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Fossil Fuels. Ben Barendrecht, Patrick kap, Joris Voogt. What are fossil fuels ?. Oil Gas Coal Energy rich carbohydraat molecules. How are they formed ?. Plants and animals die. Their remains stay behind Over time they get covered with large amount of stone and sand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Fossil Fuels

Ben Barendrecht, Patrick kap, Joris VoogtFossil FuelsWhat are fossil fuels?OilGasCoal

Energy rich carbohydraat molecules

How are they formed?Plants and animals die.Their remains stay behindOver time they get covered with large amount of stone and sandUnder the influence of pressure a chemical reaction takes place which changes the remains in usable forms of carbohydratesf.e. C6O6H12 -> CH4 + ..

Where are they most commenly found?

Where are they most commenly found?

Where are they most commenly found?

How do we get them out of the ground?CoalLarge open area minesMineshaftsOilOil platformsPumpjacksGasGas platformsDrilling rigs

How do we draw Energy from them? (oil)Oil is boiled

Creating different layers.

Used for machines and production process for medicines and chemical goods

How do we draw Energy from them? (Coal)Mainly produces heat and electricity

When burned it produces steam Producing electricity

How do we draw Energy from them? (Coal)

How do we draw Energy from them? (Gas)Energy taken with gas turbinesBy rotating a dynamoCleaner than other FF fuels

is the best domestic heating fuel

FOSSIL FUEL USAGE87.67 % of the total energy consumption in 2012 is being produced by fossil fuels

2006 - Fossil fuel consumption of total energy consumption per country America 85.6% Netherlands 92.5%Belgium 74.1%Germany 81.6 %Sweden 33.4%Switzerland 53.9%Forecast(depletion)Proved reserves 2005 2007

Coal: 905 billion metric tonnes left.Oil: 1119 billion barrels to 1317 billion barrels left.Gas: 175 181 trillion cubic metres left.

Daily production 2006

Coal: 16,761,260 metric tonnes.Oil: 84,000,000 barrels.Gas: 2960 billion cubic metres.FORECAST(DEPLETION)For how long do we still have fossil fuels?

Using the information given on the previous dia

Coal: 148 years Oil: 43 years Natural gas: 61 years

Most optimistic guess

Coal: 417 years Oil: 43 years Natural gas: 167 years


Population growthEconomyTechnologyRenewable energyDepletion numbers of fossil fuelsHow do we get the most out of the remaining quantities?Use more renewable energy

New inventions

Save energy yourself!

PROS OF FOSSIL FUELSVery large amounts of electricity can be generated in one place using coal, fairly cheaply.

You can build fossil-fuelled power stations almost anywhere, as long as you can transport the fuel to the power station.

The transportation of gas and oil to power stations is easy.

CONS OF FOSSIL FUELSPollution (carbon dioxide and acid rain)

Not renewable on short terms

Large areas of landscape are ruined because of mining and landscape is needed to store coal near the power stations

ConclusionRight now, we cant live without fossil fuels

Preserve fossil fuels

We need to change our energy production