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  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3




    Miniature ReviewsCarnage Benny and the Orb 2Assassin Hack the Barbarian 4Fading Suns Known Worlders 5VOID VASA Knights & Major Kali 7

    Larry Leadhead 7

    Battle Report- Warhammer Fantasy

    Dwarves vs. Empire 9

    FictionVOID 21

    Game ReviewsClose Action 25Cry H.A.V.I.C. 27

    Slave PitChronopia Dwarf Wolf Totem 29

    Battle Report- ConfrontationGriffons vs. Barbarians vs. Goblins 34


    New Wave Entertainment IFCI-Kore 5Great Canadian Miniatures 8Great Canadian Miniatures 19I-Kore 20New Wave Entertainment 33


    Greetings everyone! Here we are for the fourthissue of Fictional Reality. Wow, what a difference afew months make. It looks like Warzone andChronopia are back through Excelsior( Personally, I hope that meansthat Empire Chronopia will see the light of day. Iwas in on the play testing of Empire Chronopia andliked it a bunch.

    On the other hand, FASA has decided to close upshop. Battletech fans should be glad thatWhizKids, producers of Mage Knight, picked up

    that game. VOR has returned to the designer andwill hopefully find a new home soon. As of right noI have not heard if Crucible has been picked up yet.I have no doubt that devoted players will continueto play it just like all of us Warzone and Chronopiafans have kept up with those games.

    In this issue youll find a plethora (Anyoneremember the plethora lines from Three Amigos?)of miniature reviews, two game reviews and twobattle reports. Youll also get to read a stylizedaccount of a VOID battle and see a very niceconversion over in the Slave Pit.

    As always, I hope you enjoy this issue and please

    feel free to drop me a line with any suggestionsabout future articles, battle reports, etc

    Also, the amazing cover for this issue was createdby Jim Callahan. Jim is a huge fan of Confrontationand a wonderful artist to boot! This picture wasinspired by last issues battle report where myBarbarians laid the smack down on MichaelsUndead. I would highly recommend that anyoneneeding some artwork done contact Jim [email protected]


    Mark [email protected]

    Fictional RealityFictional RealityFictional RealityFictional Reality

    Just like in every issue, I make no claims whatsoever tothe material of any company. If you own it, then youown it. I only make reference to it here in text or picturesto enhance guess what, your product. Which is owned by

    you by the way.
  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3




    Ok everyone, strap in for an extended miniaturereviewand away we go!

    First up on the block are The Orb of Power andBenny the Bouncer for the fantasy wargame

    by Holistic Design. Since this boxedset comes with two models Ill go over eachindividually.

    Benny the Bouncer is a Giant that comes out to

    beat the heck out of the miniatures of unrulyplayers. Benny comes as a single piece miniaturethat stands 2 inches from the bottom of thebase to the tip of the spikes on his club. Moldlines wereinsignificant atworst, except fora web of metalthat formed inthe cavity wherehis left arm isbent. This wasvery thin and

    was cleaned uprather quicklyand withoutmuch effort.There were littlebits of flash hereand there, but

    overall a very clean figure. Benny carries a rathermenacing spiked club and is making a fist with hisright hand, ready to pop someone on the head.Hes wearing a scale-mail shirt that is covered bya sleeveless jacket. His ragged pants arepatched and stitched together and he has ahuman-sized shield over one of his knees. Hesalso wearing a bandanna tied around his neck(probably someones tent) and he has a huge beltbuckle. Id have liked it to have been a TexasLonghorn, but nobody asked me. His basesupports him nicely and he is centered on it ratherwell. Im going to drop him onto a 40mm square

    base, but thats really only my preference. Helldo perfectly well the way he comes.

    His facial detailis particularlynice. He looksjust a bitperturbed andready to smacksome poor saparound a bit.To the right youcan see Bennypainted up bythe guys atHolistic-Design.

    When compared to other giants Benny sizes uppretty well. He stands a bit taller than theDungeons and Dragons Hill Giant and his club isjust a hair shorter than that of the D&D Ettin.Hes about half the size of the quite old MarauderGiant that GW stopped producing years ago,pictured below.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    Benny is a very nice figure, especially for a singlepiece model. Quite a few models of this size aremulti-piece figures, which usually allows for amore animated figure. Benny looks plenty goodas he is.

    The second part to this box set is the Orb of

    Power. If you play of read myreview of the game youll know that the Orb ofPower tools around the battlefield aboard his littlechariot and wreaks all kinds of havoc. Sometimegood, sometimes bad, but always interesting.

    The orb and chariot come as a multi-piece modelas can be seen below. The Orb, two large birdsto pull the chariot, two wheels and the structure ofthe chariot itself are included.

    It went together very easily and, like Benny, there

    was very minimal flash and I found noimperfections. If you look at the picture of thepainted model you can see that the birds are tiedto the structure of the chariot. Most of the chariotis sculpted to look like wood, but there are twolarge ropes that have been sculpted on at thefront. Youll need to carefully bend these throughthe holes that you can see on the birds. Theholes are attached to collars around their necks.Do this after painting the chariot and the birdsseparately and you will probably need just a tinybit of touch-up work. You will be making a singlepass through the hoop and then just wrap the

    remaining rope back around itself. Just take yourtime and be patient and it should come out fine.

    The birds come on their own bases as you cansee above. I would suggest putting the wholething on a larger base. Rather conveniently, thereis one in the box along with all of the pieces.

    If you are a player then I candefinitely recommend this set for you. In additionto the figures, it also comes with a new chart forOrb of Power effects with sixty nasty, and nice,things that can happen to players.

    At $39.95 it might be a bit of a budget stretch for if

    youre not a player, but there arestill some very good uses for the models. Bennymakes a very nice giant for any fantasy game andcould also double as an Ogre Chieftain or possiblyeven an Ogre player character in the new editionof Dungeons and Dragons. If I were using thechariot in another game I would ditch the orb,which could easily find a place in a diorama, anddrop a single goblin archer or spearman in theseat.

    Overall, a ver nice set with uite a few uses.

    Killer Flamingoes

    Holistic Design

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    Now well hop across the ocean, except for thoseof you living there already, and take a closer lookat a massive barbarian by

    If you live in Germany youre probably alreadyaware or, if not familiar with, Assassin miniatures.They are a very small operation that cranks outusually no more than several hundred of anygiven miniature. You can order direct from theirsite at or you can go throughtheir exclusive North American distributor NewWave at Either way,I would suggest moving quickly if you want any ofthe figs as their limited casting runs could lead tothem becoming very hard to find.

    When you compare Hack the Barbarian to otherman-sized figures Hack simply towers over them.Id say he would come in at around 7 feet tall.

    Hes carrying a sword that he must have taken offof an Ogre because the sword itself is easilylarger than a normal man.

    Larger than anormal man,not a normalmans sword,its way biggerthan anynormal oreven two-handed sword.

    As you cansee, he iscarrying it

    one-handed. His other arm is at his side, or asclose as he can possibly get it to his side withmuscles bulging out like some kind of steroid

    monster. I think that raising his free hand in theair or maybe carrying another, smaller, swordmight have looked less awkward.

    Mold lineswere visible,

    but they weresmootheddown withouttoo mucheffort. Hackcomes with ametal slotta-base ratherthan a typicalplastic one. Itis textured abit, but I did have to snip off a bit of Hacks tab toget him to fit on the base properly. Hack iswearing a dinky little loincloth, surely hiding theeffects of years of steroid abuse. Headband,armbands, and boots round out his wardrobe.Other than that hes there for the world to seeand to say that he is massive is anunderstatement. He is friggin huge! OK, maybehes even cartoonishly big, but how much of thegames we play are really rooted in the real world.Hes a big bad-ass and I like him.

    Of the two copies of Hack that I got one had partof his sword not form correctly. This left a little bitjust above his hand missing. You can see this inthe painted photo above.

    I can think of lots of uses for this figure. He wouldbe equally at home in a Mordheim warband orcrawling through a dungeon in Heroquest. I planon using him as a leader of a Sons of Kronoswarband in Chronopia, but he would also servewell as a barbarian player character in Dungeonsand Dragons.

    This miniature was on my must-have list until Igot him. At $4.49 each and with a limitedproduction run you better place your ordersquickly!

    As a side note, or warning, whichever you like,some of the Assassin figures have more of agrown-up feel to them. Basically, that means thatquite a few female figures minus their shirts.
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    Hawkwood NobleA nice-looking figure that couldeasily double for a Warhammer40K preacher or he could even fitinto a command group nicely withsome other non-GW figs to roundit out.

    Decados NobleOne scary looking, rather largeand underdressed male with somekind of fetish. I could possibly seehim as a Necromutant in a DarkLegion army in Warzone or maybea gang leader in Necromunda.

    PriestA good looking figure and paintjob. This priest is holding areligious symbol in his right hand.Could easily double for a preacherin Warhammer 40K.

    Brother Battle (Male)This guy is wearing power armorand is armed with a pistol andsword. The pose is a little bit flat,but he could fill in as a sgt for asquad of marines or even non-power armor troops. He could alsobe used without any trouble as aminor hero.

