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Referrals are the Holy Grail of marketing. But getting even one can be few and far between. Until now. Reuven Shuval, 30-year veteran of the financial services business and author of Get Eight Referrals or More Now joins us for this Small Business Marketing 101 webcast. He’ll beak down the action plan you need to implement to ensure eight referrals from every client, every time. Plus, he’ll reveal the blueprint to get there. You’ll come away with the following must haves: • Mind shift from conventional theory • Conversation you must have with clients and prospects • Most important Long-term goal


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2. Session FrameworkReuven ShuvalInvestment Professional and [email protected]:// UllerichDigital Media [email protected] 3. 3 Cole InformationThen & Now Published in 1947 Blue Book Criss-cross directory of addressesand phone numbers Invaluable information for: Telemarketing Debt collection Law enforcement Today, web-based lead generation for smallbusiness. 4. 5 5. WIG* WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL A GOAL YOU MUST ACHIEVE WITH TOTALEXCELLENCE BEYOND THE CIRCLING PRIORITIES OFYOUR DAY TO DAY THE STRATEGY SOUNDS DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE, BUTTAKES SUSTAINED WORK TO IMPLEMENT*From the book the 4 Disciplines of Execution 6. Multiply Your IncomeFor Skeptics Only You have just read the books title and you arewondering, could it really be possible and doable? The answer is absolutely YES. But it absolutely willnot work if you follow acceptable and traditionalways of getting referrals. It will only work if you follow the steps, the dialogues,and the rationale outlined. 7. Multiply Your IncomeImplement the strategy fully provides you anamazing referral machine and also a great business.Bottom line: referrals are too important to be leftto chance. Have a simple strategy that works ingetting eight or more referrals. 8. Multiply Your IncomeWheres the beef?Wheres the Beef.mp4 Wendys Wheres The Beef Commercial 1984.mp4 9. Multiply Your IncomeWhere is the beef?What other referral systems are missing is aproven, simple and workable referralstrategy that is also quantifiable. 10. Multiply Your IncomeReferrals Are The Holy Grail Of MarketingNothing Beats It!Referrals cost you nothing to acquire.Your sales will often be larger and easier.Price will be less of an issue.Your whole sales process will move fasterand smoother.You will stop getting a few referrals basedon luck or hit- and- miss requests. 11. Multiply Your IncomeHave an easy workable system to getreferrals continuously.Substantially lower your fear of asking forreferrals. (You might even start enjoying it).Have peace of mind of knowing you have asteady flow of new prospect and clients orcustomers.Build and expand your business much faster. 12. Multiply Your IncomeParadigm ShiftEvery break-through is first a break with tradition, withold ways of thinking, with old paradigms.A different understanding of what is yourmain goal or objective.You can get eight or more referrals NOW!Eliminate the idea that in order to getreferrals you have to build long term trust.Referral gathering is a random process. Noneed to qualify the referrals. 13. Multiply Your IncomePsychological BarriersFear-Feel it and do it anywayAsking The secret to successRejection-Is really a mythTranscending Your Limiting BeliefsBelieving In Yourself-Choice 14. Multiply Your IncomeThe Initial PositioningHappens in the first meeting.Compensation dialogue that you must havewhen you first meet with the prospect.Your goal is to provide exceptional long termservice, helping others, financialindependence.To achieve this, your business has to grow.No better way to grow your business thanreferrals. 15. Multiply Your IncomeThe Referral conversation These dialogs are a must if you want to get thereferral results you deserve. It should start immediately after you made thesale or didn't make it.After making the sale its a tremendous mentalchallenge to continue the conversation-do it! NOW that your moment of truth has arrived.You must muster all the courage you have.You have to believe in yourself that you can doit.Clients/customers want to help you. They justdont know what to do or how to do it. 16. Multiply Your IncomeReferral Conversation: 1Show Client/customer The Green ReferralSheet. Agree-Many Names!Remind Them How You Get Compensated.Emphasize Referrals.Explain Why Eight Referrals Or More-OneTo Three Referrals Will Not Do It. Their Thinking: I Need to Give Him EightReferrals Or More Or None. 17. Multiply Your IncomeReferral Conversation: 2Eight Referrals Will make X SalesAsk: From The Eight Referrals Who Will End UpDoing Business?You Do Not Care Which Eight Referrals, RandomProcess, Numbers Game.Their Thinking Now ,"Yes I Have Eight ReferralsStored in My Phone. Wow Thats Easy! 18. Multiply Your IncomeReferral Conversation: 3Who Contacts The Referral First?-You!You Are The Expert-The Professional.Only You can answer Specific Questions/Concerns.Communicating Better About Your Business At ThisCrucial Moment Will give You A Better Chance To SecureMore Appointment. 19. Multiply Your IncomeReferral Conversation: 4Action Time!The Transition To The Request Must Be VeryNatural (Like its No Big Deal). Remind Them The Electronic Marvel They Have. Remind Them Again That You Do Not CareWhose Names They Write Down.Hand Them A Pen. Do Not Say A Word Until TheyWrite The First Referral.After Three Referral, Ask Jokingly How ManyNames Are Stored In The Phone?If It Is A Large Number Ask For More Than EightReferrals. 20. Multiply Your IncomeReferral Conversation: 5Within you right now is the powerto do thing you never dreamedpossibleMaxwell Maltz 21. Multiply Your Income 22. Multiply Your IncomeWhy should you get myreferralYou shouldnt if growing your business and helpingothers is not a serious priority for you.