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Rancher and Docker From zero to heroMichael Vogeler Jan [email protected] Days Hamburg June 28th,2016

Hi my name is michael and this is jan. we work as systemadministrators for nexinto hamburg and today we want to talk about Rancher and Docker from zero to hero. The first part of our talk is alittle bit about our daily business.1

Who is Nexinto? What does Nexinto offer?Hamburg based Multi Cloud Services ProviderServices for business critical IT-systemsCustomized solutions for digital transformation Managed and self service cloud services

We offer our customersConsulting ServicesCloud ServicesPublic cloud solutions (Nexinto Business Cloud)Private cloud solutions (Nexinto Private Cloud)IaaSPaaSSaaSSecurity ServicesDedicated Customer Solutions


But at first lets talk about Nexinto. Who is Nexinto and What does nexinto offer?Nexinto is a Hamburg based Multi Cloud ServiceS Provider.We offer services for business critical IT systems.Customized solutions for digital transformation andmanaged and self service cloud services.For our customers we offerConsulting ServicesCloud Services like our Nexinto Business Cloud, Nexinto Private Cloud, classical Iaas, Paas, SaaS, Security Services and dedicated Customer Solutions.


The Past...In the late 1990s and 2000s everyone played with setups like the classical 4-4-2:ffentlich


But now let us turn to docker and let ustake a small journey back into the past.

In the late 1990s and 2000s everyone played with setups like theClassical 4-4-2.


The Past ...In the IT World we can compare this setup with a LAMP stack.ffentlich