film poster editing - stage 2

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Film Poster editing

Stage 2

After completing basic editing on our chosen film poster image, we were able to continue with stage 2, which involved layeringan image of a diary page, an important part of our branding and main theme of our film,over the top of it. We wanted the diary to show only through the grass on our image, and not through Eve or the diary, which meant cutting Eve and the diary out from the grass, and layering the image of the diary in between them.We found an image of an old, handwritten diary entry which looked similar to the one used in our film, and decided to use it for layering over our poster.

Diary page


To begin the process of layering, I created a new layer and named it 'Diary,' to make it easier to manoeuvre between layers and to identify what layer I was working on. I placed the image of the diary page onto the layer, and then moved that layer above the background layer. At first, the image of the diary page was solid, but I then lowered the opacity to blend the two images together, and to be able to see the grass underneath the diary page.

Magic eraser

I then used the 'magic eraser' tool to rub out bits of the overlapping diary page that we didn't want to see through the background, so over Eve's body and the diary book itself. I first started rubbing out the layer broadly, but as the image got more intricate, especially around Eve's hair, I decided to use the polygon lasso tool to draw around the rest of her. This took a very long time to do, as all her hair was splayed out in individual pieces, and I had to cut out every piece of it perfectly. I first tried to use the magnetic lasso tool to do this, but it kept sticking to pieces of the grass.