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Fundamentals of Soil Science

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Fundamentals of Soil Science

5 functions

of soil

Brady & Weil, 2002

Photos J.L. Deenik

J.L. Deenik

Courtesy G. Fukumoto

Brady & Weil, 2002

Brady & Weil, 2002

Courtesy R.Ogoshi

Functions of Soil

Medium for plant growthRecycling systemHabitat for organismsSystem for water supply and purificationEngineering medium

Brady & Weil, 2002

Courtesy H. Ikawa

Courtesy H. Ikawa

Courtesy H. Ikawa

Courtesy R. Ogoshi

Why Such Diversity?Parent MaterialClimateBiotaTopographyTime

Why Study Soil?The living skin of the earth sustaining life(6.4 billion people and rising)We need to feed a growing population.What we do to our soils we do to ourselves!If we understand the fundamental role of soils, we can protect them

“Ua Mau ke Ea O ka `Aina I ka Pono”

Current ProblemsWorld population is increasing rapidlyOnly 10% of the world’s land area is suitable for growing cropsSoil quality is degrading world-wideGood soil management enhances soil, water, and air quality.