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  • Following their incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, Touchfire saw their sales momentum slow down significantly as press coverage

    and overall awareness began to subside. Wasting no time, Touchfire partnered with GiddyUp to increase their

    conversion rate, average sale order, and sales volume.

    GiddyUp’s integrated marketing strategy included a high-converting sales funnel, a compelling offer, and high-performing ad creatives that drove immediate transactions. The most integral part of the campaign, however, was profitably driving high-quality traffic from a select group of online channels such as PPC, social media, email, and display—all on performance. The results were absolutely astounding!

    Since working with GiddyUp,

    Touchfire has sold millions

    of dollars of product purely

    on commission, has learned

    which online channels are the most

    profitable, and is now working with

    GiddyUp on new innovative campaigns

    to continue scaling sales across their full

    product line.

    Over $2 Million Purely on commission

    40% Increase Organic traffic and sales

    67% Increase Average sale order

    100%+ Increase Website conversion rate