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2. My Favourite GamesFallout 3 Sid MeiersCivilization 5Payday 2 Left 4 Dead 2Grand Theft Auto:San AndreasThe Bindingof IsaacThe Simpsons:Hit and Run Arma 3 3. GameplayGameplay within Computer Games differs from game to game, genre to genre.Certain games may require you to have quick reflexes, some may want goodaccuracy while others may be complex strategy. Because of this differinggameplay, the culture behind Computer Games is very rich and there are severalcommunities built around different genres and even games themselves.Watch Dogs F1 2010 Europa Universalis 3Call of Duty: World at War Assassins Creed 3 FIFA 14 4. StorylineAkmost all games have some sort of storyline that continues throughoutthe games. Often, Computer Games have better written storylines thantheir counterparts in the entertainment industry. Big budget games willoften have HollyWood writers compose the storyline for their games.Computer Games tend to be better storytelling mediums than filmsbecause the player is actually controlling their actions, and are able tomove with the story at their own pace, as opposed to films and watchingsomeone else play through the story. Many games have incrediblestorylines such as The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and Spec Ops:The Line 5. Character SelectionA wide number of games allow the player to customise their in gameplayer. This may be from a static set of characters, or it may allow theplayer to customise individual body parts such as hair, skin and eyecolour, facial features, body type among others.Diablo 3The Elder Scrolls:SkyrimMortal Kombat 4Super Smash Bros BrawlDifferent charactersallow players to keepthe game fresh andnew, and customisablecharacters allowplayers to feel closer totheir character. 6. TrailersTrailers for Computer Games are a very important part of the marketing of games. Oftentrailers will include gameplay footage of the game, to showcase the graphics and thegameplay inside the game itself. It may also simply set the theme for the game and notfeature any gameplay at all. Typically announcement trailers do this.Sometimes however, for the bigger budget titles, the trailer is not just limited to footage fromwithin the game. Companies will do Live Action trailers where actors dress up likecharacters and role-play the game.Civilization: Beyond Earth, Announcement Destiny, Live Action TrailerTrailer 7. PvE and PvPPlayer vs Environment is a term used in Computer Games where theplayer is fighting against computer controlled enemies (AI).Player vs Player is also a term used in Computer Games where the playeris fighting against another player. Both of these styles are immenselypopular and all games feature one or both of them.Warframe PvE DayZ - PvP Titanfall PvE and PvP 8. MapsComputer Games can have massive, sprawlingworlds that can take literal hours to cross.Because of this, maps have to be create to helpguide the player to their destination.With the new technology that has been broughtin by the latest set of Video Game Consoles,and PCs, the maps and levels in ComputerGames are bigger than they have ever beenbefore.The Elder Scrolls V:It apparently takes 4 hours, 29 minutesand 3 seconds to sprint around it.Skyrim Map The Crew Map 9. MusicThe music in Computer Games is very important. Like music in all othertypes of entertainment, music helps set the mood of the game and providea more atmospheric experience. The music in some games is more iconicthan the game itself, in the case of Mario and The Legend of Zelda, wherepeople who havent even played any of the games in the series willrecognise the song if played. 10. HuDsHuD, stands for Heads Up Display. This is common in First Person gamesand it helps indicate things about the game, such as the health of theplayer, the ammunition they have left and a map to help the playerorientate themselves. Not all games feature a HuD. Ultra-Realistic gamesoften dont feature a HuD as it would detract from the atmosphere of thegame.Assault Cube Quake Wars 4 11. Skill TreesComputer Games often feature a sort of skill tree layout. This is where asthe player progresses through the game, they gain more and moreabilities, or access to different weapons or cars and the like. This helpsmotivate the player to continue playing, as they feel they are makingprogress through the game.BorderlandsWitcher 2Path of Exile Far Cry 3 12. LevelingMost games feature some sort of levelling system to keep the playerinterested. This usually involves the player gaining Experience Points(XP) by doing certain things such as finishing quests, completing sideobjectives or beaten enemies. The player is then rewarded for levelling upby being granted a new skill or ability or the choice in picking what theywant.DreamTopia The Elder Scrolls 5:SkyrimCostume Quest 13. Quests/Missions/ObjectivesQuests or Objectives in a Computer Game is imperative. The player needsa goal to complete in order for the game to remain enjoyable. Theseobjectives could include a variety of tasks, such as delivering a package toanother character, killing or defeating a boss, defending an area or simplylistening to the story line.Objectives tend to vary slightly from game to game, but usually follow asimilar structure throughout.Borderlands Kingdom Age: Quests 14. Loading ScreensLoading screens are becoming a thing of the past. Due to hardwareadvancements in the technology that Computer Games run on, players nolonger have to wait a frustrating amount of time to load from level tolevel. However, in most games, loading screens still exist, due to gamesnot being able to load instantly, the game will display a screen which maycontain helpful information about the game, hints and/or tips, lore fromthe game or possibly just a splash screen.World of Warcraft Fallout 3 Bioshock Infinite