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  • Inspirational Speakers stem from diverse sporting, business, adventure and adversity backgrounds and

    tend to communicate a passionate and personal story or team success through personal circumstance or

    experience. An inspirational speaker will motivate and inspire an audience. Business may employ

    motivational speakers to communicate company strategy with clarity, to help employees to see the

    future in a positive light, and to inspire workers to pull together.

    A leading inspirational speaker will engage, enliven and uplift emotion,

    encourage and excite. Their versatility enables them to address issues such

    as goal setting and teamwork maintaining a positive attitude in the face of

    adversity or the responsibilities of leadership and providing a deeper, more

    encompassing understanding of life. Speakers can also capture an audience

    through humor. This is sometimes a wonderful way to effectively convey the

    message whilst keeping the audience engaged.

    The purpose of an inspirational speaker is to deliver a memorable and

    presentation, to move their audience and provide a

    meaningful and motivating message. They will stimulation of the mind and

    emotions to a high level of feeling or activity and inspire you to take action.

    Platinum Speakers is globally recognised through their industry organisation

    membership, the IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus).

    Platinum do not charge a booking, admin or service fee when engaging speakers or


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