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Film and Editing updates. Harriet Bibby.

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  1. 1. Film and Editing updates. Harriet Bibby.
  2. 2. Music and sound. We used Movie Studio Platinum to overlay our foley sound onto the video. We had to chose the section of video and music that we wanted, cut them to the right time and set them both together. We could then choose to fade them in and out as we chose. For our non-diegetic music, we chose to use two un-copyrighted songs from an online website. However, to create the diegetic sound, e.g. the dragging of the body, the footsteps and the digging, we had to re-record the sound on a voice recorder and match this to the movements on screen. When using the foley sound for the first time, we discovered that the sound didnt quite match up to the movement on screen, therefore, we had to re-record the sound after reviewing the pace and heaviness of the movement.
  3. 3. Picking/Overlaying the song for the headphone scene. Again we used Movie studio platinum, deciding which piece of action/scene we wished this particular piece of music to play over and cut and fit this to match the movement on screen. This went fairly smoothly as the website allows you to match the timing up quickly and easily.
  4. 4. Title. We used Photoshop to create the title itself. This was fairy simple, however, I found the software reasonably difficult to use as once you had done something, you couldnt go back. I found this frustrating, however, after practice I managed to understand the software better and how to do different things with it. We later edited the title onto our opening using Movie Studio Platinum and added a fuzzing TV static to the background. This was fairly simple to do and I was very happy with the result.
  5. 5. Studio Logo. To create our studio logo we used the same software that we had to create our title. After getting to grips with Photoshop when producing our title, it became very quick and simple for our group to use making the production of the logo extremely enjoyable. However, I found the text was difficult to place the way that I had imagined it and it took time and patience to place it in the right spot. We then, again, used Movie Studio Platinum to add the studio logo to our opening.
  6. 6. Credits. We faced many problems in the making of our credits. We made them using Photoshop which was relatively simple, however, as we didnt save the titles as the correct file type, we could then not access and change them after they had been changed. This meant that we had to re-construct the titles. However, during the second attempt we couldnt find the right font that we had previously used only a similar one, which meant that we had to sacrifice our first choice. After they had been produced (for a second time!) we attempted to lay them over the top of our video using Movie Studio Platinum, however, we discovered that not only did the font colour have to be changed as they were too dark to be seen, but the pace that they appeared and the places that they appeared also had to be changed. Although we faced many problems with these credits, I believe they are effective and fit with the tone and genre of the film.
  7. 7. Video. We used Movie Studio Platinum to construct our final film. We ha to think about match on, continuity, the 180 degree rule etc. the biggest problem that I believe we faced when editing our film was continuity and match on. At some point where we believed we were coming to the end of editing our film, we would discover that something didnt quite match the last shot. This was extremely disheartening, however, we cut each section right down and reviewed and reviewed our work in order to make sure each shot matched the lat.
  8. 8. Filming. Here are a few pictures of us during the filming. We met on Sunday 30th November and the following Sunday to ensure all of our filming was complete. Overall, the filming went smoothly and as planned as we faced no major problems. However, the biggest issue that id occur was the temperature. It was extremely cold both days of our filming, which meant that we had to wrap up until we were in a scene this was slightly awkward as we had to keep taking off and putting on layers. However, the weather didnt effect any of the shots and the faint fog actually enhanced the depth and the uneasy atmosphere of the piece.