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Rise-N-Shine-Kids is a daycare in Brampton where the emphasis is put on preparing your child for the future while teaching them life skills. Visit to view their programs. They are located at 255 Queen Street East #5 Brampton, ON L6W 2B8‎ (416) 648-4567.


  • 1. Fun Activities for Daycare Kids
  • 2. IntroductionAccording to a report by the Canadian Council on Learning,child care is now a significant factor in the way kids live,learn and grow. More and more kids continue to enterdaycare facilities, and daycare is a big part of their earlydevelopment.
  • 3. IntroductionNot only is a daycare facility supposed to keep your kidssafe, they are also supposed to educate, teach them tosocialize and entertain. For most toddlers andpreschoolers, there is less emphasis on the learning andmore on the entertaining. Daycare is a place to playgames and have fun.Most quality daycares have a full range of games andactivities to keep kids busy and entertained. Here aresome good ones that work for multiple age groups.
  • 4. CraftsPreschool kids and even some toddlers learn a lot ofvaluable skills doing crafts at daycare. It also gives parentsa chance to see what their kids do during the day and get asense of their level of creativity. Seasonal crafts arealways popular, as are makeshift piggy banks and objectsmade out of old boxes.
  • 5. CraftsThe Family Education website suggests keeping old boxesyou were going to throw out or recycle and let the kidsmake things like:BoatsCarsDoll housesRobotsBuildingsTrains
  • 6. Silly PuttyPlaying with silly putty is always fun, but making it first andthen playing with it is even more fun. Family Educationsuggests combining two parts white glue with one partliquid starch, and mixing them together well in a bowl. Letit dry until you can work it with your hands and then havefun. You may have to adjust the recipe to get the rightconsistency. Store the homemade silly putty in an airtightcontainer.
  • 7. Sharks in the WaterSharks in the Water is a game where you use chalk ormasking tape to make a big square on the floor. The areainside the square is the safe zone or island, and everythingoutside the square is the ocean. The game is playedsimilarly to Musical Chairs, as music is played and the kidsswim around the island.
  • 8. Sharks in the WaterWhen the music stops, the sharks are coming and the kidshave to jump into the safety of the island. Unlike traditionalMusical Chairs, no one is tossed out of the game, and thekids are encouraged to work together to find a space foreveryone, as the island is made smaller and smaller.
  • 9. Mirror MirrorThis is a mimicking game where a leader is chosen andeveryone else has to try and mimic his or her movements.There are no verbal cues like Simon Says, and the goal isquick reaction so it looks as though the kids are looking intoa mirror with their movements.
  • 10. Lets PretendMany child care games also double as exercise sessions,and Lets Pretend is one such game. All you have to do isencourage the children to pretend they are differentanimals or objects, and you can get them squatting,running, skipping and jumping as part of the game.
  • 11. Keep it UpBalloons are inexpensive and a fun accessory for manydaycare games. For Keep It Up, blow up one or moreballoons, then encourage the kids to work together to keepthe balloon up in the air. You can modify the rules byhaving them sit in a circle, not letting them use their handsor having them hit the ball in a specific order.
  • 12. Ball BounceIf you have a parachute or a large bed sheet, playing BallBounce is a fun game at any child care centre. Have thechildren hold the edges of the sheet so it is off the groundand taut. Place a ball in the middle of the sheet and havethe player pull on the sheet simultaneously to bounce it upand down. This game may be best suited for older kids asit requires quite a bit of coordination and is challenging.
  • 13. Free TimeFree Time, where kids are able to interact and play gamesand play with toys on their own, is important to developsocial skills and use their imaginations. Places likeBrampton Child Care Centre Rise-N-Shine Kids hasdifferent programs for different age groups, which allowskids to experience free time with their own peer group.
  • 14. AdviceRise-N-Shine-Kids is a daycare in Brampton where theemphasis is put on preparing your child for the future whileteaching them life skills.Visit to view theirprograms. They are located at 255 Queen Street East #5Brampton, ON L6W 2B8 (416) 648-4567.