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THE ART BOOK: The Art of Lolita Valderrama Savage Collection of Oil Painting



    Florence - Manila - New York City

    The ART OF

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  • Private Collection

    Permission to reproduce the following paintings isgratefully acklowledged:

    Aspettando il Ritorno, 2009 Sarteano, ItalySa Bukid, PhilippinesPicnic in Long Island, 1990, New YorkFall Magic, 2000, CT USAPath into the Forest, 2010, ItalyPonte di Luco, 2009, SpainVita Nuova, 2013, Leon, SpainSunset, 2008, Cetona, Siena, Italy

    Cover Page: Porta Allegria, Vigna Viva, 2010 Italy

    Cover and Book Design by Vrunda Patel

    Please, note that photographs of paintings in thisbook may or may not represent the actual colorand full size of painting.





    The ART OF

    Florence - Manila - New York City

    Caribbean Sunset - Oil-on-Canvas, 39.5 x 39.5 inches

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    Lolita Valderrama Savage




    Contemplating Lolita - Our Global Artistby Dominique Gallego, Manila, Philippines

    You should follow the wind of life, says LolitaValderrama Savage, describing one of her top threefavorite paintings, Call of the Wind (a gentlywindswept European landscape) and her lifephilosophy.

    After finishing her Fine Arts degree from theUniversity of Santo Tomas (Philippines) in the 70s, thewind whisked Lolita to Florence where she studiedpainting at the Accademia di Belle Arti as an Italiangovernment scholar, cutting short a budding teachingcareer at U.S.T. Today, her paintings grace private andcorporate collections in many parts of the globe.

    At three and a half years old, Lolita attached herself todrawing, my mother would pacify me with a pencil andpaper and Id be at peace for the next ten hours. In herhigh school yearbook, she officially pronounced thatshed be a painter. Nature would eventually become herchoice model. Growing up in Manila, she often stared

    Tuscan Olive Groves, 1995, ItalyOil-on-Canvas, 36 X 48 inches

  • 8at the sky, pondering about heaven. When visiting Bulacan, she always played in the mangoorchards and picked fruit straight off the trees. She looked forward to trips to La Union whereshe could be close to the beach and she relished the adventure of finding giant snakes in IlocosNorte while wandering the farmlands.

    She fondly remembers the Fernando Amorsolo paintings depicted in the San Miguelcorporation calendars they had at home. She loved the idyllic rural scenes with beautifulwomen, I imagined myself as one of them. As for Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion-Hidalgo,they inspired her to visit other countries and reinforced her belief that the Filipino artist couldbe as good, if not better, than artists from Western Europe or any part of the world. Jose Rizalis, however, her biggest hero. Im amazed at all he did in such a limited periodhe inspiredme to learn as many languages as I could. Global yet local, Lolita says, I love my country. Itake my country with me wherever I go. You cant fail when you take your country with youbecause youre not just failing yourself.

    Lolitas mentor, the well-respected Italian painter Silvio Loffredo (who himself was mentoredby the great Expressionist Oskar Kokoschka), describes Lolitas landscapes as creating a littleparadisean open gentle world that one will always remember. In Lolitas words, when youcommune with nature, you can reflect about existence and ask why youre here.

    From Italy, the wind transported Lolita to Sweden where she studied with the Swedish painterStaffan Hallstrom (whose works form part of NYCs Museum of Modern Art collection). WhySweden? Her Scandinavian friends convinced her that nature was more captivating there.Lolita stayed in Eskilstuna (a town about an hour away from Stockholm) where she would walkto the woods everyday to paint and sometimes get lost, it s wonderful to be lost! Lolita didntthink shed stay in Sweden for several years but she did because of the peace of pure nature



    (her Scandinavian friends were apparently right). Two of her top three favorite paintings areof Sweden - one in winter (a snow-blessed rural landscape with a series of Stugor or red cabinsin the far distance) and Path to the Woods (a lush summer forest scene with a path evokingmystery which I mistook for some tropical place; a souvenir of her days in Eskilstuna). Amongnatures blessings, she also favors the sunset when the perfectly round sun tears itself awayfrom the passionate embrace of the clouds causing fire as it descends to kiss the silent horizon.

