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Ipoh Mural Art


  • 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING AND DESIGNTHE DESIGN SCHOOLFOUNDATION IN NATURAL BUILT ENVIRONMENTGroup Member : Joshua Yim (0317945)Khor Hao Xiang (0318065)Khor Yen Min (0318149)Lee Czen Shing (0317832)Nge Jia Chen (0317738)Wong Zhen Fai (0317890)Intake : February 2014

2. ARTISTName : Ernest ZacharevicOrigin : LithuaniaFunded by : Georgetown Festival /Penang Island MunicipalCouncel 3. OLD UNCLE with COFFEE CUPLocation :OLDTOWN White Coffee Padang Outlet 4. OLD UNCLE with COFFEE CUPFirst ImpressionThe large size of the mural places this mural in a higher dominance over other murals of Ipoh.Physical Appearance- Old man with old coffee cup symbolizes the history and culture of coffee in Ipoh.- Hibiscus flower on the coffee cup symbolizes the uniqueness of the Malaysian coffee.Facial ExpressionThe old man looks intrigued by the rebirth of Ipohs old town.Body languageHand gesture shows a calm environment in Ipoh. 5. AIR PLANELocation :Jalan Tun Sambanthan 6. AIR PLANEPhysical AppearancePaper plane shows the freedom of the townFacial ExpressionPlayfulness of the kid with the white shirt shows the vibrance of ipohIntercultural Communication(yellow shirt - malay kid / white shirt - chinese kid) Both are happily playing although they are different race.Body LanguageYellow shirt kid steering the plane. This shows the stability of the town.SpaceBoth kids shows closeness and proximity in Ipoh which shows the friendliness in Ipoh. 7. EVOLUTIONLocation : Jalan Bijeh Timah 8. EVOLUTIONFirst ImpressionChinese painting style of the mural art represents the majority of chinese miners in IpohPhysical AppearanceMonotonous colour represents the early days in Ipoh.Body LanguageShows the hard work of people during the early days of Ipoh (mining to secure the economy of their country.)SpaceThe vastness of the background of the mural art represents the huge availability of tin in Ipoh.ArtifactsContrast of traditional wooden structure and modern technologies (dredger).