    Were going to jump back to the guys at Holistic Design

    for a few to take a look at a new boxed set of pre-painted miniatures that they have put together. TheKnown Worlders box set comes with ten pre-paintedminiatures for use in the Fading Suns RPG world, alsoproduced by Holistic Design for you Sci-Fi RPG fansout there. For anyone that plays or is familiar with theFading Suns setting the use of these figures will be self-evident. Since this is a miniatures magazine Ill go overa description of each figure and how it could be used ina more traditional table-top game sense. As apreamble to going over each figure Ill let you knowabout the paint jobs for the entire set. All of the figurescome with square slotta-bases, which youll have toglue them down to and flock. The minis were firstprimered white and then painted. I can honestly say

    that these are all good paint jobs, not a single blah inthe lot. They are not Eavy Metal or museum qualitypaint jobs, but they are also not pre-painted like MageKnight figures. They all have detail work and none ofthem just had a coat of paint slapped on them so theycould be sold as painted.

    Here we go with a one-by-one look at all of the figs inthe set and how they could be used outside of theFading Suns universe.

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    Adventurer (Female)This little lady could easily be usedas a Necromunda gang member,possibly a Covert-Ops Specialist inWarzone or maybe even anAssassin in Warhammer 40K. Lotsof possibilities here.

    MercenaryAnother guy in power armor, but heis carrying more of a blaster-typegun rather than a pistol. Heswould be easily usable as a squadleader, a single mid-level hero, atech-ganger, or even a security/lawenforcement figure.

    VoroxA big, well larger than man-sizedanyway, blue alien that is carrying

    a sword and rather large shotgun-looking projectile weapon. Hisuses are a bit harder to nail down.I could mix him into one of myWarzone Dark Legion armies as aNepharite without it being too muchof a stretch.

    Battle Brother (Female)Wouldnt she be a Battle Sister? Afemale adventurer with a largesword. The pose is kind of flat thatdoesnt depict too much action.Maybe shes just bored. Female

    ganger, maybe a member of someplanetary militia.

    Charioteer (Female)Out of the bunch of ten Id have tosay that this is my least favoritemodel. Probably because of thepaint job more than anything else.Her flesh is made up of two verydrastically different colors. Not

    sure if its supposed to be like thatas part of the game background,but it just didnt look too good tome. As with some other models inthe set she could easily step into aNecromunda gang.

    Vau MandarinThis alien is taller than a normalmodel and looks like he might beconcentrating on some kind ofmental power. I would have noproblem using him as a Nepharitein Warzone, probably for


    Overall, I was very surprised at the quality of the paintjobs on these figs. I half-believe that they have somesweatshop in China cranking out painted figures. Ifyou are a Fading Suns player then the $39.95 price taggets you ten figures ready for use in your campaign.Other, more tabletop wargame players might need tolook a little harder to find a use for each and everyfigure in the set.

    Overall, Id have to say that this is a good set that is anexcellent value for Fading Suns players, but one thatcan also offer players of other games some nice, non-

    standard figures. You can check out these figs andother related products at

    For this issue the guys at I-Kore sent me one ofeach of the new VASA Knights to review. Since

    this is a review of the figs themselves I wontconcern you with their roles in a VASA army, butthey are all character models with special abilities.First up, we have the Knight of the Fury. He canbe seen in the picture to the right. He is wearingthe same power armor as the Black Legion, minusthe helmet. The facial detail is very nice, but I

    think he would havelooked better eitherwith a full head of hairor completely bald.Hes in a pose thatlooks like he waswalking along andthen someone yelledsome derogatory

    remark in his directionso now hes turningaround to go kick theirass. Hes carrying a

    pistol and Ion Lance so definitely a close quarterskind of guy. There was a bit of flash on the IonLance, but no visible mold lines. He also has a

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    Void archangels review


    back banner that just screams shoot me!.Overall, I like this fig, but Im going to try andconvert him to be facing forward like hes runningstraight at someone.

    Next up is the Knight of the

    Spirit. This is a femalecharacter (duh!) that looks tobe concentrating on some kindof mental power. She isarmed with a pistol and has aneyepiece or implant (not thosekind!) over her left eye. She iswearing carapace-type armor.Her facial features are OK, butnot quite as nice as theprevious Knight. There wasalmost no flash at all on the

    model and just the smallest hint of a mold line.

    The last knight is the Knight of the Balance.Probably named that because he looks to be ableto handle himself in close combat and at range.He looks to be wearing carapace armor under alarge trench coat. He is standing in a combatstance with one sword slashing back, and to theleftback, and to the left (JFK movie flashbackthere). Hes also wearing an armored mask thatleaves the back of his head exposed. Make sureno snipers get behind him, I guess. He also has arather large rifle that goes across the back of his

    Coat. The pose isnicely animated, andas with the othersthere was very littleflash that cleaned upquickly.

    Last in the batch wasMajor Kali, anotherVASA character, butnot a Knight. She iswearing no armor and is even showing off a bit ofher flat belly. Her hair is tied back into twoponytails and she is wearing a small hat. On herleft side she has a scabbard for a large combatblade while we find a big chain gun. The gun issupported by a length of chain that goes over hershoulder, but she appears to be supporting most

    of the weight herself.About the same amount offlash on her as with theothers and a tiny bit moreof a mold line, but nothingon any of them that was aproblem. Of all of them Ilike Kali the best and thenthe Knight of the Furynext. Im not crazy about

    his pose, but as I said Ill be trying to rotate himforward. Ill let you know next issue if that wentwell or if its best to leave him be.

    [How many of us can relate to this? Mark]


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  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    Our first battle report for this issue will feature a fightbetween the Dwarves and The Empire using the 6


    edition rules of Warhammer. Before getting to thebattle itself Ill give you a little of my backgroundregarding Warhammer. The last time I actually playedWarhammer was way back when the game came as asingle hardback book. This was back around 1987-88,right around when Warhammer 40K Rogue Tradercame out. I picked up the boxed set that came next(plastic elves and goblins as I recall), but never reallygot into that version of the game. I completely, and

    deliberately, overlooked the next boxed edition of thegame (plastic brettonians and lizardmen) as I didntwant to play Character-Hammer. So, Christmas rollsaround in 2000 and not only do I have toy money tospend, but I also find that one of our local hobby shopsis offering the newest incarnation of Warhammer at aholiday discount. I figure, what the heck, if I dont like itI can always part it out on eBay and recoup at leastwhat I spent on it. Lo and behold.I like it, and myname isnt even Mikey! Im still not thrilled on the turnsequence (all of my stuff then all of your stuff), but I canlive with it. Ok, so I like the game but I still dont knowwhat army to play. I have committed to purchasing andplaying a single army. Well see how long that lasts, butfor now Ive stuck to it. I started out looking at a

    Beastman army and if I succumb to building two armiesIll go with them, but they just seemed kind of costprohibitive at this stage of my new-found fondness forWarhammer. My second choice, and the one I stuckwith, was The Empire. But with a twist. Instead ofregular Empire troops I decided to build my armyaround Swordsmen, well actually Sisters of Sigmarused in the place of Swordsmen. Additionally, I decidedthat the good Sisters would be cut off from most helpthat the Empire itself could offer and they would have torely on their parishioners to help them against anyaggressors. This meant no cavalry, and lots of cheap,dirty, smellyyou get the ideatroops.

    Free Companies would make up another large part, in

    numbers, of my army. Going on theSisters/Convent/Religious theme I had to takeFlagellants too. So now I have my theme in mind, timeto get ready to fight.

    Chris and I decided on a 1500 point game. This wouldrule out a Lord character, which would have been

    Bertha Braustfrung, but so be it. To start off with I tooka Swordsmen regiment (Sisters of Sigmar) made up 20Sisters, including a Sergeant, Standard Bearer andMusician. I also added two detachments; a 10 manCrossbowmen unit and a 10 man unit of Spearmen. Mysecond purchase was another parent unit of 20 Sistersalong with a 10 man Archer unit and 10 man Spearmenunit as detachments. To round out my rabble I took two16 man strong units of Free Companies, each with aSergeant, Standard Bearer and Musician. My fanaticelement was made up of a 16 man unit of Flagellants,

    including a Prophet of Doom to lead them. OK, so nowI have a ton of not really great guys. I do needsomething to add some punch. I decided to go with twoGreat Cannons and crew. These are kept in themonastery under lock and key unless something reallyhits the fan. For characters I decided to try to keep withmy overall theme. I took a Warrior Monk as myGeneral. She would be wearing Armour of MeteoricIron and is armed with an additional hand weapon, twowarhammers. I also took a Master Engineer with aHochland Long Rifle to help out with the crew of thecannons that get such little use. Lastly, I picked up aBattle Wizard. More out of just a feeling that I reallyshould have a spellcaster on my side of the board.

    So now I have a ton of guys with only the Flagellantsbeing the only thing close to an elite unit. But on theother hand, I do have a ton of guys. Quantity overquality. Not my usual preference, but its what Ivedecided to stick with.

