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2. Introduction Methodology Trends in Food Appendix Influencer/Expert Q&As Additional ChartsA note to readers: To make the report easy to navigate, weve added hyperlinks to this page and the Trends in Food pages, so you can jump immediately to the items that most interest you (or, alternatively, you can read the material straight through).2 3. What and how we eat today might look quite baffling to anyone whos missed the past decade: Gluten-free treats from a food truck? Foodspotting an order of locally sourced, heirloom vegetables? Yet at the same time were reconnecting with our past, looking to eat more communally and celebrating regional food traditions, even digging up antique recipes. This report surveys whats changing when it comes to how we find, cook and eat food, how we think about what we eat and how brands are marketing food. It doesnt, however, attempt to round up everything of note in the wide world of food and beverage. Rather, it focuses on eight of the relevant macro trends weve highlighted in the past few years, plus three overarching trends affecting the food category: the influence of technology, health and wellness, and foodie culture. Within these trends, we spotlight some of the things to watch weve been tracking.3 4. JWTs Whats Cooking? Trends in Food is the result of quantitative, qualitative and desk research conducted by JWTIntelligence throughout the year. Specifically for this report, we conducted quantitative surveys in the U.S. and the U.K. using SONAR, JWTs proprietary online tool. We surveyed 1,270 adults aged 21-plus (768 Americans and 502 Britons) from Jan. 19-24; data are weighted by age, gender and income. We also received input from JWT planners across several marketsincluding the U.K., Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Poland, South Africa and Thailandand interviewed experts and influencers in food and beverage.*SUDHIR KANDULA, Americas Next Great Restaurant contestantELISE KORNACK, co-founder, Take Root; Chopped contestantMICHAEL LEE, founder, StudiofeastSTEPHANIE STIAVETTI, food blogger ( and writer*To read our Q&As with these influencers/experts, see Appendix.4 5. 1. FOODIE CULTURE Food as Theater Food Fairs Food by Subscription Fearless Eating KitchenRestaurants Roots Revival Antique Eats Moonshine Heirloom Everything New Nordic Cuisine Beer Sommeliers Beer Cocktails High-End Techniques for Amateurs2.FOOD AS THE NEW ECO-ISSUE Spiking Food Prices From Staples to Luxuries Greener Supply Chains Greening Restaurants Carbon Footprint Labeling Curbing Food Waste Veering Vegan/ Vegetarian Insects as Protein Artificial Meat Sustainable Palm Oil Rooftop Farming3.THE DEVIL WEARS PACKAGING BYO Containers Reusable Packaging Hydration Stations4.HEALTH AND WELLNESS Fooducate Nutrition Scores Fat Taxes Healthy and Fresh Vending Machines Gluten-Free Hold the Salt Inhaling Smart Lunchrooms Organic Fast Food Whats New in Functional Foods - Food, Ph.D. - Artery-Cleaning Foods - Mushrooms - Matcha - Slow Beverages - Greek Yogurt - Spices - Juicing Up Coconut - Nutricosmetics5.MAXIMUM DISCLOSURE Labeling Legalities Tell-All Vending Machines Going Behind the Scenes Visual Fluency6. LIVE A LITTLE The Lipstick Index Effect A Little Serving of Sin5 6. 7. NAVIGATING THE NEW NORMAL Smaller SKUs8. GETTING SMARTER Smarter Cookbooks Smarter Recipes Smarter Kitchens Smarter Ordering Smarter Shopping Smarter Packaging9. ALL THE WORLDS A GAME Apps That Gamify Eating Gamifying the Business Model10. SCREENED INTERACTIONS Screened Dining Kiosks/Vending Machines Interactive Outof-Home Ads11. RETAIL AS THE THIRD SPACE Food Halls Communal Eating Shops That Do More6 7. Yesterdays gourmand has multiplied into factions of foodies all with various passions centered around cooking, dining out and eating, eating, eating. A foodie backlash may be under way, but food remains more photographed, analyzed, critiqued and generally obsessed over than its ever been.Food as Theater Food Fairs Food by SubscriptionFearless Eating KitchenRestaurantsRoots Revival Antique EatsMoonshine HeirloomEverythingNew Nordic Cuisine Beer Sommeliers Beer Cocktails High-end Techniques for AmateursWhat It Means for BrandsImage credit: gwen7 8. Foodies take their dining seriously, but that doesnt mean it cant be fun: Weve seen the rise of theatrical events that turn eating into a high-concept production filled with surprise and whimsy.Last year several New York dining clubs banded together to serve an upscale six-course lunch aboard the L subway train as it traveled from Manhattan through Brooklyn. Invitees didnt know what they were in forthey met at a given intersection and then were guided underground. The event wasnt officially sanctioned, only adding to its allure.Dner en Blanc, an idea that began in Paris, is akin to a refined flash-mob feast, as The New York Times put it: Several hundred to a few thousand people, all wearing white, dine in a public