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Fun with E = mc 2 Samir Dhurde IUCAA, Pune

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  • 1.Fun with E = mc2Samir DhurdeIUCAA, Pune

2. E = mc2 is everywhere! 3. Does this mean that Equations dont scare us? We can use science just like scientists? We dont need to go to school !? We can get all Science off Discovery Channel? Everyone knows what Einstein knew? OR Science is bad because people can makebombs out of it? 4. What do you think ofEnergy (in joules)= Mass (in kilograms) X The Speed of Light Squared (in meters squared per second squared) ? Complex Science?!? Its our same old friend E = mc2 But did you know these units? NoBecause you never used E = mc2 !!!for us Using Knowing = Memorising 5. So lets use it Howmuch energy will one litre of water yield if it is converted entirely into Energy? 6. E = mc oki: ;k! 2izu% 1 fyV ik.;krqu vkiY;kyk fdrhmtkZ fuekZ.k djrk ;sby ? 7. Isnt that a strange question? Lots No energy beNeither can goes of its Not!E = mc2 tells youdestroyed but, under into making even a MattermassEnergy canand and it areexactly how much special circumstances, small twoenergyof the same formsgot given in aeitherbe be turned also can back amount of massinto thing!some form.the othercontains.Use it Properly! 8. The speed of light Light travels three hundred million meters ina second i.e. 300,000,000 m/s A meter is as big as a ???Thats a So (forgetting the units for now) BIG lotEnergy = mass x (300,000,000)2or E = m (90,000,000,000,000,000)= m (9 x 1016) (this form is easier to use isnt it?) . 9. izdkkpk osx 300,000,000 m/s So (forgetting the units for now),okya !dBhu gksra dk ?vkiu Einsteins Equation okijys !!! 12. What else can you find out about? Free your Mind! What could all thisenergy be used to power? 13. What else can you find out about? Free your Mind! ;k mtsZpk okij vkiY;kyk dqBs djrk ;sbZy? 14. Energy & Power A Joule is the effort required to push onekilogram over a meter at an acceleration ofone meter/second2. A Joule expended continuously for onesecond is a Watt. A litre of water, converted to energycould power a 1 watt light bulb for9x1016 seconds, or 2.5x1013 hours or ~3 billion years! (2/3 the age of the Earth) 15. Energy & Power 1 Joule = 1 kilogram yk 1meter/second2 ;k Roj.kkus 1 meter