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     Fifteen  Asian  Bioethics  Conference  (ABC15)                  of  the  Asian  Bioethics  Association    

    1-‐9  November  2014  in  Beppu  and  Kumamoto,  Japan                          

    The   Asian   Bioethics   Association   (ABA)1 ,   Ritsumeikan   Asia   Pacific   University   (APU),   Kumamoto  University,   Eubios   Ethics   institute   and   American   University   of   Sovereign   Nations   (AUSN),   invite   you   to  submit  an  abstract  for  presentation  at  the  forthcoming  Fifteen  Asian  Bioethics  Conference.      

    ABC15   will   be   held   between   the   1st   to   9th   November,   and   be   spread   between   two   cities   and  Universities.   The   intensive   academic   sessions   (plenary   with   extensive   discussion)   will   be   held   1-‐3  November   in   Ritsumeikan   Asia   Pacific   University   (APU),   Beppu,   and   in   Kumamoto   University,   7-‐9  November.       On   4   November   there   will   be   sight   seeing   in   hot   springs   in   Beppu   and   a   discussion   of  geoethics,  5  November  a  trip  from  Beppu  to  Kumamoto  via  natural  forests  and  Mt.  Aso  (an  active  volcano)  with  discussion  of  environmental  ethics,  arriving   in  the  evening  at  Kumamoto.    On  6  November  will  be  a  full  day  excursion  by  ferry  boat  to  Nagasaki,  the  site  of  the  second  atomic  bomb  dropped  on  Japan,  and  a  discussion  of  nuclear  ethics.  

    We  hope  that  most  people  may  wish  to  join  the  entire  conference,  where  there  will  be  scholars  from  more  than  40  different  countries  of  the  world.  We  welcome  everyone  from  any  region  and  specialty  of  the  world,  regardless  of  age,  gender,  religious  beliefs,  and  philosophy,  to  engage  in  dialogue  on  research  and  policy  to  make  the  world  better  …  

     The  first  Asian  Bioethics  Association  Conference  was  held  in  1995  in  Beijing,  and  in  the  past  two  decades  bioethics  has  rapidly  developed  in  Asia.  The  previous  conferences  in  China,  Japan,  Korea,  Turkey,  Thailand,  Malaysia,   Indonesia,   India,   Iran   and   Taiwan.   The   conference   brings   together   scholars   and   policy  makers  from  many  disciplines  all  around  the  world  (beyond  just  Asia  and  the  Pacific)  to  discuss  and  deliberate  on  the  latest  issues  facing  humanity.  


     The   themes   of   ABC15   will   include   all   topics   of   bioethics,   especially   those   reflecting   on   different  

    cultures.     These   will   also   includes   themes   of   Genetics   and   ethics,   Biotechnology,   Environment   Ethics,  Sustainability,   Human   Security,   Medical   Ethics,   Robotic   Medicine,   Bioethics   Education   in   Schools   and  


  • Universities,   Public  Health  Ethics,  Neuroethics,  Disaster   Ethics,  Gender  and  bioethics,   Peace  and  Conflict  resolution,  Global  studies,  and  Asia-‐Pacific  Studies.  ABC15  will  integrate  several  meetings  under  the  same  umbrella,  including  the  Annual  Meeting  of  the  Ritsumeikan  Center  for  Asia  Pacific  Studies  (RCAPS),  and  the  Ninth  Kumamoto  International  Bioethics  Roundtable.  

    For  direct   international   flights,  Fukuoka   is  a  convenient  point  of  access,  with  a  direct  highway  bus  from  the  airport  to  APU.    For  domestic  flights  (and  for  those  flying  into  other  international  airports  taking  a  connecting  domestic  flight),  Beppu  is  closest  to  Oita  airport.  Kumamoto  airport  has  also  direct  flights  from  Korea.    (Detailed  information  will  be  provided  later).  

    We   are   also   coordinating   with   the   Asian   Society   of   Mind   Studies   and   International   Society   of  Biocosmology  so  that  there  will  be  registration  and/or  travel  packages  for  those  presenting  papers  at  the  conferences  in  Chung  Ang  University,  Seoul,  Republic  of  Korea,  11-‐13  November,  in  which  case  travel  could  be   via   Fukuoka   airport   (2   hours   by   bus   from   Kumamoto)   to   Seoul,   Korea;   or   direct   from   Kumamoto  airport),  with  14  November  sightseeing  being  offered  in  Seoul.  (Please  see  the  attached  flier).  We  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  in  ABC15.  If  you  have  any  questions,  please  do  not  hesitate  to  contact  the  cochairs  of  ABC15:  Prof.  Nader  Ghotbi,  Director,  Ritsumeikan  Center  for  Asia  Pacific  Studies  (RCAPS),  Professor,  Ritsumeikan  Asia  Pacific  University  (APU),  1-‐1  Jumonjibaru,  Beppu  city,  Oita  874-‐8577,  Japan  at  [email protected]   or   Ms.   Kimiko   Tashima   at   [email protected]‐   for   Prof.   Takao   Takahashi,    Graduate  School  of  Social  and  Cultural  Sciences,  Health  Life  Science:  Interdisciplinary  and  Glocal  Oriented  (HIGO)  Program,  Kumamoto  University,   Japan.   You   can   join   the  Asian  Bioethics  Association   at   the   same  time   as   registration,   inquiries   to   Prof.   Darryl  Macer,   Provost,   American  University   of   Sovereign  Nations,  Scottsdale,  AZ,  USA;  Director,  Eubios  Ethics  Institute;  Secretary,  Asian  Bioethics  Association.  