spot, bringing their own food and tables. The location is secret until the day it takes place. More than a thousand attendees participated in the first New York Dner en Blanc last year.Le Fooding, a French gastronomic group, puts on conceptual events like last years Exquisite Corpse: Borrowing from the surrealist idea, the 48-hour New York event involved 12 successive dinners in which each highprofile chef was required to use some ingredients from the previous chefs meal.The group Chicago Foodies has started a Unique Dinner Series to challenge chefs creativity. The inaugural event, in January, was titled 16 Courses of Black.At Dans le Noir, a restaurant with branches in several European cities and New York, diners eat in the dark, only finding out what they ate after the meal.Image credit: Dner en Blanc8 9. Along with foodie-ism, a couple of trendsgreen markets, mobile vendors (food trucks), affinity for local purveyors and the DIY movementare helping to propel local food fairs: markets comprising vendors that each focus on a few specialty dishes or goods. For instance, New York foodies flock to Smorgasburg, on the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which hosts about 75 vendors once a week during non-winter months. Food raves, markets that dont require vendors to have permits and insurance, are also popping up. In San Francisco, bands play at the periodic SF Underground Market, which runs from late morning till the wee hours and requires membership for entry. Similar markets big and small operate in other cities, from The Secret Fork in L.A. to the DC Grey Market in Washington.Image credits: Smorgasburg; DC Grey Market9 10. Old-fashioned monthly subscription services are on the upswing, but rather than the typical wine or fruit of the month, they offer curated selections for foodies who like the idea of receiving surprise packages and staying attuned to whats new and notable.Gilt Tastes selectionsranging from whimsical whoopieCraft Coffee sends three varieties of coffee per month, all from small roasters around America.Love With Food uses the buy one, donate one model, donating a meal to a food bank for every box of curated gourmet bites purchased.pies to game meatsare curated by former Gourmet editor and author Ruth Reichl.Foodzie calls itself a Tasting Club and selects foods from various sources, many of them small-batch producers. Subscribers choose among three boxes each month.Blissmobox, which offers several monthly options of organic and eco-friendly products, recently added BREAKbox, an assortment of healthy, high-quality snacks designed to stock the office kitchenette.Image credits: Craft Coffee; Gilt Taste; Love With Food10 11. Unconventional ingredients, meats and dishes are popping up on menus of the more trendy variety, often in conjunction with the nose-to-tail trend. In the U.S., foods not typically found in the American dietsuch as cockscombs, alligator and lambs brainare finding favor. The hot L.A. restaurant Animal is filled with options mom likely never cooked, including pig ears and sweetbreads. In the U.K., where such foods have also been shied away from, Londoners are abuzz about Brawn, which serves pigs trotters and head of veal.While such items have been filtering onto restaurant plates for some time, todays foodies are ordering them with an eagerness that rivals Andrew Zimmerns (the intrepid host of TVs Bizarre Foods). These forays outside established comfort zones help people stand out in the social media stream and earn some cred among fellow foodies. And after years of broadening their palates, foodies have nowhere to go but the bizarre.Insects are another fear factor ingredient gaining traction: A Mexican food cart in San Francisco, Don Bugito, focuses on exotic dishes like ice cream topped with caramelized mealworms. Last year for Cinco de Mayo, Dos Equis Feast of the Brave promotion in New York involved a food truck giving away free cricket, ostrich or veal brain tacos.Image credit: brianplattcreative.com11 12. The wall between the kitchen and the restaurant dining room has been disappearingallowing curious customers to watch the cooks in actionand now some restaurants are conflating the two altogether. For example, The Kitchen Restaurant in Sacramento, Calif., offers a six-course meal, with diners encouraged to make themselves at home. Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare, in Brooklyn, lets 18 guests watch the chef cook 20 or so small plate courses. The concept lets curious foodies feel like true insiders and unwraps the process for patrons, providing the behind-thescenes view that consumers are increasingly interested in.Image credit: The Kitchen Restaurant12 13. As various international foods infiltrate markets worldwidesushi is going mass market in Venezuela; Mexican and Argentinean restaurants are finding favor in Australiatheres concurrently a new appreciation for national and regional foods, and cooking techniques unique to o