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The English Academy offers some highly useful training programs to Educational Institutes free of charge. This presentation gives information about these four free programs & also about a few of our other training programs.The four free programs are: Are You Preparing for Success or just a Degree, Shine Under Stress (How to Prepare for Exams), Dare to Dream & How to Overcome Fear to use English.


  • We are The English Academy 305-Helix Complex Nr. Hotel Kansar, Sayajigunj, Vadodara-390 005 Gujarat (India) (M) (91)88666 80407, (91)97279 19756, (E-mail) [email protected] Visit us at: Corporate Training Personality Development Mentoring Hand Holding
  • 1. ARE YOU PREPARING FOR JUST A DEGREE OR SUCCESS? (SKILLS ALL EMPLOYERS DESIRE) Contents: Professionals life vs. Students life. Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills (which is more important) You are being judged all the time. How to always leave good impression. Four universal laws for success. A new perspective for success. Think big for success.
  • 2. DARE TO DREAM Contents: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. How to Find Everything You Ever Wanted. Learn Seven Life Lessons from Children. Learn to Change Habits. Learn that Words Have Power. Learn the New Perspective. Take The Road to Success. Learn to beat Self Sabotage. (Think Big)
  • 3. SHINE UNDER STRESS (HOW TO PREPARE FOR EXAMS & WRITE PAPERS) Contents: 1. Is Exam stress good or bad? 2. How to Prepare for Exams? 3. How to take the Exam, & 4. How to overcome Nervousness during exam.
  • 4. HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR TO SPEAK & WRITE IN ENGLISH Contents: 1. Does good English matter? 2. How to overcome following commonly expressed fears stopping us to use English: I have poor vocabulary, I dont know grammar, I lack self confidence, Others make fun, I lack practice, I lack environment.
  • PROCEDURE TO ORGANIZE THE WORKSHOPS IN YOUR INSTITUTE. Please contact Sarwan Singh at 8866680407 or write to him at [email protected] to confirm a suitable date. Our preferred days for these workshops are Saturdays. However; please allow about 10 days to conduct the workshop. We want to emphasize that the workshop is totally free of charge. The institute is not required to make any payment to the consultant/s for conducting the workshop. However; Institutes situated outside Vadodara are requested to provide either conveyance facility or just reimburse cost of travelling to & from Vadodara. For destinations requiring overnight stay, lodging & boarding also shall have to be provided. The duration of each workshop is about 90-120 minutes.
  • ABOUT 20,000 STUDENTS HAVE ATTENDED THESE WORKSHOPS SO FAR. Some of the educational institutes where these workshops have been conducted are: Baroda Public Schools, Gujarat Public School, Kendriya Vidyalayas, M S Hostel-Ambe Vidayalaya, Utkarsh Vidayalaya, Tejas Vidayalaya, Bright Day Scool, Bhavans School, Shreyas Vidayalaya, St. Josephs High School,Mira Public School, IIAEC College, Sigma group of Institutes, Sumandeep University, Baroda Medical College; & many others
  • A few of our other workshops for Educational Institutes:
  • HOW TO DEVELOP GOOD PERSONALITY & POSITIVE ATTITUDE Contents: What is importance of good personality? 10 Elements of good personality. 12 traits of person of bad personality. 6 Elements of positive attitude. What type of a person are you? A new perspective of life.
  • SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES Contents: What is interview. Interview is more then how you dress, walk, & greet. Selection is a process of rejection. Successful Interview techniques. 10 common mistakes in any interview. 20 common questions in any interview. Useful interview hints for fresh candidates.
  • GOAL SETTING (FOR STUDENTS) Contents: What is importance of goals. Difference between goal & dream. Smart goal setting. Personal goal setting. Why we dont set goals. 8 goal setting mistakes.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT (FOR STUDENTS) Contents: Why time management. How good is your time management. 11 time management tips for students. Time management techniques for students. How to overcome procrastination. Note taking & study techniques.
  • POWERFUL PRESENTATION SKILLS Contents: How good are your presentation skills? a quiz How to create impactful presentations? How to build powerful power point presentations. Presentation vocabulary in English. 7 tips to check if you are communicating clearly. 18 tips to improve your body language during presentation.
  • & many more.
  • ARE WE PREPARED FOR FUTURE? Without proper training; we are bound to fail.
  • WE ARE: The English Academy 305-Helix Complex Nr. Hotel Kansar, Sayajigunj, Vadodara-390 005 Gujarat (India) (M)(91) 88666 80407, (91)97279 19756, (E-mail) [email protected] Visit us at: Corporate Training Personality Development Mentoring Hand Holding