    Abstracts  -‐  ALL  ARE  WELCOME  Abstract  review  is  underway,  do  not  miss  out  on  the  chance  to   join   us   to   discuss   the   state   of   bioethics   in   the   world!    Paper   presentation   and   participation   are   welcomed   from  academics,   scholars,   policy  makers,   students   and   enthusiasts  in   any   disciplines,   from   expert   to   novice.   Both  members   and  non-‐members  of  ABA  are  welcome.  Bioethics  is  the  love  of  life,  and   examines   the   ethical,   legal,   scientific,   and   social   and  dimensions  of   decisions   that  affect   life,   society,   environment,  in  all  communities.    

     Abstracts   should  not  be  more   than  300  words   in  English  with  3-‐5  key  words.   It   should  also  carry   the   full  name(s)  and  contact  details  of  the  author(s).  Kindly  indicate  3  preferred  sub-‐themes  (from  the  list)  that  your  abstract   fits   into.   The   Full   paper   should   be   approximately   5000   words.   In   addition,   the   papers   will   be  automatically   included   into  the  Best  Paper  competition.  A  proceedings  volume  will  be  published.  Selected  papers  will   be   offered   to   be   published   in   special   issues   of   the   Eubios   Journal   of   Asian   and   International  Bioethics  (EJAIB)-‐  the  official  journal  of  ABA.  

    Kindly   submit   your  application  and  abstract  using   the   form   (also  available  on  ABA  website,  Proposals  for  sessions  can  also  be  made.    

     First  abstract  deadline  –  30  June  2014;  to  [email protected]        

  • CONFERENCE  AND  LODGING  FEE  (Includes  accommodation,  breakfast,  lunches  and  dinners  for  10  days  at  the  venue,  tourist  admission  fees  for  hot  springs  and  other  sites;  and  travel  between  Beppu  and  Kumamoto  via  Mt.  Aso,  and  day  trip  to  Nagasaki)  Early-‐bird  registration  for  full  package  (31  Oct  to  10  Nov  check  out)  and  ABA  2014  annual  membership  is  only  JPY45,000  payable  by  credit  card  by  30  June  2014  On  site  fees  are:    ABA  Members:     JPY50,000  =  JPY25,000  (31  Oct-‐5  Nov  check  out);  JPY25,000  (5  Nov-‐10  Nov  check  out)  Non-‐  ABA  Members:      JPY60,000  =  JPY30,000  (31  Oct-‐5  Nov  check  out);  JPY30,000  (5  Nov-‐10  Nov  check  out)  Students       JPY30,000  =  JPY15,000  (31  Oct-‐5  Nov  check  out);  JPY15,000  (5  Nov-‐10  Nov  check  out)  There  are  limited  numbers  of  fee  waivers  still  available,  submit  your  cover  letter  and  resume  together  with  maximum  of   two   abstract(s).   You  may   require   a   letter   to   apply   for   a   visa   to   enter   Japan,  which  will   be  issued   after   your   abstract   is   accepted   for   presentation.     Early   notifications   of   acceptance  will   be  made  upon  receipt  of  applications.  