    Aspettando il Ritorno, 2009 Sarteano, Italy - Oil-on-Canvas, 20 X 24 inchesPrivate Collection

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    Lolitas sister, for many years, had failed to convinceher to move to the United States. Sweden was thenLolitas home but love (for husband Frank Savage)was the wind that eventually transported her to theU.S. Lolita recalls that a married musician friendadvised, if you want to be a real artist, dont getmarried. If you choose marriage, youll lose yourart. For Lolita, however, marriage and art wereboth vocations. I just felt I had to respond to thosetwo calls. It wasnt impossible. Contrary to whatmy friend thought, it enriched my life. Thirtyyears and three grown-up children later, it swonderful that Frank mentions (offhand) that oneof his favorite paintings by Lolita is the very sameSwedish winter landscape that Lolita selected asone of her three favorites (loving hearts do thinkalike!). Lolitas art is also an integral part of herchildrens lives. She recalls that when one of hersons was quite small and she was packing off apainting to a buyer, he was very distressed. Herdaughter is an actress and I believe Lolitas art hasalso inspired her. Lolita admits that, even today, allher children are still a bit possessive of herpaintings. She makes it seem so effortless, raisingthree children (American style - no reliance onmultiple live-in yayas!) while being the perfectcorporate wife to a global businessman and making

    Sa Bukid, Philippines - Oil-on-canvas, 30 X 40 inchesPrivate collection



    sure to paint. Any woman who balances similar things knows its far from effortless.

    Lolita's favorite medium is oil on canvass although she does wonderful watercolors and penand ink too. She has also experimented with portraiture. Her style is Impressionistic (despitethe fact that her mentors were influenced by Expressionism) and very tactile (her paintings areeye candy, you want to touch them). When you meet her, youll instantly recognize the samepositive (ranging from restful to very vibrant) energy her paintings convey. My favorite paintingis LAutomne a Roussillon which reminds me of Albert Camus words, in the midst of winter,I have found within me an invincible summer.

    Coco Trees by the Sea, 2006 Philippines from memory - Oil-on-Canvas, 16 X 20 inches

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    Lolita first exhibited in 1975 in Florence, Italy. Shes also the first Filipina to have lived andpainted in Scandinavia and to have had a solo exhibition in Stockholm. Her paintings havebeen exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the U.K. and at the World EconomicForum in Davos, Switzerland. She has also been sponsored by the Commune of Florence toexhibit at the Museum of Dante Alighieri. She has also ventured to the North Pole to draw.

    I asked if she ever doubted her art, why should I? Its like doubting my existence. I and myart are one. To Lolita, artists are born not made and painting means exercising a gift, a giftto be shared, something to give joy and that must be useful and beneficial to others. Lolitaacknowledges that she and Frank have been blessed and because of this she has utilized her artto help others. She first became actively involved in charities while her children were in schooland noticed that fundraising was always a big challenge. So for many years now, she has usedher art to help raise funds for needy children, public education and entities that support artistslike the Foundation for Filipino Artists, Inc. As an admirer of St. Francis of Assisi, she remindsme, its better to give than to receive.

    She dedicates her paintings not only to family and friends but also to the universal force thatunites us together to learn about, understand, and love one another, through the beauty of art.She plans to continue creating and helping others. She hopes that she can inspire and helpyoung artists to dare to dream and allow themselves to be carried by the wind of life.

    Sidebar: Lolita has exhibited in the U.S., Italy, Sweden, France, the U.K. and Switzerland. Shereturns to her first foreign love, the city of Florence, to exhibit the fruit of her travels, life andpassion, 30-40 paintings, at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi (Via Cavour 1, Firenze Italia) fromDecember 3, 2013 (opening at 6 pm) through January 2, 2014.




    A Garden Symphony, 1987, Stamford, CT, USA - Oil-on-Canvas, 30 X 40 inches



    LOLITA VALDERRAMA SAVAGE is a lover and painter of Nature. She believes that inthe basic expressions and manifestations of its reality,Nature awakens the simple and humble place of thehuman being in the expanse of this Universe.

    Born in Manila, Philippines, Lolita received herdegree in Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Royal andPontifical University of Santo Tomas, the oldestCatholic univer