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  • 1. To start my front cover I first placed my top banner. To do this I usedthe rectangle tool to draw the rectangle on the top of the page andthen used the text tool to write on my text. I then changed the fontwith the font tool.

2. I then repeated this process for the bottom banner. To create mymasthead I first selected the font tool and then write the title of mymagazine on it. I then increased the size of the font and added a strokeeffect and drop shadow in the blending options section of the layersmenu. 3. I then had to add my cover star to the magazine. To do this I first placedmy image on the page. I then used the polygonal lasso tool to croparound image and then used the feather tool to soften the edges. Then allI had to do was modify the size until it fit how I intended it to. 4. I then used the rectangle tool to draw on a red box for my cover lines; Ialso gave it a white stroke to make it stand out using the blendingoptions. I then placed my text over the image using the text tools. I alsoused a barcode font to add a barcode and put issue information onusing the text tool. 5. I then added my tag lines by using the rectangle tool and gavethem a stroke effect using the blending options. I then rotated theboxes using the option on the box edit menu. 6. I then added text to my tag lines and rotated them to fit the boxes. 7. Once everything was done I decided that I needed to change mybackground so added a black background and downloaded a brushto add splatter effect to give my magazine more of a rocky edge.Once I had done this, my magazine was finished.