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Freak the Mighty. Chapters 3-4 comprehension. Ornithopter. Da Vinci’s model ornithopter. Sword in the Stone. Knights of the Round Table. Freak’s language. “… an o rnithopter is just a big word for mechanical bird.” “Observe and be amazed earthling.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Freak the Mighty Chapters 3-4 comprehension Ornithopter

Da Vincis model ornithopter

Sword in the Stone

Knights of the Round Table

Freaks language an ornithopter is just a big word for mechanical bird. Observe and be amazed earthling. Sobriquet means nickname, and demeanor means expression.King Arthur was the first king of England , way back when there were still dragons and monsters in the world. Maxs language Even though Im not sure what he means, I go, Thats cool.I go, Huh?For about the eleventh time I go, Huh? This time I dont say huh because then I might have to explain how Im an L.D.

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