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• It is usual among the French arrive at a social gathering last 15 or 20 minutes of the agreed time. Which is not frowned upon, but greater than these delays.

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• Among the French is a custom greeting and saying goodbye with a handshake, which should not be strong because it would be considered a lack of respect.

• It is also common to greet with 3 kisses between friends and family. You have to start with the left cheek if you do not want to create confusion, no mistake!.

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• It is a custom for the French not to answer when one speaks to them in another language since they appreciate more when a visitor tries to speak its language to weigh that it does not do it correctly.

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• When we have been invited to a House, we must bring some little detail: depending on the occasion it can be flowers, a few cupcakes, a toy for the child or a bottle of wine.

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• Do not take snacks or meals before lunch or dinner, they think that spoils the flavor of the main foods. They like to chat on the table. At the end they take a coffee, drink and if the occasion deserves it, a cigarette.

• It is very important to congratulate to the cook, which is a source of pride.

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• It is valued a lot dressing well and with style; wear costumes with a bad haircut, shoes or socks inappropriate, etc., will create an image of little professionalism. In the business they are pretty serious: want to see data, figures and reports and discuss them before taking hasty decisions.

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• France is a country where family ties are still strong but with some changes, which has brought modern life as the fact of smaller families, whose children leave the parental home as soon as they finish school.