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  • Newsletter No. 59 - October 2014

    Festival of Lights at

    Tenby Schools Ipoh

    Tenby Schools Ipoh celebrated the Festival

    of Lights this year on Tuesday, 21 October

    2014 before the Deepavali break. The

    Deepavali Assembly was held at the school

    multi-purpose hall with the gathering of

    more than 1000 students and staff from

    both Tenby International School and

    Sekolah Tenby. The assembly started off

    with the lighting of lamps by Mr Howard

    Bullock, Mr Lee Harvey, Mr Neil Page,

    Mdm Soot and Mrs Puvanes and the event

    committee members. It was then followed

    with Deepavali themed dance performanc-

    es and a sketch by students from both

    schools. The assembly ended around

    9.30am with a fashion parade by the stu-

    dents adorned in their colourful traditional

    Indian costumes.

    More pictures inside >>>

    One of the Deepavali

    themed activities:

    Students of Sekolah

    Tenby with Ms Yulaga,

    drawing a kolam by

    using white and

    coloured rice powder.

    The masterpiece by students and teacher.

    Deepavali Assembly 2014

  • From the Campus Principal

    I would like to begin this weeks newsletter with details of our newly

    appointed SENCO (coordinator for Special Needs). After an extensive

    search and a very rigorous interview procedure, we have appointed Ms

    Deborah Jones to this key role. Deborah is currently SENCO at a large

    school in South Wales and in fact currently works in the same town that

    brought us Mr. Harvey and Mr. Page! Her role will cover the entire campus

    including IISEYC and she brings with her over twenty years experience as

    a SENCO. Deborah is very excited about her move to Ipoh and is already

    booking her ticket to fly here. We look forward to welcoming her to our school at the begin-

    ning of next term.

    In our last letter I wrote about the next meeting of the committee of the Parents Association.

    I am pleased to announce that this will take place on Wednesday 12th November. Please do

    feel free to forward any items for our agenda either through a committee member or by email

    to [email protected] . The minutes of the meeting will be available to parents after-

    wards and I will also write a summary of our discussions in the newsletter following the meet-


    This week saw the termly meeting of the School Board of Tenby Schools, Ipoh. The meeting

    was chaired by Mr Alister Bartholomew, CEO of Tenby Educare, and representatives of our

    corporate team as well as our two parent representatives were in attendance. A lot of very

    useful ground was covered, not least in terms of our short and medium term development.

    Year 5 have had a busy week with a trip to Kuala Lumpur to visit the Planetarium as well as

    preparing for their class assembly which takes place today. Meanwhile our Early Years

    students have been very excited in getting ready for their special assembly in line with the

    theme of different culture which they have been covering in their class studies.

    The Meru Campus came together on Tuesday 21st October for our celebration of Deepavali.

    There were a number of exciting performances from all sections of the school and I thank

    Ms. Mangales and her team for all of the hard work that went into preparing for the day.

    IISEYC also held a very exciting Deepavali assembly with an excellent drama performed by

    their teachers. Preparations are now underway for our Christmas assemblies.

    With best wishes for a pleasant weekend.

    Howard Bullock.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Message from the Head of International Secondary

    I hope that all members of our community enjoyed their 3 days off school

    last week, taking the time to rest and have some down time. For all those

    people who participated in Deepavali celebrations, I similarly hope that it

    was a blessed time.

    At TIS Secondary, we ae proud of the innovations we are implementing to

    positively promote a greater degree of school home communication. The

    daily online access by Parents to being able to review their childrens progress and attain-

    ment is now possible through Class Dojo. This was a scheme piloted and driven by Miss

    Nikki Sullivan, and is something due to its success, we are wheeling out right across Years

    7 11. Letters have gone home in this regard, and there is additional guidance on access

    via this newsletter. Many thanks to Miss Nikki for this new facility, and I hope that the

    response from parents is suitably positive.

