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How are you feeling? Sometimes it is helpful to know what feelings are to know how you feel. Part one of the Doctor Bliss Doctrine. Dr. Bliss is a medical doctor with over 23 years experience in family medicine. He is a 13th generation Bliss in the United States.


  • 1. Feel. Know your self. This is primary. While our feelings may change based on times of day and circumstances, our feelings are still the only true basis for our selves. When our feelings are suppressed, we feel worthless. All feeling are valid. All feelings must be allowed. Accept your feelings. Accept yourself. Express. This is not an action but a full expression of your being. Feelings must be allowed free expression without judgment. If your feelings don't count, then you don't count. The joy of life goes out and you become a walking zombie, living someone else's life. You must be allowed to grieve your losses. You must be allowed to be angry, and guilty, and sad, and all of these must be allowed to go over the top before they will stop. All of this needs to be done in a space of love and acceptance and without judgment. Generally this comes from sharing yourself with another special person who will not be hurt by what you have to express. If what you have to say hurts someone else, you will not be truly heard and understood and valued as you need to be. When you allow room for full expression of your difficult feelings you will find you are able to feel your positive feels as well. You will find yourself feeling valued and alive. Consider your frame of reference. Would you feel different if your circumstances were different? Are you responding to a feeling of lack. Material things do often matter. Keep in mind that it is often the little things that are the most essential. Do you truly lack what you need to live, or are you feeling less that someone else or less than what you have told yourself you should be. Feelings of reference such as jealously and envy are true feelings, but they are mutable and can be changed to gratitude just by changing our frame of reference. How does your life compare the kings and queens of 500 years ago. How long did they live? What kind of medical treatment did they have available? What kinds of food did they have to eat. Where could they travel too? What percentage of their children survived to adulthood? Would you actually trade places with them if you had the chance? We are hierarchical creatures by nature and we can not change this. We can however, change our frame of reference and transform ourselves from the misery of unrelenting need and greed to being happy with what we have. Act. Go for what you want, carefully and with consideration. Allow yourself the free and full development of your thoughts and fantasies. If you have a fantasy, play it through in your mind. All the way through. With all of the implications of that action. Sometimes feeling something is the same as not doing it. Remember, your actions are to be judged. If your action might have negative repercussions, consider alternatives to carrying them out such as role playing or writing a story. Sometimes expressing a feeling or sharing a fantasy is the action. Become who you were designed to be. The process of allowing the full range of your feelings, safely expressing them, considering your frame of reference, and acting on your dreams, allows you to fully manifest your truth in way that is beautiful to others. When you share yourself in this way your bring meaning to your life and joy to others.