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2. Establishing ShotExtreme Long shot showing the sixth form blockSound: Non diegetic 3. Over the shoulder shot, shot-reverse-shot, eyelevel, two shot of Mark&JayeshFade in/ Hard Cut in from the establishing shotSound: Diegetic- conversation between two friendsEditing: Shot-reverse-shotScript: 4. Two shot of Mark&Jayesh spudSound: Non-diegetic sound 5. Mark leaving for home timeIt will be a continuous shot from the last sceneSound will be same from the last scene 6. Truck shotJayesh walking towards 6th formCamera ShotDolly and truck shotSoundSame sound from last sceneEditingMedium paced editing 7. Sixth form block entraceOver the shoulder of Jayesh going towards the entranceSound is still continuous from last scene 8. Opening the doorPan shot of Jayesh opening the doorNon Diegetic sound from last scene 9. Going up the stairsTilt anglePOV shot when looking down while climbing the stepsCamera will tilt up and stay in the position while Jayesh goes upSound: Diegetic sound which will the sound around and climbing up steps 10. Pan ShotGoing to study roomPan shot of the room from left to rightSound will be Diegetic 11. Pan from left to rightStudy RoomPOV shot of study roomPOV shot will be a pan from left to rightMedium shot of Jayesh opening the door 12. Zoom into seatLooks for a seat and sits downZoom into the chosen seatMedium close upCamera is tilted as Jayesh walks to the seat 13. Jayesh working and after a while looks around theroomPOV shot, pan around the room (feel awkward because it is empty)Close up Jayesh doing his work 14. Jayesh hears loud noise outside and throws the penawayExtreme close up of shocked faceSound: non-Diegetic in the background when hearing the screamHeartbeat sound when pen dropsEditing will be slow paced when pen is thrown out 15. Looks and walks towards the doorSound: heartbeat soundTrack shot when walking to the doorEditing slow paced to show Jayesh is scaredPOV when walking to door 16. Opening the doorEditing slow pacedDoor creaking soundCamera zooms in and close up of hand on door handle 17. Slams door shut after hearing thunderclapFollowing on from the last scene:Sound: thunderclap in the backgroundFast editing when slamming the door shut 18. RUNS BACK TO THE STUDY ROOM IN TE CORNERJAYESH:(In his mind)BEHIND TABLEWhat do I do? What if I get caught? This issupposed to be a school, what did I just see?Jayesh stares at his phone on the table(In his mind)If I can get to my phone quietly, I can call for help!