    Chris pearl of wisdom for todayDwarfs, becauseHumans are Just Too Damn Tall

    When given the chance to dust off one of my oldWarhammer Fantasy armies I jumped at the chance.The only question was which one: Empire or Dwarfs.Well I had a greater selection of dwarfs painted up, andMark would be playing his empire so the choice waseasy, here come the dwarfs! The new army book was

    out and boy did they look neat. Points wise they areonly a little more expensive than a regular human, andeven my basic trooper has one point higher weaponskill and toughness. I was hoping to rely on this and notthe glittering temptations that fill the elite choices. Wellto start off I had to have a battle plan. (Note: I amnotorious for making army lists at times when I only

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    UNIT Number M WS BS S T W I A LD Cost

    Swordsmen 20 4 4 3 3 3 1 4 1 7 155MusicianStandard Bearer

    Crossbowmen 10 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 80Spearmen 10 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 60

    Swordsmen 20 4 4 3 3 3 1 4 1 7 155MusicianStandard Bearer

    Archers 10 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 80Spearmen 10 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 60

    Free Company 16 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 105Sergeant 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 7

    MusicianStandard Bearer

    Free Company 16 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 105Sergeant 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 7MusicianStandard Bearer

    Flagellants 16 4 2 2 3 4 1 3 2 10 188Prophet of Doom 4 2 2 3 4 1 3 3 10

    Great Cannon 1 100

    Great Cannon 1 100

    Master Engineer 1 4 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 7 77Hochland Long RifleLight Armor

    Warrior Priest 1 4 4 3 4 4 2 4 2 8 103Armour of Meteoric Iron2ndWarhammer

    Battle Wizard 1 4 3 3 3 3 2 3 1 7 135Level 2 UpgradeDispel ScrollWizards Staff

    Games Workshop

    190 points. ONLY 190 points, well that just smacks ofwanting a 50 point runic standard, the Rune ofSlowness. To protect this short steamroller of death I

    chose the one unit that will not run away: DwarfSlayers. These little guys will gladly die to protect theircomrades flank. They are unbreakable, have two handweapons, and will fight to the very last dwarf. 150points bought me twelve and a musician and standard.Now was time to buy my heroes. A dwarf thane would

    have the army book. In this case my class was takingone of Texass many standardized tests, and instead ofreading a book and watching my students, I crunched

    numbers and watched them try their hardest. A lot likedwarfs reallysmall, determined, and never gave up!!)I did not give them shields because they are armed withgreat weapons and would not be able to use them inhand to hand. So we come to their price, 16 dwarfs, thegatekeeper, the standard, and the musician come to

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    be leading my army form the security of the hammerers.Dwarf characters get real expensive real fast. Thethane was 55 points, and I decked him out with theMaster Rune of Gromril (25 points) giving him a 1+armour save. Survivability is what I look for in adwarven general. A mere 10-point Rune of Strikinggave him a +1 weapon skill and the Rune of Speed

    made his initiative on par with men. His weapon skillwas now inflated to the point that weapons skill 3creatures need a five or six to hit him. Man, this guy isnot going anywhere, unless of course his squad does.The greatest weakness of the dwarfs has to be the lackof magic. To counter this I took a Runesmith. Theseare not cheap. A naked one costs 70 points. For eightpoints I gave him gromril armour (4+ save), and 2 more

    Games Workshop

    UNIT Number M WS BS S T W I A LD Cost

    Warriors 16 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 155

    MusicianStandard BearerVeteran

    Crossbowmen 14 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 166Standard Bearer

    Thunderers 14 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 229MusicianVeteran

    Slayers 12 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 10 180MusicianStandard BearerGiant Slayers 2 3 5 3 4 4 1 3 2 10

    Hammerers 16 3 5 3 4 4 1 2 1 9StandardMusicianGatekeeper 3 5 3 4 4 1 2 2 9Rune of Slowness

    Small Cannon 1 135Rune of Forging

    Flame Cannon 1 140

    Thane 1 3 6 4 4 4 2 3 3 9 97Light ArmorRune of GromrilRune of StrikingRune of Speed

    Runesmith 1 3 5 4 4 4 2 2 2 9 155Gromril ArmorShieldRune of StoneMaster Rune of BalanceRune of Cleaving

    points supplies a shield. He gets a higher point allowancefor runic items and I plan to use this to my advantage.(Note: Of course he can take more. For the sake of Petehe makes the stupid things.

    I decided that the foot troops would advance up thecenter with missile and cannon fire shooting from the

    flanks. Well to start off my miniature choices for missiletroops is a little restrictive, so I made it simpleI tookALL of my crossbowmen and thunderers. Thirteencrossbowmen with a standard started me off with 166points spent. With their 30 range I was hoping to deploythem where if I won first turn I could shoot things even inmy opponents deployment zone. Twelve thunderers witha champion and a musician would take care of things up

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    close. They receive a +1 to hit at short-range meaning Ihit the average man on a 3+ and wound on a 3+. Theywerent cheap though, but I feel they were worth every225 points they cost. Now for my brave core troops thatwould trundle their way across the killing zone to bringdeath to the enemy. To start this shopping adventure offI chose 16 dwarf warriors all decked out with achampion, standard, and musician. No use buyingtwelve, go for the full 16 when selecting these units.

    This squad was a mere 169 points. Boy this really doesmake those thunderers look expensive. To truly anchorthe center I added a 16-man unit of hammerers. Theseguys are rock hard!!! If you add the army general to theunit they become stubborn. Honestly I wasnt sure whatthat means, but it sounded way cool.

    I can see it now, What do you mean I have to leave itbehind just because the Thane doesnt want to be outdone!! Fine, see if he gets anymore fine armour fromme and my lads!!!) I took the master Rune of Balanceto help in the magic phase. I takes a power dice awayfrom the opponents pool and places it in my dispel pool.What a bargain at 50 points. For 20 more points I canincrease his strength by one with the Rune of Cleaving.

    Well I totaled everything up and discovered that I had300 points left to spend. I decided it was time for thebig gunsthe really big guns. A cannon with the Runeof Forging soaked up 135 points. That Rune of Forgingis a must. The Flame cannon is one of my favoriteminiatures (The old style one, of course.) and has someof the most fun rules. There went another 140 points.

    Left over points allowed me to buy 2 giant slayers formy slayer squad to give them a little more punch whenthey reach hand to hand.

    And awaaaaaay we go!

    Looking at the deployment map above youll see that Ihave Chris outnumbered in units and a quick look backat the army rosters youll see that I also have a

    significant numbers advantage in terms of guys on thefield. Of course, loads of my guys are pretty frigginweak.

    Before the game itself even starts I think to myself that Ihave already screwed up in my deployment. Ivebunched too much stuff too close together and have leftmyself little maneuvering room. Going from left to right my battle line consists of theFlagellants behind a Free Company, a Swordsmenparent unit with a Spearmen detachment in front ofthem and a detachment of Crossbowmen behind them.Why are they behind them, because Im a moron thatswhy!My other Swordsmen (Sisters of Sigmar) parent unit is

    flanked by Archer and Spearmen detachments. MyBattle Wizard lurks behind the second group of Sisters.My Great Cannons are positioned up on some hills.They are probably one of the few good startingpositions that I have dropped down. My last FreeCompany is off to the right of the cannons.


  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    be invented by some drunken (duh!) dwarf that hadnothing but beans and broccoli to eat for days and whojust happened to have a torch handy

    In an attempt to counter my rather pathetic deploymentI try to shift one of my swordsmen units along, with theirdetachments, more towards the center of the board.Both Free Companies and the Flagellants surgeforward to start the dwarf tossing.

    My archers open up on the Thunderers and despiteneeding 6s to hit they manage to wound and kill one ofthe little guys. One of the great cannons hurls forth acannon ball at the Slayers and pounds two of them intothe ground. The Dwarf Warriors get nailed by the othercannon and see three of their mates get bowled overlike pins. Just for good measure the Master Engineertakes aim and puts a round into the Standard Bearer ofthe Slayers, dropping him in mid-step. Unfortunately, orvery characteristically if you ask Chris, the Slayers dontpanic.

    Chris won the roll to go first and promptly shifts each ofhis infantry units, the Hammerers, Dwarf Warriors andSlayer, over a bit to try and reduce the effect of adiagonal cannon shot through his ranks. The

    Thunderers come down from the hill.

    The Dwarven Crossbowmen take shots at my GreatCannons. Nine shots pour into the area. Fourcrossbow bolts manage to fly true, but all hit a heavilyarmored cannon. Quite luckily, a single wound iscaused to one of the cannons. The small dwarvencannon (Theres certainly a good pun that would fit hereabout small dwarven cannons, but Ill pass) takes aim atone of my Spearmen detachments, but the bouncingball plows into two crossbowmen standing behind themkilling one of them. The flame cannon lines up its targetand misfires! Oh, a break of luck right off the bat. Iwish for something truly catastrophic but Ill gladly livewith the result that comes up. The flame cannoncannot fire this round or next. OK, I gotta take a swipeat the dwarves. You know that the flame cannon had to

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    Turn two starts off with Chris giving the order to haltacross his entire line of troops. The stunties decide tohold their ground and wait for me.

    The small cannon erupts again, this time killing three

    swordsmen. The Thunderers level their hand guns andopen fire into the Free Company that is advancing uponthem. Six of the rabble are killed and the rest panic,turn tail, and run. The Dwarven Crossbowmen shoot ata detachment of Spearmen and drop two of them.

    With one group of Free Company running away, myCrossbowmen decide to wet their pants and runcompletely off of the field of battle. To keep fromcursing too much Ill be glad that the Archers andSpearmen that were close to them decided to stay inthe fight.

    I try to even up the rest of my forces and start to makemy push down across the board.

    Two more Slayers get pounded into jelly by one of mycannons and the other comes up short when DwarfWarriors. Shooting at dwarves, came up short, get it?!?My crossbowmen just took off, I have to do somethingto cheer myself up.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    My crispy swordsmen rally and my Flagellants,Spearmen, and one Free Company close in on thedwarves. Everything else behind them is still in kind ofa mess after the flame cannon made me respect firelike a caveman with a burning loincloth.

    I have to put a hurt on Chris flame cannon, but it wontcome this turn. One of my cannons tries, but misfires(and me having degenerated into a complete doofushad declared that my Master Engineer would fire hisown weapon this turn instead of helping out the crew)and cannot fire this turn. The other cannon fires at thedwarven warriors and they stand around calling eachother names as the cannon ball sails over the dwarves.Of course, the Master Engineer that should have beentending to the crew misses the shot that he takes.

