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Get noticed and be heard on internet


  • 1. So you have an opinion!
    Excellent! But is that enough?

So, what is your point?
3. Business promotion
Internet is the
most obvious
place to make a point
Product info
Just my point, for the heck of it
Website traffic
And to get it across
4. Why no one listens to me?
I have bad breathPeople dont like my pointInternet community is arrogantInternet is too big for me
5. Point 1
Think about your audience
Not just about your point
6. Convert features into benefits
The feature your point of view The benefit the way your audience like to see it
Pinpoint the Feature. Then convert it in to the benefit
What is shortology?
The feature:A system to put your ideas in 7 bullet points The Benefit:Tell short, be heard
People listen when they see the benefit
8. Point 2
Get the first sentence right
Everything else should follow the first sentence
9. Inverted pyramid style
Think about the essence of your point Let the first sentence be your conclusion
10. Inverted pyramid style
Focus on one sentence. First task is alwaysto get the first sentence read.
11. Point 3
People do not care what you think
People want to know if you know what they are thinking
12. To the point writing
Web designand Development
For your entire web design needs
The hardest part is making people believe in what you say
13. To the point writing
cheapestweb design service in the world.
With world class designs
Contact OptioLogictoday
Its lot easier when people thinks: So, you know what I want
14. Point 4
Everyone likes a story
But nobody likes to read a novel in the computer
15. Power of narrative
Every one likes a story
Try to make your articles attractive
16. Point 5
Dont just see the treesSee the forest as well
Aim for the target audience. But do not forget the rest
17. No real targets
Social networks attracts all kinds of peopleGive space for every oneA complete stranger may become your best listener
18. Recap
Think about your audienceGet the first sentence rightPeople want to know if you know what they are thinkingEvery one likes a storyAim for the target audience. But do not forget the rest.
Talk short, Be heard