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Germany- Deutschland

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Germany- Deutschland. Geography. Federal Republic of Germany Bundesrepublik Deutschland Capital: Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 km 2 . Population: 81.8 million. 7 th largest in Europe. 62th largest in the world. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Germany- Deutschland

Germany- Deutschland

GeographyFederal Republic ofGermany BundesrepublikDeutschlandCapital: Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021km2 . Population: 81.8million.7th largest in Europe.62th largest in the world.

Germany is in Western and Central Europe, bordering Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic , Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Biggest rivers:Rhine,DanubeandElbe.

Highest peak:The Zugspitzeat 2,962 meters.

PoliticsGermany is afederal,parliamentary,representative democraticrepublic.

Current President: Christian Wulff.

Current Chancellor(Prime Minister):Angela Merkel

EconomyThe largest national economy in Europe.Thefourth largest by nominal GDP in the world. Thefifth largest by PPP.

CurrencyGermans use Euros just like Greeks.

Pic: Greek peoples money.

Cost of LivingCost of living in Germany is quite high.Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant, 7.83Water (0.33l), 2.00Milk 1 liter, 0,70Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g), 1.95Cinema, International Release, 9.00

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LanguageGerman is the official and predominant spoken language in Germany. It is one of the threeworking languagesof theEuropean Commission.Basic Phrases:Guten Tag! =good morningGute Nacht= good nightGuten Abend= good eveningHallo! Ich bin= Hello! I amWie gehts?= how are you?Mir geht es gut= I am fine.Tsch= ByeJa= yesNein= no

Bitte= PleaseIch spreche kein Deutsch= I dont speak any GermanIch komme aus Griechenland= I come from GreeceIch bin Griechisch= I am GreekWer?= Who?Wo?= Where?Was?= What?Danke (schn)= Thank you (very much)

ReligionChristianity is the largest religion in Germany, with around 51.5million adherents (62.8 percent).

30.0 percent areCatholicsand 29.9 percent are Protestants.

The second largest religion isIslam ( about 4 million).

Others: Buddhism, Hinduism.

CuisineGerman cuisine varies from region to region.In all regions, meat is often eaten in sausage form.Although wine is becoming more popular in many parts of Germany, the national alcoholic drink is beer. Beer consumption per person is really high.German restaurants have become the world's second-most decorated after France.Famous DishesCurrywurst: a fried or grilled sausage cut into thick slices and seasoned with spicy ketchup and generous amounts ofcurry powder.

Bratwurst: usually composed of veal, pork or beef.

Kartoffelsalat(potato salad).

Kohlrouladen:German-style cabbage rolls.

Sauerbraten: beefpot roastmarinated in vinegar, water, spices and seasonings.

Kartoffelpuffer: potato pancakes

Knigsberger Klopse:a Prussian specialty of meatballs in awhite saucewithcapers.

Eisbein: literallyice leg/bone,is the German name for a culinary dish involving the pickledham hock,usually boiled.

CultureDue to its rich cultural history, Germany is often known as das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers).

Picture: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Most famous German writers/poets/thinkers:Beethoven Schiller Goethe Kant Schopenhauer Einstein Strauss Brecht Marx etc.

Famous LandmarksReichstag, Berlin

Cologne Cathedral, Cologne

Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg

Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Major EventsMunich's 'Oktoberfest: First Oktoberfest: 1810Takes place in SeptemberThe 'Oktoberfest' is the largest festival worldwide attracting a multitude of visitors.16 days of intensive partying and drinking. Traditional costumes

Love Parade BerlinGerman techno guru Dr. Motte and 150 of his closer friends started the rave in 1989.Now hugely successful: this mobile party attracts en-vogue DJs and an enthusiastic crowd.

Mobile Services Mobile phones in Germany are usually called Handys.

There are four main providers in Germany:T-Mobil( It positions itself as an low-cost provider.O2( can get a local SIM card in Germany once you arrive, or prior to your departure. There are several telecom companies in Germany that offer Pay As You Go plans using scratch cards or "top-up" cards; they are available in many locations.

BerlinPopulation: 3.45 million Berlin is Germany's largest city.Berlin is located in eastern Germany, about 70kilometers (43mi) west of the border with Poland in an area with marshy terrain, and is surrounded by the federal state of Brandenburg. First documented in the 13th century, Berlin was the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia.Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media, and science.

ClimateSummers are warm with average high temperatures of 2225 C and lows of 1214 C. Winters are cold with average high temperatures of 4 C and lows of -2 to 0 C.


2 commercial airports: Tegel International Airport (TXL), which lies within the city limits.

Schnefeld International Airport (SXF), which is situated just outside Berlin's south-eastern border in the state of Brandenburg.

Public TransportationBerlins efficient public transportation system is cheap, straightforward and punctual. Cycling is very popular.Many different means: S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram, Bus, Ferry.The Berlin tariff area is subdivided into zones A, B and C.Zone A:Berlin's inner city up to and including the urban rail ringZone B:outside the urban rail ring up to the city boundaryZone C:Greater Berlin (area approx. 15 km around the State of Berlin), including the City of Potsdam.

Berlins SightseeingBrandenburg Gate

The Berlin Wall

The Victory Column (Siegessule)

Berlin CathedralMany museums, galleries and performing arts events.

Museum Island: a district of Berlin where there is a complexion of museums.

Film Museum

Jewish Museum

Deutsches Historisches Museum

Museum of Technology

Nightlife, food and entertainment!!!There's no where in the world that can compete with Berlin when it comes to the sheer diversity of it's nightlife.Possibly the only downside to the Berlin nightlife is that it's notoriously difficult to navigate.Club Der Visionaere, Am Flutgraben, 12435 BerlinTel: (030) 6951 8942. www.clubdervisionaere.deMbel Olfe, Reichenberger Strasse 117, 10999 BerlinTel: (030) 2327 4690.www.moebel-olfe.deUseful Sites:,

FoodWhen it comes to food choices are countless in Berlin. Berlin is home to a diverse gastronomy scene reflecting the immigrant history of the city.Region Dishes:Buletten: meatballsEierkuchen: pancakesPfannkuchen

VideosTraditional German song:

Berlin Tour: You !!!!!!!!!