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Problem Volunteering: accountability, measuring impact, and rewarding participants Image Source: http-//

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  1. 1. Problem Volunteering: accountability, measuring impact, and rewarding participants Image Source: http-//
  2. 2. Potential Volunteers Want to trust that their efforts are well-spent. Metricising impact 1. Choose the manner in which they contribute 2. Maximise impact to their personal causes 3. Get a sense & record of achievement; feel like they moved the bar Accountability 4. Find the best organisations that match their cause and work style Increasing learnability 5. Makes entry level experience clear and accessible 6. Provide background information, event on-boarding and feedbackImage Source: http-//
  3. 3. Volunteering Organisations Want an easy, low-cost way to manage volunteers. Metricising impact Prove the organisations efficacy to their cause Have a user-originated measure of effectivenessAccountability Want appropriately skilled and motivated volunteers Want a way to reward volunteersIncreasing learnability Leverage an existing community of volunteers Automate management of events and peopleImage Source: http-//
  4. 4. Solution Cause Corps.! A website for volunteers to find volunteering initiatives that match the causes they care about and the way that they want to work. A way to crowd-review volunteering organisations.! A place for organisations to post events and find reputable volunteers. A service to reduce the cost/ augment ability to of provide a rewarding volunteering experience.! A system for mutually tracking the impact of both parties toward their shared causes.
  5. 5. Player Types Involved Initially caters for Explorers and Achievers.Design focus at launch is on thesingle player experience, highlighting types of activities volunteers can do from home before moving to bigger commitmentsHelps to solve empty bar problem! Subsequently then builds on Socialisers, leveraging data gathered to match them.Image Source: 8. www.freevector.com_V2
  6. 6. Game mechanics ! !Increasing learnability The sign up wizard has a simple XP system represented as a progress bar.Volunteers: encourages new-to-site to explore available events; through to volunteering for their first eventOrganisations: encourages new-to-site to post an event; through to creating a profile page about their organisation
  7. 7. Game mechanics Metricising impact & accountability - Explorers & Achievers (first) Upon completing an event, both the user and the organisation rate each other via an online feedback form. A reputation point is then added to both the below categories Causes, such as environmental, animals, health, et al. Work Type, such as work @ home, manual work, face-to-face, et al.! Both users and organisations can see their overall reputation as made up by these two categories.
  8. 8. Your%work%types%Examples The website lists the users top three causes and work types.Face7to7face"Oce"Work"Other" Animals" Human"Rights"Do"@"Home"Children"! Later functionality would provide drilldown charting.Other" 0"5"10"15"20"25"30"35"Your%causes% Children"Human"Rights"Other" Do"@"Home" Oce"Work"Animals"FaceAtoAface"Other" 0"5"10"15"20"25"30"35"
  9. 9. Game mechanics Metricising impact & accountability - Achievers (later) Award badges for progress within each cause and each work type Badge awarded at increasing scale, (e.g. 1, 3, 5, 8, 15, 25 reputation points in category) Miscellaneous badges e.g. based on overall frequency, overall number, streaks
  10. 10. !Game mechanics ! !Social aspects News/event feeds Personalised pages Follow organisations Suggest volunteers to each other based on: similar badges, causes, work types, locations Create specialised leaderboards for: each causeeach work typeeach cause/work type combinationand further refine/filter the leaderboard by geographical area as the user base scales
  11. 11. Cause Corps: Summary Metricising impact Reputation-based point system on two vectors - cause and work typeIncreasing Learnability Progress bar/XP system for new-to-site users to direct behaviour and reward progressAccountability Creating a two-way system of ratings allows volunteers to hold organisations accountable; and vice versa.Organisations can see how many people rated them positively/negatively for a given event, but not who exactly.Socialising those with the same causes and work styles Social mid-game, comparing oneself to others in similar categoriesEnd game Volunteers above a certain level are invited to start creating their own causes and running them
  12. 12. Appendix
  13. 13. User Actions Phase 1: Learn: Sign up/Learning to Use Explore the possibilities; commit to signing up for the first event Phase 2: Build reputation Build experience, status, reputation; against your causes and work types. Phase 3: Participate Compare, share, get involved in the community Phase 4: Create Create own volunteering causes and events.