    In response to last years perceived criticisms of our limits on the frequency of off-site trips,

    I am proud to report that on top of our Tioman Island KS3 Humanities Trip, we also have

    on offer a London Arts Trip, and a Camps International Trip to Laos. Trips can only run

    with positive levels of participation, and by the willingness of teachers to give up their time

    to organise and run such opportunities.

    With just a little over 5 weeks of school remaining until the end of Term 1 Christmas vaca-

    tion, I am keen to see students striving to achieve their respective academic goals right

    across the curriculum. It will be only a short while after we return when reports will be sent

    out and Parent-teacher conferences will be undertaken.

    Neil Page

  • Message from the Head of International Primary

    International Primary IPC Update

    We would like to inform you that the school has created our own IPC website.

    You can access it by going to http://ipcattis.wix.com/ipcattis, or by going to the

    Tenby Schools, Ipoh website and clicking on the tab IPC. The website will

    give you information on the philosophy, structure and outcomes of the IPC. It

    also gives you information on the IPC units your child/ward is learning from,

    and what they will be studying in each unit. Circulars and documents on the

    IPC will be included in the download section of our school IPC website.

    Following the IPC presentation that was held on the 1st October, feedback from parents/

    guardians was that they would like to get more involved in their child/wards learning. To help

    you do this, we have created IPC Home Learning folders.

    A home learning circular was sent to all parents/guardians of year 1 to 6 students on the 13th

    October. The circular explained how the KWHL grids work, how parents/guardians would

    have questions to guide learning conversations with their child/ward, and how often you

    should have these learning conversations. If the circular has been misplaced, you can find it

    in the downloads section on our schools IPC website (http://ipcattis.wix.com/ipcattis#!

    downloads/c1jjo) .

    These folders are an important way of supporting the learning of your child/ward, so I would

    greatly appreciate it if you can get involved. The folders will be looked at by class teachers,

    during Knowledge Harvests and Exit Points, to check the learning of your child/ward, and to

    adjust planning to ensure IPC lessons are covering the needs of each learner.

    You can also insert into the folders any research tasks that you have done at home with your

    child/ward to help them further their knowledge, skills and understanding of the topic.

    If you have any further questions about the IPC Home Learning folders, please send an e-

    mail to Mr Andrew Hamilton at [email protected]

    Lee Harvey

    http://ipcattis.wix.com/ipcattishttp://ipcattis.wix.com/ipcattis#!downloads/c1jjohttp://ipcattis.wix.com/ipcattis#!downloads/c1jjomailto:[email protected]

  • Message from the Head of Sekolah Tenby

    Next week, Sekolah Tenby students, both primary and secondary, will

    be sitting the End of Year Examination. On Monday, 3 November, the

    SPM starts for SM 5 students. The teachers and I would like to wish

    our students all the best in this coming exam and pray that they enter

    the exam hall with clarity of mind and the ability to recall all that they

    have learned over the years and to apply the skills that they have

    been taught to give the best answers they can for every subject they

    are sitting.

    SR6 and SM 3 teachers are organizing some happening activities for these stu-

    dents who have recently completed their UPSR and PT3 respectively. There will be

    group activities and I am sure great things will happen when students team up and

    work together towards a common goal. These activities are great opportunities for

    our students to pick up leadership and organisation skills as they get involved in the

    planning and executing their plans. The highlight for SR 6 will be the Graduation

    Night on 21 November. This is the first time we have organized this event and we

    are working very hard to make it a night to remember for our 12 year-olds before they

    move up to secondary school next year. Entitled Shine like a Star, our SR 6 are

    all ready to dazzle us with their creativity and talent!

    Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

    Madam Soot MC

  • Message from the Head of IIS Early Years Centre

    We may have had only 2 days of schooling last week but the staff and

    children had a great time ending the days with Deepavali Celebration and

    classroom activities.

    Deepavali Celebration 20th

    October 2014

    The staf

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