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LISTING Getting The Matthew Rathbun ABR/M, AHWD, BPOR, CDPE, CRB, ePRO, GREEN, GRI, SFR, SRS Copyright 2013 © Four Pillars, Inc.

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  • 1.Getting TheLISTING Matthew RathbunABR/M, AHWD, BPOR, CDPE, CRB, ePRO, GREEN, GRI, SFR, SRSCopyright 2013 Four Pillars, Inc.

2. Pillars 2010-2013 3. Ill be(somewhat)PRAGMATICIf youll be(totally)OPEN-MINDED 4. Congratulations! You GotTheAppointment! 5. Preparing For Your Appointment Gathering Data Create CMA Update Presentation Understand the Clients NeedsPrevious Advertising Efforts Market Conditions Subdivision Amenities Competing Listings 6. Methods Used To Find a Listing AgentReferred by Friend/Family 38%Used Agent Previously 23% 7%1% 1%Agent Initiated Contact 5%1% 2% 2% RELO 4%3%38% Saw Agent Listing 4%4%Agent Referral 4% 4%Met at Open House 4%Website 3% 4%Ofce Walk-in 3% 4% Called Ofce 2%5%Direct Mail 2%Newspaper 1%23% Ad Speciality 1%Other 7%Source: NAR Prole of Home Buyers and Sellers 2012 7. What Sellers Want From Their AgentsReach Timeframe - 22% 3%1% % 11% 22%Market Home - 21%5%Find Buyer - 19% 10%Price Competitively - 18%Fix Up Advice - 10%Negotiations - 5%Paperwork - 3%18% 21%Help Seller Buy - 1%Post Videos - 1%Other - 1%19%Source: NAR Prole of Home Buyers and Sellers 2012 8. Considerations when Choosing An agent 5%1% 3% 3% 4% 37%4% 12%Reputation - 37%Honest/Trustworthy - 19%Referred - 13%Neighborhood Knowledge - 12% 13%Firm Afliation - 4%19% Personality/Good Listener - 4%Commission Charged - 3%Use of Technology - 3%Designations - 1%Other - 5%Source: NAR Prole of Home Buyers and Sellers 2012 9. 2Step ApproachStep 1 Its All About Them Walk The House Copious Notes Measurements Basic Photos General PresentationStep 2 Review CMA Answer Objections Obtain Listing Complete Photos Mark Sign Placement 10. Presentation Resources 11. Market Plans 12. Putting The Seller At Ease Understand Sellers Needs Unique Value Proposition Demonstrate Understanding 13. Some Questions You May Want To Ask1. Tell me about your past experiences with real estate agents.2. What did you like most/least about what your last agent did?3. What made YOU fall in love with your home?4. How will we know if we have priced your home correctly?5. Do you have a network to sell the home yourself, such as an attorney, homeinspector, termite inspector, escrow officer?6. If you are considering selling your home yourself, have you considered securityissues about people being in your home?7. Tell me what you want our experience to look like?8. Tell me about the reasons behind you deciding to sell?9. How long have you been considering the sale of your home?10. Tell me about the conversations you have had with each other or familymembers about selling your home? 14. Some Questions You May Want To Ask11. Have you worked with an agent before? Tell me about that experience.12. What one thing could I do today to make my service perfect?13. Have you interviewed others? What was your impression?14. What do you think the biggest challenge will be getting it sold?15. How long are you willing to wait to find the right buyer?16. Are there others who will be assisting you with the decisions?17. What types of marketing do you think would work best? Why?18. Have you searched the internet and looked for other homes for sale? Which sitesdid you visit?19. If this process were any way you wanted,what would you like?20. Have you visited other homes for sale in your neighborhood? Tell me what youlearned by doing that? 15. Some Questions You May Want To Ask21. Do you have a sales price in mind for your home? Why?22. What are you most concerned about regarding the sale?23. What one thing is most important to you in your sale?24. If you had the opportunity to tell a buyer just one thing about your home, what wouldthat be?25. How often would you like to receive status reports? When you contact me, what doyou consider to be an acceptable response?26. Do you have an amount of money in mind that you would like to walk away from thistransaction with? Why is that number important to you? What would you do with thosefunds?27. If I meet all of your goals are you willing to hire me tonight?29. Where are you relocating to? Do you want some assistance?30. Do you know that I also help my clients as buyers while we are in the process of sellingtheir home? 16. Presentation Less Than 90 minutes Listen First; Speak Second Deliver Marketing Plan Show Marketing Examples 17. You can only feel comfortable with what YOUVE created. 18. Whats Your Commission? 19. 20. MRIS CMA ToolKit 21. Objections To Price Recommendations 22. SellersEstimatedCostForm 23. Now That Youve Got TheListing... 24. ListingIn MLSUnderstand The Why Of The Data 25. Search Stats 2012 MRIS MLS Item SearchedTimes Per Day Schools 100,203 Rooms 10,687 Amenities 13,083 Appliances14,306 Transportation18,850 Exterior Features 20,247 Community Rules 29,828 Square Footage / Living Area38,052 Cooling Systems 38,052 Current Financing 46,326 Basement Type 49,488 Parking 55,241 Property Condition64,298 26. LifestyleMarketing 27. Property DescriptionsThis?Home has 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 car garage and overhalf an acre of land. Great house. Motivated Seller, bringall offers. Home is subject to Short Sale....or This?Imagine setting in your cozy sunroom on a warm springmorning, reading a book or laughing with family inLadysmith,VA. This amazing sunroom comes with 4bedrooms, 3 full baths & 2 car garage. Enjoy over half anacre while playing volleyball, enjoying a garden orhaving a family cookout. Seller also including the privatemaster with oversized closet, private bathroom, jacuzzi,cherry hardwoods, fireplace, granite counters & tallcabinets. 28. Listings to SellersLet them know their market 29. ListingPhotosAsk The Seller For Their Photos 30. HDR Listing Photos(High Dynamic Range)30 31. Show Me The LifeStyle 32. Experience is better than Possession 33. www.PicMonkey.com33 34. Magic Plan 35. StagingSetting the Stage For Buyers 35 36. Virtual Staging 37. ListingVideos 38. 39. OnLine and OfflineOpen Houses 40. 41. Single Listing WebPages 42., Free and Setup for Real Estate 43 43. Listing Promotion OffLine Distribution 44. The HomeBook and CD Letter from Sellers Listing Information Utility Information School Information Floor Plans Photos Community Information Video (CD) POA Documents (CD) 45. Business Cards For Sale Sign HomeBooks 46. [email protected][email protected]/MattRathbun1