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  • FlakeMaster™ Flaking RollBaker Perkins’ FlakeMaster™ flaking rolls deliver consistent high qualityflakes at outputs of up to 1,500 kg/hour and with a low lifetime cost ofownership. Process conditions are accurately controlled for optimumflaking performance, while increased hygiene levels, easy access to allmachine parts and maintenance-free drive belts, contribute to reducedproduction downtime.

    High Quality FlakesThe Baker Perkins FlakeMaster™ flaking roll achieves the highestflake quality by accurately controlling the main process variables

    l A constant roll surface temperature is maintained by a highcapacity water cooling system to ensure optimum flakeconsistency

    l Precise gap control constantly maintains a pre-set roll positionfor desired flake thickness, regardless of the force required

    l Regulated product infeed across the width of the rolls maintains product consistency

    Low Cost of Ownershipl New simpler drive arrangement with maintenance-free

    timing belts l Flaking rolls typically run for 10,000 hours before

    regrinding and can be reground up to 10 times*l Removable discharge conveyor, mounted on

    slide rails, allows easy access to the deliverychute and underside of unit for cleaning andmaintenance

    l Outboard drives improve access and make maintenance easier

    l Acoustic drive covers and anti-vibration mountsreduce factory noise levels

    *Under normal operating conditions

    Superior Productivityl Pneumatically operated scraper arrangement has a thin blade that deflects to maintain

    uniform contact across the full widthof the roll

    l Downtime reduced by easy access forcleaning and maintenance

    l Open design provides good visibility ofprocess and easy access for cleaning

  • Precise Gap Control

    l Dynamic closed loop control system continuously maintains pre-set roll position regardless of the force requiredl Optional product feed sensor prevents rolls touching during breaks in product feed l Rigid frame construction maintains a clamping

    force of up to 100 tonnes with no loss ofgap control

    l Digital readout of the gap at each end of theroll with independent adjustment via the HMI

    Drive Arrangement

    l Rolls are independently driven using timing beltsl AC motors and timing belts require no routine maintenancel Acoustic covers reduce factory noise levels

    Easy to use Controls

    l Full PLC control with touch-screen HMI providing clear processvisualisation and intuitive operation

    l Recipe driven setup facilityl Comprehensive alarm functions and recent alarm history

    Infeed Options

    l Grooved roll feeder, typically used forcooked corn grits

    l Vibratory infeed, typically used for extruded pelletsl Distribution box, typically used for whole grain wheat

    Groovedroll feeder

    Vibratory feeder

  • Accurate roll surface temperature control

    l High flow rate contra-flow water cooling system distributescooling evenly over roll surface

    l Water chambers are close to the surface for maximumcooling effect

    l Closed loop system maintains water temperaturewithin a 0.2°C tolerance band

    l Water temperature can be set as requiredby operator

    l Cooling module uses distilled or demineralised waterfor longer operating life

    Water cooling module

    High flow rate contra-flow water circulation, ensuring efficient cooling

    Water channels areclose to the surface

    Water flow 10,000 litres/hour per roll

    Out In

    Maintaining accurateroll surface temperature

    Long-life Rolls

    l Roll surface comprises a weld layer of tool steel for superiorabrasion resistance and long life

    l Rolls can be reground up to 10 times and will run 10,000 hoursunder normal conditions between regrinds

    l Weld layer can be replaced when worn or can be repaired inthe event of damage by stones etc

    Wear resistant Scraper

    l Made from hard but flexible material to ensure uniformcontact across width of roll and long life

    l Blades are reversible and may be reground severaltimes to provide exceptionally long life

    l Held in position by variable pneumatic pressure systemto enable blade life to be optimised

    l Oscillating scraper option increases effectiveness ofscraper action

    Discharge Options

    l Reversible discharge conveyorl Vibratory discharge conveyor l Vacuum take-off system with sampling tray

    Vacuum dischargeReversible discharge


  • Baker Perkins LtdManor DrivePaston ParkwayPeterboroughPE4 7APUnited Kingdom

    T: +44 1733 283000 F: +44 1733 283004E: [email protected]

    I: www.bakerperkinsgroup.com/cereal

    Baker Perkins Inc3223 Kraft Ave SE Grand Rapids MI 49512-2027USA

    T: +1 616 784 3111 F: +1 616 784 0973E: [email protected]

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    C O N T A C T

    Optionsl Differential roll speedsl Oscillating scraper drivesl Grooved roll feeder, vibratory feeder or distribution boxl Manual gap controll Bi-directional discharge conveyor, vibratory discharge conveyor or vacuum take-off systeml Additional acoustic covers

    RangeStandard roll widths of 780mm and 1,120mm are available

    780mm Width1,000kg/hr


    1,120mm Width1,480kg/hr

    45kWNominal output*Roll drive (each)Roll clamping forceRoll SpeedGap control resolutionCooling water flow rate (per roll)

    Up to 100 tonnes160 rpm

    10 microns10,000 litre/min

    *output based on cornflakes before drying / toasting

    Innovation Centre The Baker Perkins Process Innovation Centre in Peterborough, UK is available for development of new products and processes as well as tests and demonstrations of our equipment. The centre contains a full range of test and development equipment for breakfast cereals including a twin-screw extruder with co-extrusion die, rotary cereal cooker, flaking roll, shredding rolls, dryer and toaster. Ourexperienced food technologists use these facilities to develop new products and processes, both for our own R&D programme and for specific customer projects.

    Lifetime Support™ Every piece of Baker Perkins equipment comes with the assurance of comprehensive support throughout its life. Lifetime Support™ includes a range of services that for each piece of equipment reduce the cost of routine maintenance, extend its useful life or improve its performance. These extend from parts and service throughinspections and fault-finding to major repairs and rebuilds. Alsoavailable are planned maintenance contracts and upgrades to key features, including

    l Upgrade flame-hardened rolls with wear-resistanttool steel layer

    l Improved hydraulic gap control systeml Reduced stub-shaft wear conversionl Improved drive and control systems