genetically modified organisms (tamara)

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Garden Genetics: Genetically Modified Foods Tamara O. Miles Teaching & Learning Science – Empire

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Page 1: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Garden Genetics: Genetically Modified Foods

Tamara O. Miles

Teaching & Learning Science – Empire State College

Page 2: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Our unit goal is to allow students to: investigate, study, organize, question &

share information about genetically modified foods

Page 3: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Recall the structure of genes

Identify how structure affects


Understand how GMO’s are made

Research primary


Evaluate environmental,

economic, and health issues

Instructional Objectives:

Page 4: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Students Brainstorm:• Make a Taco

1. Ingredients are provided on front table

2. Return to seats and enjoy

• Think about it:– What goes into a taco?

• What is it made from?• Where did the tomatoes

come from?• Where did the lettuce

come from? • Where did the meat come

from?Who is responsible for

getting it to us? (hint: farmers, biologists)

Students will think about how genetics affects what they


Page 5: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Now we read!

Page 6: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

The Case Study Begins

I will have slides prepared to

prompt discussions if


And suggest sites to visit to learn more… if

they ask!

Page 7: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Interest groups will divide and students will read, watch, and research a series of questions to report on.

Groups will play the roles of:




Page 8: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

There will be common questions and group questions to answer

Page 9: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Oral Presentation

Each team will present their findings to the class. They may use

YouTube, SmartBoard, or any other method of


Page 10: Genetically modified organisms (Tamara)

Conclusion•We read literature articles and discussed issues surrounding the use of genetically modified foods

•We recalled the central dogma of molecular biology- replication, transcription, and translation

•We worked in groups to relay our common answers