    Being very spooked by the effectiveness of the flamecannon the archers take shots at it and watch theirarrows just plink off of it.

    Chris orders his Hammerers and Dwarven Warriors toadvance towards the humans. Other than that, the restof the dwarves hold still.

    The flame cannon, oh crap, belches forth a terriblecloud of smoke and flame at the leading unit ofswordsmen. Seven of them fall, or run aroundscreaming while they burn to death, and the rest panic.OK, I cant blame them. If I just saw the guy standingnext to me catch fire and melt I would haul ass too. Butthose pansy crossbowmen, I must beat some senseinto them! Chris cannon misfires when trying to hit theFlagellants, but he has a rune that allows a re-roll. Theresulting shot sails over the fanatics and slams into theFree Company behind them, killing three. Thecrossbowmen fire at the advancing Free Company and

    kill two. To end Chriss fire for this turn his Thundererskill three of the Flagellants. They are too caught up inthe upcoming end of the world to care so they just keepon coming.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    Hammerers have which causes the Swordsmen tofall short of their target. I cast Portent of Far onthe Free Company that just charged theCrossbowmen. My cannons roar, well sort of, asone of them misfires (out of commission for thisturn) and the other destroys the Flame Cannonand kills three dwarven crew. My archers let fly at

    the Hammerers, that I should have been in frickinHTH with, and manage to kill two of them. Thecombat between the Free Company and theCrossbowmen is a disaster. I kill one dwarf andthree militiamen bite the dust. Oh, did I forget tomention that they run like hell too?!? TheCrossbowmen are able to restrain themselvesfrom pursuing. The leftover Spearmen / Slayerfight results in one dead dwarf, while theFlagellants tear through the Handgunners andoverrun those that are fleeing and make contactwith the remaining artillery crew. In a showing oftrue army loyalty, well as much as can be

    expected today, my Wizard breaks back towardsmy deployment zone, but my Swordsmen are OK.Oh does it ever suck to suck!

    Chris Slayers charge into a group of Spearmenwhile his Warriors and Hammerers move up a bitand shift over. The Flame Cannon toasts sixarchers, but they decide not to run away in apanic. The small cannon tosses a bowling ball atthe other group of swordsmen and manages to killone of them. The Handgunners shoot at the

    approaching Flagellants and manage to kill threeof them. Recognizing that the death of theircomrades is simply the will of Sigmar they standtheir ground. To end his missile fire the DwarvenCrossbowmen open up on the Free Company thatis approaching. A massive volley of shots hitseight of them and kills five. Like the archers theFree Company stays in the fight. In the HTHphase the Slayers just unload on the Spearmen.The entire front rank is wiped out and the dwarvesdont take a single hit in retaliation. Amazingly,the surviving Spearmen stick around.

    Knowing that I have to put some heads to bed myFlagellants charge the Handgunners, the FreeCompany that just got shot up charges theCrossbowmen and a unit of Swordsmen chargesthe Hammerers. I look at Chris in disgust as hetells me about the Rune of Slowness that the

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    remaining Swordsmen and Spearmen and mySwordsmen are wiped out, but the Dwarf Warriorsend up losing the combat and panic. They try torun, but their stubby little legs just dont carry themfar enough. They are run down by the Spearmenwho now find themselves fighting the DwarvenCrossbowmen.

    Being a bit to close to the combat the DwarvenHammerers decide to panic and head back totheir deployment zone.

    The Slayers, Warriors and Crossbowmen initiatecharges against the pitiful lone Spearman that isstanding in front of them. He runs like, well, likelost of short, fat guys with axes are trying to killhim. The Slayers and Warriors re-direct into theSwordsmen and the Crossbowmen head into theFree Company, which runs even farther away.

    The Slayers and Warriors combine for six woundson the Swordsmen who panic, and flee, and arerun down.

    No shooting for Chris this turn as all of his creware either dead or tied up in combat with theFlagellants.

    On my turn my remaining viable Swordsmen andSpearmen charge into the Dwarven Warriors.

    My shooting phase results in less thanspectacular shooting. I have a cannonball land

    right on top of some poor dwarf. Making him verydead, but doing nothing else. My Archers takeaim at the Hammerers and manage to get threehits, but the one resulting wound is saved.

    The Dwarven Warriors fight it out with my

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    Had we gone another turn or two Im not reallysure what might have happened. My forces werein pretty sad shape, but Chris took his lumps also.

    I would expect that my Flagellants could havemoped up the artillery crew, well maybe not asthey just couldnt close the deal, but lets assumethat they could. They would then head into theHammerers. I have no doubt that Chris wouldsend his Slayer towards my cannons. They wouldprobably take apart whatever they ran into on theway there. My archers and his Crossbowmenwould likely trade shots and maybe, just maybe Icould maneuver the remnants of my FreeCompanies into either the Slayer or theCrossbowen.

    Oh, who am I kidding? My Flagellants wouldstrike out like the Bad News Bears and the rest ofmy guys would run to the hills.

    Happy with a draw? You betcha!


    Not a whole lot of action to call in the final turn ofthe game.

    The Slayers moved up and the Hammerersrallied. The fight between the Flagellants and theremaining crew proved fruitless. My Spearmenbreak and are overrun and destroyed by theCrossbowmen.

    I manage to cast Storm of Cronos. Four Slayersand 2 Crossbowmen are hit with a grand total ofone dead dwarf. My Archers fare just as well andmanage to kill a single Hammerer. My singlepiece of good news this turn comes when both ofmy cannons fire at the Hammerers. One shotgoes way long, that was not the good news, butthe other smacks into them. The shot kills threeof the stunties and sends them running in a panic.My Flagellants swing away in vain at the dwarvenartillery crew. Again, no hits worthy of talking

    about take place.

    And so it ended. After totaling up victory pointswe found that the game had actually ended in adraw. You have no idea how OK I am with thatresult.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    Chris Conclusion - It appears we fought to adraw. A very close fight to say the least. Mark

    was severely hampered by his initial deployment,and I was not courageous enough to get myhammerers into the mix. That being said I amvery happy overall with how my units did. Theweapon skill 4 and toughness 4 allowed units whoare not meant for hand to hand to win a combat oftwo. Lets recap each squad. The crossbowmenwere able to snip from afar and when they finallygot charge they broke the unit that charged them.I am very pleased with them on a point for pointbasis. The thunderers were devastating up close.They just ripped through whatever they shot at.Their problem was that they were eventually

    targeting a squad that would not break. Obviouslythey were not going to be able to kill them all.They made a valiant stand and died because of it.The flame cannon was a dream come true.Whoosh!!! There goes a squad. Whoosh!!!Another one. Wonderful mini. Excellent rules.The slayers proved much more powerful then theirnaked bodies appear. (Yes, I have one of the oldCitadel ones and he IS naked.) My Runesmithwas not anywhere near as strong as I expectedhim to be in hand to hand. Yes, he is an anti-wizard, but still he is a dwarf. The unit of warriorsgetting charged in the flank was bad. I should

    have charged in with my hammerers as theywould not have used any negative modifiers totheir leadership and would have stuck it out. Thiscost me a win. I need to be more decisive and putthe hammerers where they could actually dosome damage. With them not seeing hand tohand I effectively wasted 240 points of a squad.My general was also tooled up to be a hand tohand fighter, and he too did not make it. Played alittle differently this army would be a force to bereckoned with indeed. I look forward to playingmy dwarfs again. Maybe we can play a big siegegame or something of the sort. Good game andfun all around.

    Marks Musings I am unbelievably happy that Iwas able to pull out a draw. My deployment wasterribly, but it could have been disastrous. I wassurprised that Chris did not commit his dwarves


    earlier on in the game, but they could have beenoverwhelmed by the sheer number of troops I

    had, well, at the start anyway. The Flagellants didjust fine and I was pleased with the performanceof my artillery. Other than that I guess Ill staywith being happy that the battle resulted in a draw.I think that more experience with the army and thenew version of the rules will lead to a betteroutcome in future battles. Ill be sticking with thebasic concept of this army, but tweaking it a bit forthe future. There is no reason that they shouldhave taken the field without a Captain with a battlebanner. Choosing to not having a Lord choice, orplaying a larger game, may seem strange tosome, but I liked it just fine. OK, so I like the new

    version of Warhammer. The real question now iscan I stop myself from buying a second army? ABeastman army sounds very appealing..

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  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    Dawn came too early for the boys in EnforcerGrachus legion. The seasoned vet patted Rexunconsciously, and pointed at the far hill. Anenemy gun emplacement loomed over the lip,poised to fire into his convicts. The junkerslooked out over the far too open terrain, and saidsilent prayers as the first mortar shell howledthrough the air and impacted in the side of anearby hill. Mud and wet sod made soft soundsas it splattered against their battle shields.Against their good judgments, but with the ever-present threat of neural execution, they ploddedforward toward the oncoming Viridians.

    Sergeant OMalleys exo-suit puffed exhaust as heand his squad pumped across the field in mightyhydraulic strides. The squad made for somecover in a burnt out building, just as a giganticenemy Korvus assault walker stepped into theclear and volleyed into them. Chips of concreteand sparks plinked off of them, and OMalley

    ground his teeth against each other. In response,he waived to their own walker and it two-legged itbehind a group of convicts. With most of thewelding and repairs having been done byuntrained prisoners while in the field, GrachusKorvus looked like some rusted jigsaw puzzle as itstalked toward its less-scarred cousin. With aloud clanking, the gauss cannon on its chingradually started to spit into a group of advancingmarines. The lightly armored humans scatteredas soon as the first flechette round tore into one ofthem, spinning her like a top and ending her life ina spray of gore.

