genetically modified organisms foods

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Also known as transgenic Genetically Modified Organisms Foods By: David & Samuel

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Genetically Modified Organisms Foods. Also known as transgenic. By: David & Samuel. Images. GMO FOOD & ANIMALS. GMO Foods. GMO Animals. Glow in the dark pigs Salmon Apes with human genes Cows with human genes Goats with silk in their milk (Biosteel). Corn Canola Soybeans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Genetically Modified Organisms Foods

Also known as transgenic Genetically Modified OrganismsFoods By: David & Samuel Images

GMO Foods GMO Animals Glow in the dark pigs Salmon Apes with human genes Cows with human genesGoats with silk in their milk (Biosteel) Corn Canola SoybeansCotton GMO FOOD & ANIMALS Definitions Agar- is a polymer made up of subunits of the sugar galactose, and is a component of the cell walls of several species of red algae that are usually harvested in eastern Asia and California.GMO- Genetically Modified Organisms GRAS- Generally Recognized As Safe R&R- Round-up ready

Definitions Pathogen: An agent of disease. A disease producer. The term pathogen most commonly is used to refer to infectious organisms.Patho- means a disease.Gen- indicating a producerGenome- is a set of genes in a organism. The genes that you want to change. FDA- Food and Drug Administration. Technology The new gene insertions are called transgenic or genetically modified organisms.The methods to this is through; transformation, injection, viral infection, or bombardment.Through DNA-coated tungsten or gold particles.The two ways to do this is through a gene gun (particle gun) or through bacterial vectors.

Gene Gun (Particle Gun)You have a bullet that is plastic, containing the DNA pellets (containing the desired gene) of gold or tungsten particlesAs it enters the cell at high speeds it leaves behind some of the DNA coating.The pellets can travel at speeds around 1000ft/s BombardmentIs inserting into the cell similar to the Gene gun. Is also use to insert into living animal organs.

Transformation Same as Bombardment. Transformation has three stepsArguably- leads to one or a few copies of engineered DNA to the plants genome. Keep the DNA intact.This causes tumors and galls this is where they insert the wanted gene.The Gene GunProtoplasts a cell gone through enzyme treatment to get rid of its cell wall made by sugar polymers. The plant as to be able to go through homologous recombination. Some mosses can go through this. Viral Infection Or known as viral carrierIt creates a virus and if infects a targeted area.So the virus attacks the cell and replicates this is when you add your selected gene in. GM DNA is 2-4 % different than the DNA of the parent, this is due to unpredicted mutations. Scientist took a human gene but in a single cell and the cell changed 5% of their expression. GMO Foods Advantages Greater product yieldCould perhaps be produced in larger amounts for less money through cloningIncreased taste, colour, aesthetic appeal Easier for farmers to manage, and therefore grow for less Disadvantages World does not have a food shortage, the world is just greedy Eventual adaptations and possible mutations of viruses and weeds Loss of natural elements, procedure, products Uncontrollable technology, replicates itself in natureResistance to pests New viruses/weeds, which will increase development in technology. Increases understanding of how the body functions Genetic pollution, cannot be contained by a fence, it spreads through pollination When problems occur they will be hard to stop, because of the nature technology. I.e. The plants make more than one copy of the viruses/weeds Advantages Disadvantages GMO Foods GM plantsDo not need a permit if they meet these 6 areasThe plant is not a noxious weedThe genetic stuff introduced to it is safely placed into the plants own genomeThe introduction is known and does not cause plant disease GM Plants 4. GM plant is not toxic to non-targeted organisms 5. The gene will not cause new plant viruses 6. GM plant cannot contain genetic material from animal or human pathogens Possible Actions Advantages More Jobs More foods Making under developed countries slowly becoming more developed Better nutrients in foodDisadvantagesSoil is damagedLoose wildlifeKill certain insects like butterflies Possible Actions Advantages Less pollutionLess environmental problems Waste less time and money Good For ethanol fuel Disadvantages Create pollination pollution

Personal implications Increase of income of certain farmers especially farmers that are powerful and bigger than usual family farms But it can descended family farms losing your right to know about foods of today and have no right to choice between normal or GMO foods (which means no labels of products)Personal Implications It can cause diseases, cancers, birth defects, disorders and even developing defects as growing and aging which eventually killing people you care about or even yourself.Societal Implications Thanks to GMO foods we are losing our own nave plants and animals like cattle, corn, grains and other foods that are not GMOPossible crime rates for more money and power in under developing countries Global Implications It can grow in just about everywhere in the world including drought areas and flooded areas as well. Getting people to be working as a more decent wage rate and can make the poor people like Kenya and other third world countries to have more nutritional and delicious foods for them. Global Implications Can cause illnesses and big companies want more. And people will have to work even when ill. Interesting facts GMO Corn Hybrid Corn Native Corn# of minerals# of minerals are that digestible Wild life choices Interesting facts GMO Corn Hybrid Corn Native Corn # of minerals 8832# of minerals that are digestible0832Wild life choice 321

Native Corn

Hybrid Corn GMO Corn

Interesting facts

Interesting fact What seed did canola originate from? RapeseedCanola wheat Which country came up with canola?France Canada Brazil

Interesting Fact What was the main purpose of canola? Get rid of fatty acids to make it better to eat.What was other purpose of canola? Animal feed it is high in protein. Who is the biggest single producer of canola?CanadaUnited States Argentina Interesting fact How much canola will be produced by 2015 in Canada ?15 million tons20 million tons 5 million tons

Interesting fact What can canola with stand?Canola can with standing herbicides. What was the main purpose of canola? Get rid of fatty acids to make it better to eat.



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