time carving the large ham he had sourced- delish! After we had made a serious hole in the lovely shared desserts, we played the fun parcel game. Everyone ended up with a xmas gift. Nobody seemed in a hurry to go to bed. The hall was closed about 10.30. On Sunday morning Chris and Ian decided to cook left over ham and spuds for breakfast about 9am. Unfortunately not every van received the message early enough and some had already had their breakfast. It

    was appreciated by those who had not already eaten. Around morning tea time the annual Gumboot Throwing Competition was held.


  • 17

    2nd January 2019, Bartletts Ford, Terrace Road Kimbolton Chris & Bev Masters were going to be at Bartletts Ford from Wednesday 2nd January and invited club members to join them. They went there with the intention of just to enjoy doing nothing for a few days or longer and ended up with 5 others joining with them. It was just a very relaxing time enjoying the fine sunny weather and the company of others. Surprising there were not many other campers there.

    Had a few car loads of people coming for a swim each day. We drove around to look at London’s Ford which is looking tidy and may be a good place for a rally sometime. Graham MG tried very hard to get a trout for happy hour with no luck. Some left on Sunday 6th January with the others staying till Monday 7th

    16th to Monday 21st January 2019. ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND All were able to leave early and met at Waipawa Motor Camp on Thursday. As always we were made welcome by Paddy and his family. The camp happy, easy and friendly. When we arrived at Hawkes Bay Caravan club, Eskdale on Friday we were directed to park per their rules which was foreign to us. We were invited to their happy hour at 4.30 and met their members. Back to vans about 5.30 for dinner and extra happy hour when Bill and Judy's daughters arrived for the evening. On Saturday morning Bill drove us all to Napier for retail therapy. We met the Mark daughters again for lunch, over which the unanimous decision was made to return to Waipawa. Paddy welcomed us back again and showed us a good shady spot to park together. On Sunday the market at Otane was a good morning outing where we were all parted from some more cash! Monday travel home was made a bit challenging by extremely strong winds from Takapau plains onwards.

    Activities for Heretaunga Caravan Club November – Combined rally hosted by Heretaunga Caravan Club and held at Te Horo School. Weather was rather wet, so no outside games. However, as the hall is a good size, we had plenty to occupy ourselves inside. As you know, Te Horo school is a great venue and the school staff are always happy to have us. December – Christmas rally, at the home of Sandra and Don Webb. Food was great, lots of games, plenty of fun. January – Wellington Anniversary weekend – Pohongina School Reserve. What a fabulous site this is. We had a good turnout and an enjoyable time was had by all.

  • 18

    PROPOSED RALLIES Waikato Caravan Club; Margaret 07 823 9411 18, 19, 20 & 21 April Easter CCNZ 25th National Rally 50th Birthday 17, 18 & 19 May A.G.M John Hutton’s Putararu 14, 15 & 16 June Waiteti Trout Stream Holiday Park 19, 20, & 21 July Raglan Club 16, 17, & 18 August Glenview Club 20, 21, & 22 September Caravan & Motor Home Show Mystery Creek 18, 19, & 20 October Te Aroha 15, 16, 17 November Dragonfly Wood Kaimais

    Heretaunga Caravan Club Cather ine; 04 902 0155 19 – 22 April 2019 Easter National Rally (CCNZ) 17 – 19 May 2019 Carterton School 30 May – 3 June 2019 Queen’s Birthday Manawatu Caravan Club Foxton 5 – 7 July 2019 Carterton Motor Camp Wellington Caravan Club Lisa 027 616 0141 18-22 April 2019 National Rally Hawkes Bay Caravan Club Robyn 06 844 8372 April 19th - 22nd. (Easter) CCNZ 50th National Rally Mt Maunganui. May 4 - 5 Eskdale - June 1 - 3 Eskdale (Queen’s birthday weekend) Levin Caravan Club Adrian 06 367 2500 Wainuiomata Caravan Club Lynne 04 564 7479 18th – 21st April (Easter) National Rally 11th – 13th May Himatangi 31st May - 3rd June Martinborough Far North Caravan Club Graham 09 408 7182 April 5th,6th,7th. Ahipara Motor Camp Ahipara. May 3rd,4th,5th. Tokerau atTokerau Beach. - G. & E. Bell. June 1st,2nd,3rd. Hihi Motor Camp, Hihi. – D. & Y Anderson. July 5th,6th,7th. Kaikohe Show A.P. and H. Showgrounds, Kaikohe. South Auckland Caravan Club Carole 09 262 0202 April 19th - 22nd. (Easter) CCNZ 50th National Rally Mt Maunganui. May 17th - 19th SOUTH AUCKLAND GOLDEN JUBILEE AT LaVALLA. May 31st - June 3rd TBC

  • 19

    Please note the Kiwi Holiday Parks Logo.

    It is here for our members and if you visit them and

    produce your card they will give you a discount.

    Thank you Kiwi Holiday Parks!!

    Gisborne Caravan Club Val 06 868 4353 18, 19, 20 & 21 April Easter CCNZ 25th National Rally 50th Birthday 3rd 5th May Showgrounds 17th 19th May Island View, Opotiki 24th 26th May CCNZ Meeting, Taupo 31st 3rd June Awakeri 21st 23rd June Mahia Motorcamp Palmerston North Caravan Club Bev 027 550 0059 Wairoa Caravan Club Margaret 06 835 7147 19-22 April Easter CCNZ 25th National Rally 50th Birthday 4-5 May CCNZI Meeting 10-12 May Fishermans Hutt 31st May – 3rd June Awakere Join in with the Gisborne Caravan Club 12-14July Wairoa AGM at Racecourse – Also Eastern Region AGM

    *************************** GOLDEN JUBILEE

    The first Rally held by the South Auckland Caravan Club was held at Orere Point during the weekend of 15th March 1969. The Jubilee Sub-Committee, appointed at the 2016 AGM, are recom-mending that the Club celebrate this very special occasion during the weekend

    17th - 19th May 2019. A brief outline for the weekend is — Friday 17th assemble at the Onion Farm. Saturday 18th move to Lavalla. Start with Morning

    Tea at 10am followed by the Jubilee Lunch at 1pm. There will be snacks and live entertainment in the evening (dancing pumps may be a good idea). The weekend will conclude with morning tea on

    Sunday. ***********************************

  • 20

    Secretary; Judith Dale

    79 Princess Road Bellevue

    Tauranga 3110 [email protected]

    07 576 4809

    Treasurer; Judy Miller

    5 Martin Road Gisborne

    [email protected] 06 281 0133


    At present please send information

    To Allan Dale [email protected]

    CCNZ Inc.

    President Allan Dale

    79 Princess Road Bellevue

    Tauranga 3110 [email protected]

    07 576 4809

    Vice President; Derek Keatley 107 Main Road Wainuiomata

    [email protected] 04 564 7479

    Promotional Officer;

    Allan Dale 79 Princess Road

    Bellevue Tauranga 3110

    [email protected] 07 576 4809

    Important Up and coming events

    Our next Council meeting is Saturday February 22nd 2019, 9.00am

    at the venue of Taupo Equestrian Centre

    Our following Council meetings are May 25th and August 11th.

    Keep in touch.

    Our newsletter will be soon after our Council meeting if I have the information, so please do keep me up to date with your clubs future

    rallies and reports on the places that you have rallied at. Thanks, Allan [email protected]