    Retaliation was swift. The Viridians had placed anassault platform behind a small cover of rocks,and the armored marines manning it yanked thetarp off and hopped into the firing chair. With afew minor adjustments and a crackling thump, thegauss cannon thrummed ammunition into the

    giant construct. Sharp rounds slammed into thepinion mount for its weapon, and light blue sparksshowered the ground.

    The group of convicts danced around the sparksfalling from the walker, and they showeredbuckshot at the gauss emplacement. The metalliccloud ripped up grass and sparked off of thedurable assault marine armor, but with little othereffect. The emplacements commander radioed tohis supporting unit in the bushes nearby.Seconds later, a group of highly trained assaultmarines took kneeling positions behind a fallentree, propping their gauss rifles on it for better aiminto the convicts. Rifle rounds sang outward, butseemed of little effect at this range against theirraised shields.

    With sadistic glee and chemically heightenedvalor, three pairs of suicidal penal bomberssprinted toward them, gripping their ripcords

    tightly as they ran. Behind them jogged one of theinfamous Enforcers, probably nearby to insurebravery and obedience. As they ran forward, asingle shot split the air and splattered brain andskull fragments all over one of the suicidebombers running mates. A headless corpse rosetwo or three feet into the air and backwards at theforce of the snipers bullet. A group of gruntmarines had popped out from behind the gunplatform and only had a decent enough shot forthe squads sharpshooter. Completely obliviousto his partners demise, the remaining suicidebomber continued to run toward the assault

    marines with reckless abandon.

    Across the battlefield, a dozen more convictsplodded forward under Grachus watchful eye.They saw the bobbing heads of the viridian scoutmounts over the wall, and fired a few shotssparingly into them. Having not actually even

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    scratching any of them, the scouts burst out frombehind the wall and galloped at breakneck speedstoward the convicts. Even with the sway of theirjungle lizards and the range closing so fast, thescouts rifles managed to bring down two of theshield bearers. This was much to Grachus

    disliking, but it added to his distemper. Hegrabbed the reins of his mount and kicked Rexdeep in the sides. Rex growled and snorted, butthen pushed toward the scouts in a powerfulcharge. Grachus lowered his blasters at them,steering Rex expertly with his knees, and rainedanti-matter death into them as he bellowed cursesand profanity. Two scouts died from blaster fire,and the other three managed to turn their mountsto face him as Rex smashed into them. Grachusplanted the barrel of one of his blasters in ascouts face before pulling the trigger, and Rexhad the throat of anothers lizard spilled out overthe grassy ground in seconds. The last remainingscout held on to his reins in terror, while thekicking and panicking mount planted a clawed footinto Grachus leg. He howled in pain as blood ranfrom the deep wound, but anger was easily morepowerful of a stimulant than pain, so he continuedto struggle against the last scout.

    The convicts watched as Grachus and Rex toreinto the scouts. Their sergeant ordered the volleyinto the fray, hoping to kill them both without toogreat of an explanation to the Warden Prime later.Just as they started to take aim, a great explosionerupted from within them and junker bodies and

    smoking shields were cast about. A secondmortar shell had found its mark, and brought thesquad of nine to a single pair of men in a splitsecond of flame and shrapnel. The two survivorslooked at each other, then looked at the very busyEnforcers around the battlefield, and spun on theirheels to leave. No one would ever even knowthey were gone, as far as they cared. Better torun a coward than die a brave man.

    The junker Korvus rattled off a few shots,surprisingly, from its damaged weapon. A singlegauss flechette toppled one of the three marines

    manning the gauss cannon platform, and theremaining two scurried to make up for the loss.Even without the help of their comrade, they stillmanaged to sheer off great gouts of armor andhydraulics from the enemy Korvus leg. It rockedas if it were to topple onto the convicts, butremained upright.

    The convicts pushed forward and split into twochains wrapping around a hedgerow. Just as theystarted to tire from jogging, a group of a halfdozen or so shock marines scythed their way outof some woods and barreled into them. Grapegunfire filled the air, and vibroscythes shorn

    through armour, flesh, and bone alike. The battlecry was heard throughout the squad, and so werethe death throes of the untrained soldiers fromIronglass.

    Under the cover of their fellow convicts screams,OMalley ordered the charge into the busy shockmarines. The exo-suits churned black smoke astheir stocky legs pounded them into the viridians,their grape guns killing two marines and only onefellow inmate (an acceptable loss) as the distanceclosed into hand to hand fighting.

    OMalley grabbed one of the shock marines by thearm with his enormous cestus, and grinned at thesoft crack as he swung the viridian soldierbackwards like a rag doll. One of his thermallance tips grazed another marine, but with enoughpressure to cause the thermite to react with ahissing pop. Flame and bits of smolderingthermite ate through the powerful negatron shieldand dissolved the shock marines arm just abovethe elbow. In the frenzied charge only one exo-suit fell to viridian counter-attack, but the shockmarines were left a bloody pile of writhingwounded on the soft loamy soil. As the next orderbegan to creep out of OMalleys blood splattered

    lips the crack of gauss cannon fire split the airabove their heads, followed by the muffled soundof their crack Korvus pilot being torn in half insidehis cockpit. OMalley looked up and saw aglowing hot rend in the cockpits armor, a streamof blood running down its chin from the woundlike the Korvus itself was bleeding. OMalleyturned and looked to see the enemy walkerstomping toward his unit, the cockpit looking downupon them like some giant metal bird of prey.Before he could sound the evasive orders, two ofhis half-dozen soldiers sucked in their lastbreathes as railroad spike sized flechettes

    shredded their organ cavities.

    Elsewhere on the battlefield, the remaining suicidebomber reached the tree in which the assaultmarines were hunkering behind and reached forhis ripcord. For a split second he faltered, and itwas just long enough for the


  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    marines to pop up and riddle him with chain gunammunition while their gauss rifles dropped thenext closest pair of psychotic kamikaze soldiers.The third pair proved to be just too many of them,and they leapfrogged over the tree. In mid-leapone of them yanked on his cord and engulfed the

    entire unit of marines and his partner (who lookeda little frightened as the wave of flame washedover him) leaving nothing but a smoking crater inits wake. The enforcer continued forward, firing afew useless shots at the gaussemplacementknowing he was well out of hisblasters range. As he ran toward the enemy, hedisappeared in a plume of rocks and soil as yetanother mortar shell showered him with fragmentsof hot metal.

    Grachus reared back in Rexs saddle and fired afew shots into the last scouts chest, knocking himoff of his mount. Without a handler the scoutsbeast kicked away, but succeeded to knock Rexover and Grachus with him. The aged enforcerfelt his leg snap under Rexs enormous weight,and bellowed at his mount to right itself. Rexhopped back up, but Grachus was unable tocontinue to fight this day with so bad of injuries.He ordered the retreat, and spun the massivelizard toward the camp.

    As OMalley heard the order to run away, he feltthe rush of fury and adrenaline course into hishead. His temples pounded with rage as hecommanded his unit to charge into the enemy

    Korvus. Their massive cesti tore away greatstrips of armor like a child peeling a banana. Itattempted to lash out with one of its enormouslegs, but managed only to give OMalley the roomto slam two of his shoulder mounted lance tipsinto the struts carrying the knee. The thermitemelted immediately through the metal and the legsnapped like a twig carrying an elephant. Ittoppled into the side of a hill, and the cockpit filledwith fire from the inside.

    Two more of his unit fell to incoming gausscannon shots from the emplacement, and

    OMalley knew he must make it to them if he wasto win this battle. He took great strides; harmlessgauss rifle flechettes bouncing off of his heavyexo-suit. He charged through the marines at thebase of the hill. Three of their numbers werecrushed by his cestus, and another was riddledwith holes by his spiraling grape gun by the time

    he found his way past them. The sniperattempted to get his autopistol out of its holster,and was consumed by a thermal lancesexplosive. OMalley felt immortal as he crushedand destroyed the weak Viridians as he movedamongst them like a juggernaut of junker

    technology. He bellowed laughter at Grachuscowardice, and screamed of his heroism to thecorpses and wounded he tossed aside. He raisedhis face to the sky and pronounced his greatnessso everyone would know his nearly single-handedvictory where Grachus would have accepteddefeat.

    He howled and laughed so loudly that he nevereven heard the telltale crackle of a gaussaccelerator launching the very shot that killed him.The gun emplacement was so close that theflechette didnt actually slow down when it passedthrough his chest and exploded out of him. Hislaughter was cut off by the sharp suction of hiscollapsed lungs, and replaced with the hiss ofsteam from the shorn boiler that was previouslyon OMalleys back. The sheer weight of the exo-suit kept the junker standing even after most ofhim spilled out from the baseball-sized woundcoring his center. Without the boiler or someonecontrolling the hydraulics, the arms of the suitwere still raised to the sky like some silent prayer.

    The Viridians left him there, still standing as adark reminder of what they were capable of.

    He was a monument to viridian excellence. Butmost of all, he was an example of the fate that isjunker justice. Swift, brutal, and unforgettable.

    This was a stylized, but accurate, accounting ofan actual 750 point game of VOID.

    Bryan Steele

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    information, fatigue, and historical gunfire limits. Aratings system and tournament rules are also included.

