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Video editing, video brochure production, and audio editing services for your next film or video project from the experts of Back Office Pro. For more information visit:


  • 1. Film & Video Editing 0 Film and video editing are tedious, time-consuming tasks 0 At Back Office Pro we offer Film & Video Editing services including: 0 Video Editing 0 Video Brochure 0 Audio Editing 0 Sub-titling 0 YouTube Monitoring

2. Video Editing 0 Do you have a wedding video, a documentary- in-progress, or eCommerce video that needs editing? 0 We will work with you on 0 Subtitling services for your new video 0 Color and background corrections 0 And editing sound, length, and other adjustments to match your content needs. 3. Video Brochure 0 Produce in-depth video brochures that outline the benefits of any specific product or service 0 With the latest technologies and an expert staff, we will put your product or service in its best light 0 If you have an existing video brochure, we can help with editing or creating an entirely new one from scratch 4. Audio Editing 0 You shouldnt have to clean your ears to hear what you recorded. At Back Office Pro, we carefully edit audios for quality and content. 0 Our careful measurements adjust pitch, remove unwanted sounds and voices, and remove any other audio components that detract from the audio file so that your audio is as professional as can be. 0 Our audio editing services are great for 0 Medical speeches 0 Seminars 0 Corporate presentations 5. Sub-titling 0 For optimal presentation of your video, we provide translation, subtitling, and overlay services. 0 Our multi-lingual staff and multiple quality checks ensure that your subtitles are both accurate and culturally sensitive. 6. YouTube Monitoring 0 YouTube monitoring is an effective way to protect your intellectual property. 0 At Back Office Pro, our YouTube Monitoring services assure that your material is not being freely distributed without the correct permissions. 7. We Guarantee Data Security ISO Quality 0 Our preventive measures to protect your intellectual property: 0 Login to access building 0 Locked workstations accessible only by authorized users 0 SmartCard access to building 0 NDA signed by all employees 0 Cisco VPN Tunnel used for security network 0 The ISO quality standards we follow include: 0 99% Achievement Rating for Optimal Quality 0 3+ hours training each month 0 >4 hours reserved for resolution escalation 0 99.5% technical and human system uptime 0 Full transparency and access to any and all error reports 8. In additionBACKOFFICE PRO offers services in Print & Design, Animation, Engineering, Research & Analysis, Data Management, Image Editing, and Transcription. Contact usBy visiting us online at Email us at [email protected]