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BalloonSats are one activity that can excite kids in the math, sciences, and engineering. The time you spend helping kids make and launch BalloonSats and analyzing their data will encourage their math, science, and engineering interests.


  • 1. BalloonSats One key to better math, science, and technology knowledge
  • 2. Why BalloonSats? Near Space Motivates Simple to Build No Tracking Equipment or Radio License Focus on Construction and Data Analysis
  • 3. The Typical BalloonSat
  • 4. BalloonSat Construction Workshop Teams of three or four Two days/Four hours Classroom Teams of three or four Two weeks/1 class period
  • 5.
  • 6. Advanced Students
  • 7. Student Data Without APRS With APRS
  • 8. Potential Problems Weather Hot and Sharp Tools Wrong Audience Work Schedules Liability
  • 9.
  • 10. BalloonSat Principia Thorough Documentation Data Analysis Ping Pong Stratolites Example Experiments
  • 11. Umm, maybe I could. [email_address]