    The author has placed numerous quotations fromhistorical figures in the rules at suitable places. Thislends an air of realism to the presentation.

    The scenario book is of the same format as therulebook. Each of the twenty-five scenarios is presentedwith historical background as well as all the pertinentdata required to play the scenario. Every ship that tookpart in the historical action is given. The scenarios arerated for a minimal number of players and an optimalnumber of players. There are scenarios that range from2-player all the way up to 18 for the truly ambitious.

    The counters and markers are full four-color printing.The ships are rendered from an overhead view. Thecharts are legible and printed on card stock in fourcolors.


    Close Action is a historical game and, as such, is basedon European history from 1740 until 1815. Most of thescenarios in the Scenario Book are set during theNapoleonic War. A significant number of the scenariosoccur in the Mediterranean around time of the Battle ofthe Nile (1-2 August 1798).

    ForcesThe game provides information for ships from fournationalities: United States, Great Britain, France, and

    Spain. In addition to historical scenarios, Close Actionprovides information for Design-Your-Ownengagements. Data is presented for representativeships from each nation. Each ship has a point valuebased on the ship and its crew quality. The point valuescan be used to create balanced forces for non-historicalengagements.

    Close Action by Clash of Arms Games and MiniatureShips by Portsmouth Miniatures and Games

    BasicsClose Action: The Age of Fighting Sail Volume 1 byClash of Arms ( is atactical ship board game set in the Age of Sail (1740 -1815). Close Action is a board game that lends itselfeasily to play with ship miniatures.

    The Close Action box contains a 42-page rulebook, 4game cards with all the tables necessary to play thegame, and a scenario book with 25 historical scenarios.It also includes 2 folded geomorphic maps with asuperimposed 1/2" hex grid, seventy ship counters,and140 markers. Two d6 and two d10 dice are includedas well.

    The game scale is 1 hex equals 67.5 yards (30 hexesequal a nautical mile); one game turn equals 200seconds (3 1/3 minutes); and each ship counterrepresents a single ship.

    Each player controls one or more ships and has a shipdata sheet for each. The sheet provides displays for

    damage, gunnery, and movement. Movement issimultaneous, each player plots his moves on the lowerportion of the ship data sheet. Gunnery is alsosimultaneous and is plotted after movement. Damage isrecorded on the data sheets and the effects are appliedto the ships on the following turn.

    PresentationThe rulebook is soft bound with the rules presented intwo columns. The rules are illustrated with manyinformative diagrams. As this is a game in the classicwar game style, the rules are very dry reading.However, they are concise and well organized.The rules are structured for easy reference during gameplay. The back of the rulebook has the complete

    sequence of play.

    The standard rules cover ship movement, gunnery,boarding actions, and crew quality. In addition, thereare rules for signaling between ships, towing,anchoring. A few optional rules are included to coverimpulse movement, voluntary surrendering, limited

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    Theater of WarMost of the historical scenarios occur in theMediterranean, except for a few that occur in the IndianOcean and the Atlantic. A map on the back of theScenario Book shows the location of all the scenarios.

    The game has rules for both gunnery (ship to ship

    fighting) as well as boarding actions (melee combat).Historically, ships would pound on each other until onewas so damaged that a boarding action could win theday.

    As such, the majority of the game concentrates ongunnery. Boarding actions only occur after a ship hasbeen softened up. This is due to the bloody nature ofhand-to-hand combat aboard ship. A ship is onlyboarded when it no longer can fire its guns effectively orwhen it has run afoul of another ship.

    Much of the game is fire and maneuver; with themajority of shooting occurring at medium range (4-8hexes). As there is a bonus for the first shot off any

    broadside, long range sniping as the ships approacheach other is rare. Usually, fire is held until "you cansee the whites of their eyes".

    Miniature ShipsThere are various companies that produce sailing shipminiatures that can be used with Close Action.Portsmouth Miniatures, located on-line, produces a complete line ofminiatures and components, including ship models withpaper sails, wooden ship bases, flags and pennantsfor ten nations involved in the Napoleonic Wars,and a 4'x6' game mat. The game mat has a hexagonalgrid on it sized to fit the ship miniatures.

    The ships come in four sizes: single gun deck, smalldouble gun deck, large double gun deck, and triple gundeck. Each ship comes with the hull molded as a singlepiece, four steel rods to serve as masts and a sheet ofheavy paper with the sails printed on them.

    Assembly of the ships is simple with the included. Theships are mounted on the wooden bases that are 4"long, and the masts are inserted through holes in thehulls. The sails are cut out and then wrapped around aPencil to makethem blouse out.The sails are thenfastened to the

    masts with clearsilicone. This holdsthe sails, but stillprovides enoughspring to keepthem from tearing.


    One thing to remember when assembling the ships is tomake the pennants point toward the bow of the ship, forthe wind is coming from the aft!

    ValueClose Action is a fairly complex game in both rules andplay. It can be daunting initially, with the plotted

    movement and gunnery, but becomes easier withrepeated play.

    The game is very exciting and much of the thrill comesfrom the plotted movement. As your closing with yourenemy, did your plan to rake him succeed or has heturned the tables? Or, even worse, have you misjudgedit so badly that your ship collides with his?

    The game has very little solitaire potential; but playswell with just two players. The game really comes intoits own, however, when there are multiple players oneach side, each running their own ship. In this situation,the rules against player communication make thingseven more exciting! Did the rest of your flotilla heel to

    port as you turned to starboard? Are you now alonefacing the guns of the enemy?

    The miniatures enhance the game tremendously.Flotillas of well painted ships make this game a definiteplayer magnet when it is set up at game stores andconventions.

    Close Action retails for $48.00 and this gives you all thematerials you need to play the board game. To playwith miniatures is an additional expense.Ships run from $9.95 for a triple-decker to $4.95 for asingle-decker; five bases sell for $4.95, a set of flagsand pennants for 5 ships sells for $2.95, and finally a 4'

    x 6' felt mat with a hex grid sells for $40.00.

    A complete set, including Close Action, mat and twoflotillas of 5 ships costs about $160.00. This providesenough ships to play almost all of the scenarios in thegame or a pick up game for you and 9 of your mates.

    If you enjoy tactical ship games, or this period ofhistory, then you should investigate Close Action. It isnot a simple game and does take a bit to learn, but it iswell worth it. If you have the urge to follow in thefootsteps of Jack Aubrey and Steven Maturin or HoratioHornblower, then make all sail for this game!

    J. Michael [email protected]

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    REVIEWREVIEWREVIEWREVIEWBasicsCry H.A.V.I.C is the first game produced by TalonGames. It is a science-fiction skirmish level gamethat comes as a single 128-page soft coverrulebook. All of the interior artwork is black &white and most of it consisting of line drawings.There is no index, but there is a wonderfulglossary is extremely detailed.

    PresentationI found the book easy to read and the glossary

    makes finding pretty much anything a breeze.There are lots of diagrams to make sure that youreally understand the concepts presented in therule sections and almost every weapon/armorentry has an associated picture. It also comeswith a sheet of counters (to be cut out), a sheet ofmission cards, a blank army composition sheet,and two reference cards, one for you and one foryour opponent. Nice touch!

    StorylineThe basic story spans about 500 years of timeand takes up the first 20 or so pages. Its a pretty

    decent read that has large corporations eventuallybecoming a very real threat to world governments.Lots of in-fighting ensues, corporate wars,corporate-government wars, space exploration,and weapon/armor advancement are all crammedin there. Even though I liked the storyline I thinkthat a little too much was packed into the 500-yeartimeline. The Terran Federation, a multi-nationalmilitary force, and the Ryuuza Imperium, a formerpart of the corporate side of things, are the twomain factions in the game.

    The Forces

    Army lists and organizational charts for botharmies are presented and laid out in an easy tofollow manner. Each side has access to the samebasic kinds of troops, but overall the Ryuuzatroops seem to have a bit better armor, but someof their weapons have pack less of a punch than

    their Federation counterparts. In addition to thesearmy lists the game includes a complete buildsystem to use any troops/miniatures that you mayalready have. Whats even better is that thetroops in the two army lists in the book follow thesame build system.

    The GameCombat is resolved using d10s (low = bad / high= good) and troops are rated in the followingcharacteristics:

    Close Assault Value (CAV)Ranged Assault Value (RAV)Mental Assault Value (MAV)Defense Value (DV)Mental Defense Value (MDV)Damage Factor (DF)Action Points (AP)Action Class (AC)Movement Value (MV)Morale Value (MRV)Command and Control Value (CCV) andCombat Value Points (CVP)

    When you take damage (the Penetration Value ofthe weapon exceeds the Defense Factor of themodel) you take points away from his DamageFactor. When this reaches zero you remove themodel. All models have multiple Damage Factorpoints, so having wounded troops still taking partin the battle is likely. Really good shots andcritical hits can cause extra damage.

    Everything that your troops do costs action points.You can move, shoot, etc multiple times duringa turn. Also, troops in heavier armor generallymove slower than troops in lighter armor, but they

    also usually go later in the turn.

    There are no vehicles in the game, yet, but asupplement is mentioned that will include them.Right now, the closest thing to vehicles are MARSunits. Oh, holy crap are these guys (well, robots

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    actually) tough! They are designed to walkaround the battlefield laying waste to anyonedumb enough to be hanging around. They aretruly bad men!

