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A webinar by Barclay Rae on how to gamify your IT service desk, the various challenges involved and how to overcome these challenges. Download the white paper on Gamfying your IT service desk by Barclay Rae from


  • 1. Barclay RaeNarain Muralidharan

2. AgendaIntroductionWhat is Gamification? Key elementsHow is gamification used in the workplace?Does gamification work?Applying gamification to Service DesksService desks and ITSMChallenges and objectionsAdoption, Benefits, futuresAbout FreshService 3. Introduction 4. What is Gamification? Applying the approach and mechanisms ofgames to the workplace To improve interaction and engagement at work This improves personal job satisfaction andreward It also provides a more efficient operation And it brings fun to the workplace 5. Gamification Key elementsReal time PerformancePersonal skills and achievementSocial Behaviour and Interaction 6. How this works Sales and commission Performance incentives Loyalty schemes Personal fitness/monitoring Social media SLAs and KPIs across customer service Service Desks and ITSM 7. Does Gamification work?100%Reduced attrition by 50% andabsenteeism by 80%.The company saves$380,000per yearparticipation fromteam membersIncreased profit margin by 40% 8. Applying Gamification in ServiceDesks 9. 9ITSMGoodness 10. 10Service Desks Real time performancemetrics Volumes, SLAs, KPIs,telephony, Incidents Knowledge articles, Customersatisfaction , call quality Bundles metrics forproficiency, levels, guru Management, simplification,visibility 11. Service Desk use cases Incident and SLA management Use of Knowledge Bundles of activities for success andstatus 12. Across ITSM Handling changes and requests Adding and updating Asset/CMDB records Reducing the number of incidents Shift leftThe greatest opportunity fromgamification across ITSM however isthe opportunity to make ITSM, ITgovernance and management funand interesting! 13. ChallengesThis is for kids, notfor me, Im aprofessionalThis will drive thewrong behaviours from ourstaff.We dont needmeasures and badges tomotivate us.This will cost a lot of moneyand be an overhead to manage.How can we make olderand more senior people followthis?It will create a culture of selfish behaviour.Were working very well thank you. 14. Adoption (1/2)1. What issues would we want to fix withgamification?2. Create a CSI register to prioritise these issues3. What benefits will we expect to receive?4. Is there clear and visible support frommanagement for this?5. What/who will be the key operational areas andpeople affected?6. Clarify the bundle of activities that might begamified 15. Adoption (2/2)1. Review the cultural demographic of the team andreadiness for gamification2. Identify areas that may resist this and plan mitigatingactions, education, communications3. Define and socialise the success criteria for the project4. Identify a short trial area to test before fullimplementation5. Identify market options for tools before implementation6. Get started..! 16. Benefits Better more rounded metrics on which to measureperformance Improved work culture through visibility and real timeperformance measurement Ability to combine service desk tasks with project goals andbundle these for individuals A practical model for delivering Continual Service Improvement Opportunity to drive governance across an IT organisation Automation and improvements in some time-consuming anddifficult management tasks e.g. appraisalProvide a more enjoyable working environmentService Desks are stressful workplaces..! 17. The futureITIL/ITSM processesIT EfficiencyCustomer experienceService Management beyond IT/ITSM 18. About Freshservice 19. Self Support Portal 20. Inside Freshservice 21. Earning points in Freshservice 22. Service Desk Quests inFreshservice 23. Gamification in Freshservice 24. Motivation = ResultsBetter agentengagementHappy agents.Happy customers.Faster ResolutionDecrease in Averageresolution times 25. Happy [email protected]@[email protected]@freshservice.comDownload the detailed white paper here.