     A  sample  of  the  confirmed  speakers  for  ABC15  include:  Prof.  Atsushi    Asai,    Tohoku  University,  Japan  Dr.  Jayapaul  Azariah,  Founding  President,  AIBA  and  former  President,  Asian  Bioethics  Association;  India  Dr.  Alireza  Bagheri,  Tehran  University  of  Medical  Sciences,  Iran  Sr.  Daphne  Furtado,  Society  of  the  Sacred  Heart,  ABA  Vice  President  for  India  Dr.  Miko  Ferine,  Universitas  Jenderal  Soedirman,  Purwokerto,  Indonesia  Indonesia  Prof.  Nader  Ghotbi,  Ritsumeikan  Asia  Pacific  University  (APU),  Japan;  Iran    Prof.  Thomas  A.  Gionis,  President,  American  University  of  Sovereign  Nations,  USA  Prof.  Abhik  Gupta,  Assam  University,  India  Dr.  Soraj  Hongladarom,  Chulalongkorn  University,  Bangkok,  Thailand  Prof.  Akiko  Ishihara,  Dept.  Peace  and  Conflict  Studies,  Kumamoto  University,  Japan  Dr.  Aamir  Jafarey,  President,  Asian  Bioethics  Association;  CBEC,  SUIT,  Karachi,  Pakistan  Prof.  Umar  Angarra  Jenie,  Chair,  Indonesian  National  Bioethics  Commission,  ABA  Vice  President  for  Indonesia    Prof.  Bang  Ook  Jun,  ABA  Vice  President  for  Korea  Dr.  Konstantin    Khroutski,  Novgorod  State  University  after  Yaroslav-‐the-‐Wise,  Veliky  Novgorod,  Russia  Dr.  Masayuki  Kodama,  National  Institute  of  Fitness  and  Sports  in  Kanoya,  Japan  Dr.  On-‐Kwok  Lai,  School  of  Policy  Studies,  Kwansei  Gakuin  University,  Kobe,  Japan  Prof.  Shamina  Lasker,  Dhaka,  Bangladesh,  ABA  Vice-‐President  for  South  Asia    Prof.  Shui  Chen  Lee,  ABA  Vice  President  for  Taiwan  Prof.  H.  Lee,  Chung-‐Ang  University,  Korea  Prof.  Marlon  Patrick  P.    Lofredo,  St.  Paul’s  University,  the  Philippines    Prof.  Darryl  Macer,  Provost,  American  Univ.  Sovereign  Nations,  USA;  Director,  Eubios  Ethics  Institute,  New  Zealand    Dr.  Ravichandran  Moorthy,  UKM,  Malaysia,  ABA  Vice-‐President  for  South  East  Asia    Dr.  Amalia  Muhaimin,  Universitas  Jenderal  Soedirman,  Purwokerto,  Indonesia  Indonesia  Prof.  Sivanandam  Pannerselvam,  Head,  Dept.  Philosophy,  University  of  Madras,  Chennai,  India  Dr.  Irina  Pollard,  Macquarie  University,  Australia,  ABA  Vice-‐President  for  the  Pacific  Prof.  Jason  Roberts,  Lincoln  Center  for  Applied  Ethics,  Arizona  State  University,  USA  Prof.  Sankai,  Tsukuba  University,  Japan;  designer  of  robotic  suit  “HAL”  for  patient  rehabilitation.  Dr.    Bakhyt  Sarymsakova,  Astana,  Kazakstan,  ABA  Vice  President  for  West  Asia    Dr.  Bushra  Shirazi,  Vice-‐President  of  Asian  Bioethics  Association,  Pakistan  Dr.  Jasdev  Rai  Singh,  UK,  ABA  Vice  President  for  Asian  Ethnic  and  Religious  Minorities  Prof.  Yati  Soenarto  (Ms),  UGM,  Yogyakarta,  Indonesia  Prof.  S.  Soenarto,  UGM,  Yogyakarta,  Indonesia  Prof.  Miyako  Takagi,  Tokyo,  ABA  Vice  President  for  Japan  Prof.  Hana  Tran,  Vietnam;  AUSN  Ananya  Tritipthumrongchok,    Eubios  Ethics  Institute,  Thailand  Prof.  Duujian  Tsai,  Taipei  Medical  University,  Taiwan  Prof.  Yanguang  Wang,  Chinese  Academy  of  Social  Sciences,  Beijing,  China  Prof.  Kwon  Jong  Yoo,  Dean,  Department  of  Philosophy,  Chung-‐Ang  University,  Korea  Prof.  Ryuichi    Ida,  Doshisha  University,  Kyoto,  Japan  Prof.  Takao  Takahashi,  HIGO  program,  Kumamoto  University,  Japan  

  • Kayo  Uejima,  Coordinator,    Lablink,  Japan  Prof.  Naoji  Yamawaki,  Seisa  University  (Faculty  of  Life  Network  Science),  Professor  Emeritus  Univ.  Tokyo,  Japan  Prof.  Chutatip  Umavijani,  Thammasat  University,  Thailand    Many  more  are  expected…  

     Attendance  at  the  ABC15  conference  will  also  count  as  a  2  credit  course  towards  a  Certificate  in  Bioethics  and   Global   Public   Health   at   American   University   of   Sovereign   Nations,   Scottsdale,   Az,   USA   (with  assignments).  Write  to  [email protected]        See:  http://au-‐    ABA  membership  is  encouraged…(return  the  form  before  hand…2014  is  also  election  year  for  ABA).  The  results  will  be  announced  at  ABC15,  including  for  a  new  ABA  President  who  will  succeed  Prof.  Jafarey,  meaning  we  will  have  two  ABA  Presidential  addresses,  at  the  beginning  BY  Prof.  Jafarey  and  another  at  the  end  of  ABC15  by  the  new  President.  


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    Option A: ____ Regular Price: US$60 Euro 50 NZ$80 ¥4000 (=Credit card price NZ$90)

    Option B: ____ I wish to pay my early-‐bird  registration  for  full  package  at  ABC15  (31  Oct  check  in  to  10  Nov  check  out)   INCLUDING  ABA  2014  annual  membership  JPY45,000  payable  by  credit  card  by  30  June  2014

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