    In a twist from most other sci-fi games ranged

    combat takes a back seat to hand-to-hand action.Now, youre certainly going to want some pea-shooters in your army, but up close and personalis where youll be doing most of your business.Power weapons will jack you up, and quickly!There are big guns in the game and they can putyou in a world of hurt, but mixing blood and motoroil is where your troops will earn their pay.

    Theater of warAs you read in the last paragraph, close combat iswhere most of the action in Cry H.A.V.I.C. willtake place. Interestingly, the authors haveincluded two weapon tables. One for actualranges if you are playing on a really largebattlefield and a modified table for regular sizeplay areas.

    MiniaturesHeres a look at many of the figs from the CryH.A.V.I.C universe.

    Variety to choosefrom. The assaultand MARS unitsare very nice,especially theRyuuza MARS

    unit picturedbelow.

    ValueAt $19.95 thebasic game is agood deal,especially whenyou take intoaccount that youcan use any ofyour existingmodels to playwith. The basictroops will set

    You back $2.50each, which is notbad, and thelarger models(assault andMARS units)range from $4.25to $5.95 each. Iddefinitely say

    check it out, evenif youre just

    looking for a new way to use some of your oldtoys. You can take a look at everything, includinga demo version of the rules, at

    TerranFederationtroops with


    Ryuuzatroops withHTH andranged


    Terran Assault Armor

    None of the minis had too much flash and all ofthem cleaned up without much trouble at all.Right now there are not a lot of poses for each ofthe various troops. While the ones available aregood looking figs it would be nice to have a larger

    Terran ranged weapon troops

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    SLAVE PITby Xavier Plasencia

    [email protected]

    History:As you folks might have guessed by some of myprevious articles I am a Dwarven General, and inparticular, I tend to team my army as the WolfClan when playing Chronopia. As any general,one tends to experiment with units when they arelearning a new game system. One of the manyhard lessons I learned was that the Wolf Totemunlike his brothers does not fair that well in HTH(Hand to Hand). However they do one thingextremely well, protect the flanks. With 4 action

    and a move of 4 they are the fastest movingminiature in the game. With some protection,their chances in HTH combat increasedramatically. One of my favorite tactics is to movethe totem behind a heavy armored unit, once theheavy armored unit gets in HTH the wolf totemcan finish the remaining enemy. Remember thatthe size 2 of the totem does not protect you frombeing shot at. However the number one reason Ifield wolf totems is for the physiology factor.Totems are feared and get a lot of attention fromopponents. I equate having a totem on the flanksis like having a rook controlling a column in chess.Due to the threat, your opponent cannot movefreely and must always worry about my flankattack. Naturally this tactic is not unique to Wolftotems, but the wolf totem is an ideal piecebecause if its actions and speed.

    Since no miniatures existed for the wolven totemsI Initial used the hell hound dogs from Ral Parthaas wolven totem proxies. The blister pack, I felt,was perfect I came with two double-headed dogs.Since I always took two totems, one for each flankthe blister size was just right. In addition theminiature was very nicely sculpted and with agood paint job, they looked stunning. My only

    complaint was that it did not produce the correctphysiology factor. Everyone I played Chronopiawith laughed at the pathetic size of my wolventotems. I knew that if my totems were to get theany respect they deserved I would have to createan intimidating figure that would have its presencefelt throughout the battle.

    That lead to the conception of the "Wolf TotemConversion". One good thing about Chronopia isthat no picture(s) of a wolf totem existed, making itimpossible for anybody to have a reference pointon how the unit should look. The only descriptiongiven was in the army list. Therefore the onlyconstraint I had was that the miniature mustrepresent a size two model and must have twoheads. This gave me a lot of freedom to choosewhat miniature I wanted to use when creating myconversion. Some possible candidates couldhave been the bipedal Wolven miniatures createdby Rackham, or any werewolf looking miniaturessuch as the Ravenloft minis created by RalPartha.

    However, I had always pictured the Wolven Totemto be a huge two-headed dog. I envisioned theKeeper grooming and training the Wolf Totemsmuch like medieval lords groomed their dogs of


    Now the trick was to find a miniature that looked,as much as possible to the description I gaveabove.

    Wolf TotemWolf TotemWolf TotemWolf TotemConversionConversionConversionConversion

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    Finding the right model:One day by chance, when I was surfing Reapersweb site ( I cameacross Sandra Garrity's version of "Cerbus, theGate Keeper of the Underworld"

    (see Fig 1). Reaper calls it ", the Gate Keeper" forshort. Although I knew it was not exactly what Iwas looking for, it was a very nice lookingminiature and with a little work I knew I would bethe perfect Wolf Totem.

    Envisioning the Changes:An exercise I do when I am about to convert theminiatures is what I call "Envisioning". This is theact of picturing the miniature with a new look

    and/or pose. The new form the miniature will take,if you will. "Envisioning is described in the stepslisted below.

    1) Assemble as much of the miniature as possibleby hand.

    2) Study the miniature by looking at it fromdifferent angles.

    3) Close your eyes and get a mental picture of thealtered miniature.

    4) When you open your eyes you should see thechanges required to make the conversioncomplete.

    5) Optional: Write down the changes so you donot forget.

    If the changes do not come to you, repeat steps 1-4 until they do. I normally do this exercise 3 timesbefore I get a good fell as to what changes I willneed to make. I also strongly recommend you do

    this exercise before any cutting occurs, sine it willbe more difficult to envision the required changes.

    There were four things about the miniature thathad to change. The first thing was the extra head.If you recall you Greek history, Cerbus had 3

    heads, Sandra was good enough to rememberthis detail. The second thing was the snakes onthe back of the beast and the snake-like tail. Thelast thing that I felt had to change was the pose.The original model was too static. I wanted theWolf Totem to look very dynamic and capture themoment before the attack. I chose the leapingstance since it was in line with the totems leapspecial ability.

    Assembling:Before any assembly took place, I had to removeall of the pieces that would not be included as thefinal product. This was the third head (see Fig 2a),

    and the snakeson the back. Iused a hobbysaw toaccomplish thetask. I alsoremoved the thirdhead from the

    snakes in case Iever neededanother head or aswarm of snakes(see Fig 2b).

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3



    The next part was to remove, or bend the piecesin order to change the miniatures pose fromstanding to leaping. Since the metal used byReaper is pewter, and very brittle pewter at that,bending the legs would not be an option. I wouldhave to sever the upper left leg and reposition it.

    The bottom left leg would be cut 360deg aroundthe leg until a thin tread of metal was left in thecenter of the leg (see Fig 3a).

    At that point the leg was bent down so that it layparallel to the bottom right leg (see Fig 3b).

    Now it was time to work on the front left leg.Using the hack saw, I sawed at the joints until athin, but durable strand of pewter was left. Thepurpose of this exercise was to allow me to bendthe arm out (see Fig 4b).

    For the war totem I used a technique called "pins".Using pins is when thin wire and glue fasten twopieces of a miniature. The thin wire addsadditional support and hopefully prevents theminiature from falling apart once it is assembledand painted (see Fig 4a, Fig 4b).

    Holes weredrilled on thebody and gluewas applied atthe joints. Fig 5is the assembledminiature withoutepoxy.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    Once the totemwas glued anddried, it wasmounted on aRal Partha paintbottle filled with

    sand. The sandwas added tokeep theminiature fromtippingover too easily (see Fig 6).

    Applying the putty:The putty wasapplied in twophases. The firstphase was thefiller stage. Thisis where putty isapplied to all holeare filled in (seeFig 7a).

    Some examples would be filling in the joints,adding a backbone in place of the missing head /snakes. It is important to leave room for anotherthin layer of puttywhen the firstphase is beingapplied. Oneshould wait from

    3hrs to 1daybetween layersof epoxy. I tendto wait a daysince it is easierfor me to pick upthe next day after work than to wait until the latehours of the night. The second phase is purelycosmetic. This application will fill in the finalholes and allow the sculpture to blend in the putty

    with the minissurface. In mycase the final

    layer would takethe form of fur,lots of it (See7c).


    I also usedputty to fix thecollar that wasmangled whenI cut of thethird head. See

    Fig 8a.

    You mighthave noticedthat the tailhas been removed. I thought that the totem wouldlook much more like a dog of war with a short tailthan a longer tail.

    Painting:When possible Ithen to say awayfrom painting withblack. Black isdifficult tohighlight, boringto paint with, andit tends to hidethe details.However I justcannot picture aWolf Totem anyother color butblack. Soreluctantly I wentwith black. Fig 9a- 9d are different

    angles of thecompletedminiature.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    Equipment: Magic Sculpt Epoxy Hobby Saw Sculpting tools (see listing below) Sand Paper (regular grain and small grain) Supper Glue Cerbus Gate Keeper miniature. By Reaper

    Miniatures, sculpted by S. Garrity ID # 02172

    Additional sculpting tools:The items listed below are the items I used forapplying and molding the epoxy. Dining Toothpicks. Diamond(TM) Sandwich Toothpicks. Petroleum Jelly

    Exacto Knife, with a needle. Exacto Knife and blades.

    The needle is a perfect choice for adding fur/hair.The fine tip of the needle creates the fine groovesthat simulate hair very nicely. The Sandwichtoothpicks are nice since one side is pointy, andthe other side is a square. The square side canbe used to push the epoxy into cracks or createlarge grooves in the epoxy. Using the pointedside can also achieve the same affects, but ismore difficult and time consuming to accomplishthe same task. Lastly you might be wonderingwhy I use two toothpicks instead of one. Thedining toothpick's point is smaller than thesandwich's point. The size happened to beperfect for creating groves to represent muscles.

