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Film Magazine Editing By Kirsty Steward

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  • 1. Film Magazine Editing By Kirsty Steward

2. Photo Shoot 3. Chosen picture I decided to use this photo as the picture for my magazine front cover due to the composition. Amy is clearly in the middle of the screen with equal space around her making the piece look more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, her facial expression is good when linking with the prop of the mobile phone as this is a key scene in my teaser trailer and also the phone connotes the importance of technology in the film. Although the picture is portrait, therefore unconventional for a magazine front cover, I will edit the picture to make it landscape so it conforms to the conventions and looks more professional. 4. Brightness and contrast I first edited the lighting with the picture by increasing the brightness but making the contrast more apparent to create slight shadowing on Amys face. This is because low key lighting is conventional in the Thriller genre, yet the image still needs to be bright enough to be enticing for a young female audience to pick up the magazine, thus it couldnt be too dark. 5. Colour balance I changed the colour balance to make the picture have a blue hue to maintain consistency in my piece, as the colour is present in both other tasks, and also blue is a regular colour featured in technology, thus alluding to the main theme in my film again. 6. Final result Overall I believe the photo captures the vulnerability of the character in the scene I wanted to portray as well as making the genres appear easy to read and present in the piece.