from zero to hero with xero

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  • From Zero to Hero

    With Xero

  • So youve

    chosen Xero for

    your business


  • Congratulations!

    Xero is used by

    more than half a

    million small



  • Its not only

    beautiful, its

    easy to use.

    A winning


  • You may have

    been using it for

    a while & you

    feel you arent

    quite getting the

    most out of it

  • Or maybe youre

    thinking of using

    it in your business

    but havent

    made up your

    mind yet

  • Well youve

    come to the right


  • I use Xero in my

    business and for

    my clients


    I could talk

    about it for


  • But I wont

    because Im sure

    10 easy tips to

    would make you

    much happier.

    rock Xero

  • So follow me

  • Search boxThe fast way to get around. Type in the information you have to hand, eg contact name or amount. Up comes a list of relevant transactions to choose from.


  • Bank feedsXeros super power. Your bank transactions are fed into your software making regular bank reconciliations a breeze.


  • 3Online storageAttach source documents to your transaction. For example, take a photo of a receipt and upload it into Xero. No more digging back through folders or boxes trying to find information.

  • 4

    Go mobileCheck up on your finances whilst out having your morning coffee. Invoice customers on the spot for faster payment.

  • 5

    Business logoIt only takes a few minutes to set up a great looking invoice and to get your professional brand out there, complete with logo.

  • 6

    Publishing reportsNo need to print off or email reports to interested parties, they can be saved right within Xero.

  • 7

    DashboardSet this up so that everything that is important to you shows up here and can be navigated to with the click of your mouse.

  • 8

    General Ledger backupBecause its nice knowing youve got a copy should you ever need it.

  • 9

    Bank rulesTell Xero how to treat regular transactions to avoid repeating the same data entry over and over again.

  • 10

    Invite your adviser inThis has to be my favourite. If my client has a quick question I can log right into their file from wherever I am and help them straight away.

  • So now that youve

    seen how easy it is to

    go from Zero to Hero

    with Xero, why not log

    in or test drive Xero

    now and put these 10

    tips into action

  • Happy


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    Festival Bookkeeping

    Sarina Abbott

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