    Xavier Plasencia


  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    Battle Re ortBattle Re ortBattle Re ortBattle Re ort


    Back by popular demand we have anotherConfrontation battle report. I decided to trysomething a bit different this time so well begoing with a three-way fight between me and twoof my regular Confrontation opponents, Michaeland Christopher. We will be playing with 200-point armies on a 4 x 4 board with a randomlygenerated scenario.

    Im feeling pretty good about how my Barbariansdid against Michaels Undead in the last report so

    I have decided to stick with them. 200 pointscould end up buying me quite a few troops if Idecide to stay away from centaurs, minotaurs,and other expensive character models. Idesperately need some missile support so to startthings off Im going to buy two Alahan Archers asallies. They cost me 34 points. Next Ill take careof my heavy hitters. I take one of each of theBarbarian Giants. The one with two swordscomes in at 35 points and the one armed with ahalberd costs 32. Next up are a group of threeFiannas. At 14 points each I have now spent atotal of 143 points. Two Berserkers set me back38 points and two Barbarian Warriors, at 9 pointseach, bring me up to 199 points.

    With several models with War Cry and Frenzy Ican hopefully wreak some havoc in the ranks ofthe enemy, allowing the giants to wade in and kicksome butt.

    Christophers Army Long Live Gob Power!!!!

    Picking my army for this battle report was fairlyeasy. I have fielded my goblins on manyoccasions and have developed a theory thatseems to work. Lots of cheap goblins supported

    by two or three bigger characters. In a I will probably not outnumber my opponentsby much, but I will have some bigger stuff on thetable.

    To start with I chose my usual core troops: 3

    Goblins with balls. They cause fear when theycharge, and can frenzy for three attack dice if theydo not defend. To compensate for these abilitiesthe ball goblins have no armor giving them atoughness of 1. Ouchof course they are only 8points. If I had six I would take them, but alas I donot. I followed this up with the purchase of threegoblin Spearmen. At 6 points apiece I dontexpect much, but they help support and soak uphits. The goblins suffer from horrible couragevalue and have a tendency to run from anything

    that says boo. To combat this I took a fullcommand section. Azoth the cheat would lead myarmy. He is a mere 29 points but adds a muchneeded discipline value as well as his courage.The standard bearer and the musician furtherenhance these two stats. (Hes cutehow manypeople can use the word cute to describe theirarmies?) Azoth also has the benefit of beingpretty good in hand to hand. At this point I havespent a grand total of 88.5 points and have ninegoblins on the field. I toyed with the idea of thetroll on this game. At 99 points he is a bad man,but he would be half of my army that could bekilled with one shot 1 out of 36 times. I opted forspeed: 1 Strohm Goblin on a rat (ChevalierStrohm). For 44 points he can run and charge 40cm. He has a force of ten on a charge and a veryun-goblinlike toughness of eight. He is to pick offany guy that is out on his own, or to hunt downany archer that is bothering me. To keep up withhim I took the Psycho mutant with bat wings. Heis 46 points after his hysterical flight spell. He isfair in hand to hand, causes fear, and has a moveof 15 cm, 30 cm on a charge. His spell allows himto fly off the board and charge at will. My last 21points went to a Strohm Goblin on foot. He has afair toughness and is still not too expensive.

    Michaels Army

    So, it's to be a 200 point 3-way battle, and I'mtaking my Griffons. Mark will be bringing hisBarbarians and Chris will be bringing his Goblins.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    I expect either one to be pretty nasty.Chris is very good with his Goblins;having mastered the "collapse theline" tactic. Mark's Barbarians aredefinitely hard forces to face. I think,then, my strategy will be "let's you andhim fight".

    First off, I've just finished painting upmy Fusiliers. These are very goodsniping troops, with the best range inthe game. Sniping fits perfectly into mybattle plan, so I'll take 3. Now, to fleshout the rest of my force. I definitelywant to take some hard-hitting troops --3 Templars will do nicely. They've gotgood armor to stand up to a fight andwith their "berserk" ability, they can beverynasty in a fight. However, they're

    expensive, so I want some troops tosupport 'em. I'll take 4 Griffon Lancersin two sets of two andsupport them with a musician. Themusician will give me 5 effective

    Lancers AND the musician adds 1 to my disciplinetests. That gives me 200 points exactly. I'll deploy my troops in a tight group -- theLancers will form the front line with the musician inthe middle, the Templars will be deployed behind.The Lancers will engage the enemy first and thenthe Templars will swoop in and win the combats.

    The Fusiliers will be detached. They will snipe attargets of opportunity; I'll try to fire into meleesbetween the Goblins and Barbarians. The wholeforce will move forward and I'll try to time it so Ican charge in just as the Barbarians and Goblinsare counting their casualties.

    Before deploying troops we rolled up a randommission and found that to win you would need tocompletely wipe out an enemy army, and do it bythe end of the 5thturn. Thats a pretty tall order.

    After determining the scenario we deployed troopsand got ready to rumble. The brown sections ofthe map are rocky outcroppings.


    Yellow circles are large plants and the multi-colored green ovals are hills of various levels.

    The map of initial deployment above shows thatMichael is, probably wisely, being a bitstandoffish, while Christopher and I are facing offfor a bit of bloodletting.

    Michaels Griffons are in assembled in a fairlystrict, well for Confrontation anyway, formationwith his Templars just a bit in front of hisSpearmen and Musician. The Fusiliers haveformed a firing line on top of a small hill. Surelythey mean no harm to my Barbarians, yeah right!

    Christophers mighty short greenskins are set up abit more uniformly than you might imagine for agroup of hooligans, but he has been playing themfor a good while and has really learned how toexploit their strengths while minimizing their


    My guys are kind off all over the place. Ivespread them out in the hopes of different modelsbeing able to support each other and not having tocommit whole groups of one troop type to anysingle fight.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    Goblin Spearmen Took the high roadup onto the center hill.

    Azzoth Followed the Spearmenslead.

    Mutant Goblin He sticks close to therocks and moves up.

    Barbarian Warriors Follow theirbrothers and sisters towards thegreenskins.

    Griffon Musician Keeps in line withthe Griffon Spearmen.

    Strohm Knight Charges into arecently advanced BarbarianFianna.

    In the shooting phase the GriffonFusiliers took three shots at theBarbarian Giant with Swords that wasjogging up the hill. All three shots

    missed and the Giant flipped them thebird. The Alahan Archers let somearrows fly into the hand-to-handcombat between the Strohm Knightand the Barbarian Fianna, easilywilling to take a chance of hitting the

    shapely lass, but their shots also missed.

    The hand-to-hand phase started off with theStrohm Knight facing off against the BarbarianFianna. The Strohm Knight won the Initiative andproceeded to hit her twice and make an awfulmess of her as he killed her. A follow-up move

    took him into one of the Barbarian Berserkers.The ensuing fight saw some amazing rolling onChristophers part as he sustained his defense tosoak up all of the Berserkers hits. The Knightsreturning blow stunned the Berserker.

    Michael definitely took the first turn easy, seeingwho was coming his way and not over-committinghimself or spreading himself thin.

    Christopher and I headed straight into each otherand even though he got off the only charge I wentin with a little more impetus and am hoping for agood draw of the cards to press into the Goblinsbefore they can overwhelm me.

    Ranged fire looks like it will be somewhatsuppressed due to the layout of the table. Myarcher allies suddenly seem less than useful.


    Michael ended up with the Discipline for the firstturn and movement went in the following order.

    Barbarian Giant with Swords Moved up thecenter hill.

    Barbarian Giant with Halberd Moved up thecenter hill.

    Griffon Fusiliers Stood still.Barbarian Fiannas Ran up towards the Goblins.Griffon Spearmen Moved up towards the center

    of the table.Goblin Musician Shifted over a bit.Griffon Templars Advanced into a position

    behind the Griffon Spearmen.Griffon Spearmen Advanced up with their

    mates.Alahan Archers Got down off of the hill and

    moved towards the eastern edge of the board.Strohm Goblin Being a shifty git, he shifted over


    Barbarian Berserkers Throwing caution to thewind they also headed towards the Goblinline.

    Goblin Standard Also sidestepped a bit.Goblins with Balls Moved over to make a move

    on the advancing Barbarians.

  • 8/10/2019 Fictional Reality 3


    Turn two, which can be seen to the right,had some more action as the Goblinsand the Barbarians mixed things upsome more. Christopher won theDiscipline for the turn and movementwent as follows:

    Barbarian Berserker The one not incombat found himself there once hecharged the Strohm Knight.

    Griffon Templars They continued theirdisciplined, if slow, march towardsthe central hill.

    Barbarian Fiannas The two survivingwomen charged the Strohm Knightintent on extracting some revengefor their fallen sister.

    Griffon Lancers Still moving towardsthat hill, not in any kind of hurry.

    Barbarian Giant with Swords Comesback down the hill after seeing thatthere are no berries to pick.

    Goblin Spearmen They come backdown off of the hill too, alsodisgusted at the lack of berries, andform a line in front of the Barbarians.

    Goblin Standard Advances towards theBarbarians.

    Griffon Fusiliers Seeing that they will soon beout of range of anything they come down offof their hill and move up.

    Alahan Archers They continue to move up in aneffort to get some shots at the Goblins.

    Strohm Goblin Charges the lead BarbarianWarrior.

    Griffon Musician Stays in line with the GriffonSpearmen on their 5-year journey to thecenter of the universe, I mean battlefield.

    Mutant Goblin Charges a Barbarian Wa